After recently releasing their jailbreak for iOS 4.3.1 via PwnageTool and RedSn0w, the Dev Team is now getting ready to unleash their UltraSn0w unlock.

The current 4.3.1-compatible UltraSn0w is currently being tested by a few beta testers, and according to a tweet by Dev Team front man MuscleNerd, if everything goes well, UltraSn0w should be released tonight…

That’s the good news. The bad news is it is not going to work with any baseband. Just like the previous version of UltraSn0w, this one will only work with iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 on basebands 01.59.00, 04.26.08, 05.11.07, 05.12.01, 05.13.04, and 06.15.00.

So to be clear, if your baseband is different from those above, you will not be able to unlock. If you are currently on one of these basebands but on a previous firmware, update using PwnageTool, which will bring you up to 4.3.1 while preserving the baseband.

We will of course update the blog as the news fall.

  • Hanybv

    Damn it !!! They are not saying anything on the new basebands unlocks ! I’m tired of asking them kindly !!! Screw them 🙁

    • Smitty

      If they had an unlock then they would release it, but they don’t. Stop begging and complaining about something that dosen’t exist.

    • Igeek

      F this just get the gevey… Apple got these guys took

  • Alex

    Buy Gevey, they will never release the unlock

    • Hanybv

      How do you know ?

  • alan

    my BB 02.10 can’t why????

  • Mark

    Do they think they will get a unlock for the newer basebands on Iphone4? I really don’t care when as long as it comes out before Iphone5 so I can unlock my iPhone4 and sell it on eBay for more than the iPhone5… LOL…. Thanks for all the hard work I see it goes unnoticed a lot….

  • Ben

    I running 4.3.1 on iPhone 4 with BB 2.10.04. Will this version of ultrasn0w fix my reception problems on 4.3.1?

  • Adidas 101

    Any1 that has followed the scene long enough knows the Dev team good enough that we can say they wont unlock other basebands nor r they even trying. It was usually other ppl that unlocked. Ie comex geohot. Geohot cud unlock n jailbreak n make it easy 1 click

  • Rlamba

    Is it possible to go back to ios 3.0 with bb 6.15.0 or anything? I am sick of Apple’s new ios which are useless and not worth the hassel. I bought the phone with ios 4.1 JB and unlocked. What a waste of money.

    • MDS

      You can go back to older software version if you have your shsh files saved but you can not downgrade the basement and hence? Cannot unlock. Sorry.

  • Charly


  • Tom

    I dont think they will release unlocks for other basebands since iOS 5 is just around the corner in June 2011. They will surely wait till then or risk losing an exploit.

    But yeah I am disappointed with them coz these days, Apple seems to be one step ahead of them. It was not like this for last few years.

  • DebTym

    I hope after the release of the updated ultrasnow.. iDB will release a tutorial on how to update an iPhone 4 with ios 4.2.1 bb 1.59.00 to iOS 4.3.1 while preserving the baseband and updating with the updated ultrasnow. ^^ (Btw, For windows user) Thank You! =)

  • Santana

    My question is: what is gonna happen with the people who have iPad baseband?
    I want my gps working again! Grrrr
    Whatever the devteam is gonna do, do it, but do it now! I’m already thinking to change my iPhone for any other phone, but there is not cell in the market like mine, and AT&T is too expensive, I will rather tmobile by the moment

  • Roy

    Its funny how some folks think its that easy for the dev team to unlock new BBs. Wake up! This is tens if not hundreds of Apple engineers against what.. 3 4 5 say 10 people doing it in their free time. Take it easy man… the only thing they want from you, if any, some encouragement. They dont even accept donations for gods sake!

    • moimoimoimoi


      I do see these kids point of view thou – they spent alot of money on a phone that they would like to use on a carrier of their choice.

      I would recommend that people should try and buy the phone from Canada or eBay unlocked from the factory next time

      • Yea this whole unlock thing is stupid. If u need an unlocked iPhone just order it online unlocked from Canada or just go into Canada and purchase it from the apple store unlocked.

  • Alex

    -.-, shit need on bb 04.10.01 !!
    Man this is shit.!!

  • Adidas101

    @roy Not everyone is critising the dev team for not releasing an unlock, ppl that follow the scene understand and dont beg or bitch or complain. ppl like me however just wish they would be more open and honest and say it outright, either they cant or wont release an unlock and shut these annoying kids up that are lazy n dont know shit about hacking to do it themselves. and for the ppl that bought an iphone expecting to use it on another carrier, dude its locked to AT&T. YOU KNOW/KNEW

    • MDS

      How difficult is it to make an unlock ourself? Is it just that it’s too damn difficult or just that nobody wants to do it?

  • Jason Masters

    Just ask apple to release the unlock for your phone if your a preferred customer they’ll do it for free!

  • Shortbus

    I heard from a friend upadate is available now 930pm PST.

  • Shortbus

    I heard from a friend update is available now 930pm PST.

  • DebTym

    yup. it is already released

  • Rukfas

    I have a iphone from apple store but bb 04.10.01. Why cant i use jailbreak 4.3.1 i dont have any signal

  • I have a iphone not simlocked but bb 04.10.01. Why cant i use jailbreak 4.3.1 i dont have any signal

  • Rukfas

    Iphone 4
    Bb 04.10.01
    Not simlocked from apple store
    4.3.1 ios
    When jailbreaked no signal.
    Help please

  • angry

    I have decided that i’m going back to stock after reading that I can’t unlock my baseband. Pathetic.

  • beantown1223

    i have a iphone 4.2.1 am i gonna ever get to use it. lol at this time i can only use it to go online