Mirroring has been all the rage since the iPad 2’s announcement back in March. It essentially allows you to display whatever’s on your iPad or iPhone directly onto your television.

The only problem with mirroring is that it goes back to the archaic (relatively speaking) days of using wires to output pictures and video from your iOS device, to your video display.

With recent technologies like AirPlay gaining steam, it was a bit disappointing to see Apple opt for a wired solution instead of a wireless solution.

One Israeli company is trying to capitalize on this need, and has created a case that allows you to wirelessly mirror the output from your iPhone to your television…

The company, OlionTechnology, has created the Moov — a case with a 3-hour-battery that is able to transmit everything from your iPhone’s screen sans wires using WHDI.

Although it looks a bit crude, and will definitely require some TLC from an aesthetics standpoint, you’ve got to be impressed with the speed of this thing.

The video shows Need for Speed being played, and there is no discernable lag between the iPhone and the television. Quite impressive if you ask me.

Currently there’s no word on whether or not this product will ever see the light of day. Would you be interested in a case like this?


  • Rosie

    Or if you’re jailbroken you can just use iDemo…

    • XepptizZ

      From what i’ve seen iDemo pails in comparison. Like comparing a ps1with a ps3

  • DebTym

    do i need an apple tv?

  • Dan

    If this is for iPhone, why does the demo video use an iPod? Will the case fit either?

    • theiphonemodster

      you can see at the end when he puts it in that it fits to small so i think its designed for iphone they just didnt use one.

  • Chazz

    amazing the stuff those israelis keep coming up with, must be something in the water. dead sea water maybe?

  • George W. Bush

    but how can you mirror idemo to your tv?

    • XepptizZ

      By connecting the tv to a pc…and the Pc via usb to the iDevice….and lastly connecting that to your wifi.

      There is a reason those israelians had to make a case for it to work.

  • Twited21

    Looks like there is no need for apple tv here

    Looks like a very clever case with a video sender inside
    The sender will take over any tv it comes in range off

    I like it when can I buy it

  • Andrew

    sign me up

  • XepptizZ

    How does steve jobs do it at keynotes?

    • tgm

      Steve Jobs uses a jailbroken device!

  • Nick

    OMG I WANT ONE. ITS like having a Wii inside my Phone!!!

  • Dorsey

    Where can I order one and how much does it cost?