Following yesterday’s report from Avian Securities regarding the release of the iPhone 5, a new report from Digital Daily seems to lend more credence to the previous rumors.

According to a Digital Daily report, Apple is planning to unveil the next-generation iPhone 5 at its annual September media event that usually focuses on the iPod.

“Increasingly, I’m hearing speculation about the company possibly commandeering its annual September media event to launch the device instead. Which seems plausible. Buzz-wise, the iPod has been subsumed by the iPhone… So why not spice things up by throwing the iPhone into the mix? Doing so would not only give Apple a few more months to prep the device and the services rumored to launch alongside it, it would re-energize one of the company’s most important annual events and introduce the iPhone 5 right as we head into the busy holiday shopping season.”

It makes sense too. Apple’s iPod event isn’t nearly as much anticipated as the WWDC event that takes place in June, which in previous years has been when the company unveils the next-generation iPhone. So it would be a nice way to change things up a little bit as well as give Apple additional time to ready the handset.

Do you think Apple should release the iPhone 5 in September alongside the new iPods?

  • Max

    No, i think
    That that devices are separated

  • Vicz


  • Junior

    Well if this happens then I’m going to android can’t wait that long.

    • That was a dumb reason to switch to an Android. iPhone is much better then any Android to date and the iPhone 4 is a year old.

      • lx

        First of all it’s “than” not “then”.
        And you think that everyone have the iPhone 4?!

        Me too, I’m ready to try Android anyways and this is as good an excuse as any!
        Now which Android phone? Too many to choose from. I guess that’s the problem 😛

      • JimmyK

        Sorry Lx but it’s “has” not “have”

      • Junior

        @ watertrooper
        Well I’m not such an apple fan boy!! If there’s a phone that comes out from now until that time period and it’s better then the iPhone 4 then I’m switching over, I’m not waiting that long to get a new phone.

  • lx

    @JimmK, you got me! 😉

    • Sheik-egypt

      So much for your corrective statements. Get some education please.

      • lx

        I’m glad JimmyK corrected me. And I hope watertrooper did as well. Other than “education” this is another to learn Sheik!

      • lx

        “another way to learn” LOL

  • XepptizZ

    Don’t really see the need for something better yet as long ad what I have is suffice.

  • Doug

    My gf really needs a new phone. June is reasonable to wait for the new iPhone. September is not. And if there is no new phone in June she’s not going to want a phone that’s been out for a year. Will probably try something else in at&t’s line up

    • Anonymous

      Seriously, its less than 2 months? Your girlfriend cannot wait 7 weeks maybe for the phone to come out?

  • hbcbob3

    Shit people, there’s a difference in “needing” a new phone and needing a new phone. Most of you are impatient, ignorant boobs, but I guess the big ole electronics companies gotta make money somehow.

    I’m up for upgrade now (according to AT&T). My iPhone is working fine and I love it just as much now as when I first got it. It’s got a couple scuffs and dings, but it’s just fine. I am going to wait out my 2 year contract (which is up in November) to get whatever Apple has out, and if they don’t have the iPhone 5 out (but it’s announced), then I will wait until I can get it.

    I’m waiting because patience is a virtue…AND because if I’m a good boy then AT&T will let me upgrade early when I “need” something new that is totally off the wall awesome…like a carbon fiber iPhone!

    • MP

      Like you I’m eligible for an upgrade, however my 3GS works fine. I would like to see a bigger screen on the iPhone 5 so I’m willing to wait.

  • lx

    I agree with you all about “needing”. And that your phone is just fine.
    Well consider those who are not fine!

    I still have the iPhone 3G! And in Canada our contract is not 2 years but 3 effing years!

    Even Apple already gave up on the iPhone 3G (no iOS 4.3+) So I guess they want us to give it up as well! And now they are delaying it… well then…

  • hbcbob3

    I’m not saying that there aren’t people who trashed their phones (or by accident, however you want to view it). There are some, like I said, that do actually need a new phone, but there are a ton more that say they “need” a new phone, when in a frugal reality they only really want a new phone.

  • Jeff

    I have a friend who works for Apple and she has confirmed that the iPhone5 will be released in June(same as every year) so you can stop posting these ridiculously stupid speculation posts every day. It’s extremely annoying.

    • QBert

      Sorry Jeff, but the iPhone 5 release date is one of the most closely guarded trade secrets at apple. In fact, I’d be willing to bet that only Jobs and other very highly placed executives know for sure when the release date is. Point is, I don’t buy your “source” knowing the release date for the device. Unless Jobs’ medical leave was for a sex change, she now goes by Stephanie, and you happened to befriend him/her. None of this is to say that I don’t want the phone to come out in June, I just think there is a mounting body of evidence from some pretty credible sources that all seem to corroborate the same fact.

    • Fluffybunny

      I have an apple on my desk
      It is a granny smiths
      It says September release !
      Whom to believe…..
      Oh wait, 2 year contract on my ip4 so won’t effect me at all.

  • Tuan Anh

    Id love the way media make everyone believe iPhone 5 will come out in Seb, and Jobs once again will drive ifanboy thrilled in June haha. Anyway I gess itd be named iPhone 4G rather than iPhone 5

  • If the event moves, then the event it moves to will become the most anticipated event. But I feel that the iPhone will drop in June, except the number of phones released will be very small. So have your eBay accounts ready because I’ll be posting mine for 1k.

  • Steve Jobz

    The next iPhone will be revealed on June 9th at 10:10 AM exactly.

  • HY8R1D

    New iPod touch and new iPhone better be bad ass and faster cuz when ev they make an I phone it’s alot like the one before it. Hopefully  iPhone 5 will have bigger screen with 4g service ;D