Apple made some big splashes with their all aluminum MacBook designs a couple of years ago. The original iPhone was even covered in the popular metal. It appears that aluminum is so 2007, as reports are circulating this morning that Apple is looking to go carbon fiber.

It’s certainly not anything new, Apple has been rumored to be experimenting with carbon-fiber enclosures for quite some time. Back in 2010, Apple won a patent on improved composite materials that hinted that they were researching the use of carbon-fiber composites in electronic devices. Could we see the light weight material in future Apple products?

It’s becoming more and more likely, as yesterday¬†9to5Mac revealed more details about Apple’s next big materials move. Kevin Kenny, a composites engineer from the San Francisco area, has spent the last 14 years building carbon fiber bicycles. Needless to say, he’s not making 2 wheelers anymore.

After years of working indirectly with Apple, the composites expert is officially on Apple’s payroll. His Linkedin profile recently changed from President of Kestrel Bicycles to Senior Composites Engineer at Apple. Now what could Apple want with a materials engineer who has a background in custom manufacturing processes for volume production of advanced composite products?

Rumor has it Apple is looking to integrate carbon fiber and other high grade composites into the housing of iDevices and other products. Imagine how light carbon fiber would make an iPhone, yet still keep it protected from accidental drops.

Of course this is all speculation at this point. But it certainly brings an interesting element to the table, as we try to envision what the next iPhone and future Apple products may look like.

What do you think? Would you want carbon fiber housing on your iDevice?

  • Micke

    I most certainly do!

    Wonder why nobody has tried this before? Maybe someone has, I don’t know. But a lightweight, durable iPhone sounds great. My iPhone 4 is a bit on the heavy side.

    • juddadredd

      I think so eons needs to go to the gym if he thinks an iPhone is a bit on the heavy side…

  • Poun

    Well I certainly hope it will be less hot to the touch and scratches-proof, because these are the 2 most annoying things about aluminium.

  • George W. Bush

    They want you to break your phone so they can make money on parts. Why in the hell would they wanna do that. Thats why the iPhone 4 is so cheap drop it once and its done. Remember how durabel the first iPhone was, you could kill someone with it. Then the 3G it was ok with the plastic back cover but the screen broke very easy. Know the iPhone 4 has a glass back and front easy to bust and $100 to repair.

    • zjg

      I’ve dropped my iPhone 4 numerous times and it’s still in wonderful condition.

  • CarFiTi

    Two materials I’d like to see in an iPhone —– carbon fibre and titanium, two materials I’ve always been fond of.

  • I agree carbon fiber has a nice look have you ever seen a carbon fiber watch it’s fantastic!

  • hbcbob3

    I would wait for iPhone 6 if I knew it was going to have carbon fiber on it.

  • Person

    One problem. Where would the antenna go?

  • Eldaria

    I love and hate Carbon Fiber.
    Love for it’s amazing capabilities, Lightweight and Strong.
    Hate for the lack of good recycling possibilities, composite materials are very difficult to recycle.

    Likely though, if Apple does introduce it, it will be already recycled carbon fiber from airplanes.
    The only way so far to recycle Carbon Fiber is to grind it, and make lesser grade Carbon Fiber products, but at some point it will end up in landfills.
    For products that have such a short lifetime as gadgets, it should be made out of easily recyclable materials.
    So Apple, stick with aluminium, it is highly recyclable.

  • Wes Crockett

    That would be pretty cool… I could ride my carbon fiber bike while talking on my carbon fiber iphone.

  • XepptizZ

    I didn’t like the plastic back of the previous iphone iterations and carbon fibre doesn’t feel any better. Titanium would be awesone plus it’s great for anodizing. The best material would be a slab of castiron. And then just weld it all together.

    • Oh dalin rely iron why not Crome bar both whey a tone

  • Scott

    I would love the phone to made of carbon fiber. I currently have a carbon fiber skin from sgp, which feels great but I would love the real thing.

  • BrianM

    Anyone know what case that is in the pic?