Those of us who enjoy Apple products also enjoy a sense of security. In the 4 years I’ve been carrying an iPhone, I’ve yet to have to worry about security on my phone, other than maybe a passcode. Apple’s tight grip on iOS and 3rd party developers has actually done well to keep security threats at bay.

I’m not saying those days are over, but there is an interesting story floating around the internet that surfaced sometime over the weekend. I brushed it off at first, but when a Google search returned over 100 results, I started reading. Smooth Blog, among many others, is reporting that a virus has been infecting iPhone users around the globe…

The so-called virus effects iOS devices, including iPads, iPhones, and iPod touches. Apparently, users browsing for information on ‘jailbreak‘ and ‘unlocking‘ from their iOS devices are the ones most likely to get infected. The virus itself is nestled behind a false ad that claims to unlock your iDevice for free.

Users are reporting that the advertisement leads to a web page that shows a 10-15 second animation, followed by the text: “DOWNLOAD UNLOCK 2 NOW FREE.” Afterwards, the infected users report that their iDevices were completely wiped of information, even data on their SIM cards.

Given the broken English in a lot of the postings, I wouldn’t put too much stock into the story. However, just to be on the safe side, I would recommend avoiding surfing for ways to unlock your iPhone from an iOS device for the time being. If nothing else, just avoid clicking on shady ads that offer free jailbreaking or unlocking services. We provide tons of tutorials and guides to do that for free.

Does anyone know of someone that’s been effected by this claimed virus?

  • Alastion

    Thank god I don’t have to unlock here in Singapore.

    • Mumtaz-mahal

      -.- wow. What an interesting response.

      • Vishal


    • Jon Garrett

      only a fool would trust these shady sources for a jailbreak or unlock. when I got my first iphone in 2009 I had never heard of jailbreaking or unlocking. all I did was google up some information, read and verify and that’s all I needed to get my information from the right sources and trusted communities.

      Im sorry, but only a dummy or a lazy person would get caught up in nonsense like this.

      Im planning on getting an Android tablet soon but I started reading and learning about it and finding reputable communities about a month ago. before I even buy the device, I will already know about rooting it.

  • Federico

    Hay gente que no puede esperar a que salga el Unlock de Ultrasn0w. Deberian no actualizar su iOS hasta que salga el Unlock. Pero bueno, la impaciencia de muchos lleva a esto.

    • soccerkrzy

      Usted podría intentar escribir en Inglés para que la gente no tiene que usar un traductor para leer su mensaje.

      • Federico

        There are many people who can´t wait for an Unlock of Ultrasn0w. They should wait to update your iOS until it comes the unlock. Anyway, the impatience of many leads to this.

        Sory, my English is poor haha

      • Noisebag

        And in english that is?

      • Juanca

        And you can learn a little spanish.

  • Doug

    This just adds to legitimacy of jailbreaking.

    This would suck if more and more viruses start to pop up especially just from visiting a web site. Hopefully apple cracks down fast.

    I don’t understand viruses that just fuck up peoples devices. Thought hackers moved on to trying to make money and get personal info from their victims

  • FatesWebb

    sounds like it could be an apple created scare tactic.

  • hor sunao sare ki haal ne ave vehle kam karde rehnde o

  • Freakyboy67

    Hey…..I need to see exactly what I does….and how….so I can make a virus blocking program….but before I’m done maybe…norton….avast….AVG……one
    Of the major companies might make a Cydia app to stop viruses before I can because it would take me a while…..

  • Manuel

    This only affects iPhones that are jail broken (JB) Those not JB are okay. The issue with JB phones are it has a potential to get attacked. I heard that someone from the community was making more safer JB’s but its been awhile since that was said

    • Saleh

      للرجل المجنون اربعة عيون كلها ترى القضيب اللذيذ
      use google translate and translate from arabic to whatever 😀

      • Saleh

        Not funny, asshole.

      • Kjeldor

        lol perv!

      • Jason Masters

        Lmao just translated!!!!

  • Jeff

    Fake. The website claims that the virus installs itself just by you watching the video on the website which is not possible. You would either have to install an app on the device and run it, or you would have to run a computer app that accesses the devices filesystem.

    • Christian Harris

      Not true. They could easily put a virus on there and run it with root access as long as your jailbroken, and retarded enough to go to the website.

  • Jason Masters

    I clicked on an idb ad and my iPhone changed the language to French and it won’t let me type the words “slow” “news” or even day!!!!!

  • QuarterSwede

    Even if this is true, trojans != viruses.

  • Chris

    I got hit by a jailbreak-only virus a while back. It was completely my fault as I forgot to change my password after my most recent jailbreak. I got that virus that prevents you from sshing into your phone and also changes your wallpaper to Rick Astley. I didn’t even notice for a month because I have an iPhone 3G!

  • ALEV

    Why this has many ads for unlock that link to other website? If the unlock will be free, why you need to advertise it? Doesn’t make sense and got poeple into confusion

  • It’s “affected” not “effected.”

  • YW

    Singapore rocks for not having to unlock an iphone

  • jmj

    sounds like crap to me

  • iphoner

    my iphone 3G was hacked back on version 3.1.2, They changed my root password and my phone was sending and receiving random text messages. Please remember to change your root password right after jailbreaking. Is this threat only for people who are jailbroken and haven’t changed root password or is this all bs?