One of the major advantages to owning an iPhone is all of the access to free content. Apps like, WatchESPN, and others allow you to watch popular media for free on your iPhone, as long as you have an internet connection.

For all of you jailbroken users, I have another app for you that will fill the need to watch free content on your iDevice. Its name is iSouthPark and it claims to allow you to watch all 209 episodes of the popular South Park cartoon on your iPhone for free. It certainly sounds enticing, but how does this work?

The application follows through on its initial promise; you are indeed given access to the entire South Park series collection on your iDevice. But it doesn’t come without its headaches. It appears as though to access the library, you have to register for a free account with the website that provides the content. While registration is in fact free, it certainly shouldn’t be necessary.

Obviously this app can’t be on the up and up. Much like the SimplePlayer application we reviewed recently, iSouthPark appears to connect to a large library of copywritten content. In fact, that’s all the app seems to do. Pressing the iSouthPark icon just launches the mobile version of the website that hosts the media. From there you can just navigate about the website through the South Park seasons and select the episode you wish to watch.

iDB doesn’t condone piracy of any form. While there is no way to download these TV episodes, it still raises a moral debate. Apps like this have been around for a while on the jailbreak scene but they tend to disappear into the abyss. This particular app was uploaded last night, so I guess we’ll see how long it lasts.

If you want to check out the app for yourself, it can be found in Cydia by searching iSouthPark.

Have you tried out this app yet? Or does it violate your personal ethics?

  • Tony

    You can watch the episodes for free on so why is this app piracy?

    • Billy

      Because the app makers are not the content owners– that simple!
      Even if the stream it for free, it’s their content and they can do whatever they want. Doesn’t mean it’s legal for others to do the same.. :/
      Plus they have ads on the websites so they are making money from it while the app doesn’t make them money.

      • RandomPerson

        It would be fine if you could at least donate, which is what the original app tried to do.

  • RandomPerson

    Thank God!!!!!!!!!!!!
    IT is not app piracy though. You can watch the episodes for free on line and the creators tried something similar.

  • fojam

    why is it that iDB learns about apps like isouthpark way after every other site does?
    Ive know about isouthpark for about a year now…

    • Reytube

      Because they are big copycat? U will notice that when you go to iphoneincanada blog or tipb, after an hour iDB has it. Hmmmm

  • Chris.mce

    You can watch the episodes via the skyfire web browser app (non-jailbroken app). Go to the and the browser will re-encode the flash video into an HTML5 feed and send it to your phone. It works pretty well, (not perfect) allows your to watch almost all flash videos.

  • @ fojam. The article mentions that this type of app has been around for a while. No where does it say that this is brand new. This particular version, was uploaded the 9th of April. The info might have been interesting to some folks who didn’t know it existed.

  • Mo

    This is just a waste of an app. I don’t see why you can’t just launch safari and load the website where these eps are hosted.

    Pointless app…

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  • Jason

    how do you not condone piracy when there are probably advertisements on the official website videos? Your attempt to discourage piracy is a complete failure when you give us the links to all these pirating apps and repos and sites.

  • Aleksander

    One URL…

    • zCausper

      that is a Awesome website
      but i have some trouble with it
      it is really slow at buffering do you have the same problem ?
      i watch 2 min and thewn it stuck and take 4ever to load the rest….

  • Captain Jack Sparrow

    So Much for iDB not supporting piracy

  • Manuel

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  • Robyn

    1) Go to Safari and go to
    2) Click South Park.
    3) Choose season.
    4) Choose episode.
    Very simple.