As expected the Dev Team released tonight an updated version of their UltraSn0w unlock for iPhone 4.3.1. As we noted before, this version of UltraSn0w will not unlock any new baseband. UltraSn0w 1.2.1 will unlock the iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4 on baseband 01.59.00, 04.26.08, 05.11.07, 05.12.01, 05.13.04, and 06.15.00.

If you are on any of these basebands, you can update to iOS 4.3.1 while preserving your baseband using PwnageTool. If your baseband is different from the one listed above, I’m afraid there is no unlock for you at this time…

From the Dev Team blog:

This isn’t a new unlock!  It’s to allow those who are already using ultrasn0w to use FW 4.3.1. It also fixes the signal bar issue for those who aren’t using the unlock but retain an older baseband intentionally.

AFTER INSTALLING ULTRASN0W 1.2.1, PLEASE REBOOT YOUR iPHONE using the normal “slide to power off” swipe.  T-Mobile users in the USA also should disable 3G mode in Settings->General->Network.

You can install UltraSn0w from Cydia by adding this repo: If you’re not sure how to to that, you can always follow our iPhone 4.3.1 unlock tutorial.

  • Ammar

    Done. It’s work with my iphone 3gs ios 4.2.1 bb 05.11.07. Now my ipgone on IOS 4.3.1 bb 05.11.07.
    Thanks Dev Team

  • I didn’t need the unlock but installed anyway and I finally got my signal bars back :). Great job dev team

  • This is bullsh.. I was axiously waiting for 4.3.1 with 04.10.01 baseband unlock and ultrasn0w update does not support that .. !! That sucks .. Common guys work hard, i always donate money to you people ..

    • Shut the fuck up & you do it then!!

    • Smitty

      If you are so up to date with release of new ultrasn0w, how can you be so dumb and think there was a new unlock coming? It’s been said over and over on this site and everywhere, there is no new unlock.

    • Gary

      Seriously, you show you have not been keeping up with the news…. I doubt you donate too.

  • Charly

    This sucks….people with basebands like 02.10 ….are really forgotten…i think they never going to gives a new unlock …

    Better to buy gevey sim….

    • Penezote

      Complains and complains, guys if u really think that everything in life is easy and free? Just try to do it!!!
      Dev-team and some other hacker must be tire of people like you!!! They have their own life and things to do.. stop f#%* complaining… Easy just get u another phone what a big deal!!!!! Sick!!!

  • Evoss

    Hi Guys
    If I update my iphone 4 from 4.2.1 – 03.10.01 to 4.3.1 – xx.xx.xx will the update update my baseband too ?? above mentioned ?

  • Ben

    Why is everyone bitching about not having an unlock for their baseband version. There’s so many options that you had or have. When you bought the iPhone you should have bought one that accepts your sim and if you have changed networks then ask your old network provider to unlock it for you. If your stuck with the phone just sell it and buy another one that accepts your sim.

    • Evoss

      Hey BEN !
      STF-UP !! you dont know what am doing with iphones u dont know how many operators am using u dont know that those operators will never unlock it especially F. AT&T
      So shut up and be cool OKAY ? Thnx

      • Ben

        Like I said if they can’t do it just sell the phone and buy another or buy a sim free one. The Dev Team don’t owe you shit. You haven’t paid for thier services so STFU and stop whining like a bitch.

  • AI

    Will there ever be an unlock for 4.2.1 03.10.01 baseband?

  • miasma

    Can’t you use Redsn0w to update baseband to 06.15.00 then use Ultrasn0w ?

  • Evoss

    stop keepin tellin me sell it.. am normally usin the foun normally WITH Service all operators !
    U stupid little shitted kid u told u dont care !!!
    u are shit yu DICKHEAD and what u saying about paying services ??? u moron? DEV-TEAM dont accept any payments u tosser ! who is wingin is Only you ,you twat OMG another american idiot who
    has nothing to do just reading posts here and twating comments about them …
    go whining to AT&T yu just like them ..

    • Ben

      First of all I’m not a kid and second of all I’m a Brit so STFU and calm down.

      Did I say anything about paying the Dev Team. I said that you don’t pay for any of their services so hence they don’t need to the things we demand. They sacrifice their time and their relationship to please ungrateful pricks like you. And they do accept payments via donations. If you use so many sims your the fucking idiot who should have got an unlocked iPhone or bought one directly from Apple that is Sim Free. You think people owe you. If your a man and got balls complain to your stupid network or go directly to Apple. It sounds like you don’t know shit about iPhones. Maybe you should stick to a Nokia phone.

      I wasn’t moaning or whining. I do care and I told you the solutions but it’s obvious that your frustrated but it’s not the end of the world and there’s always other solutions to your problems.

      • Evoss

        Ben u obviously didnt get it …
        i dont like when people writting here like other people moaning ..
        they not whinging they are desperate for unlock so try understand it an go on dev website they highlited that they dont accept money
        and prick is you not me
        i purchased iphone 4 from ebay and i jailbreaked it and later on i purchased gevey sim because i have usa iphone 4 and i phoned AT&T and they said they WILL NOT unlock my iphone so there u go sp gevey sim is only option for me so those big words buy iphone for apple are useless i have 32GB iphon for 370 pounds
        i newer purchased item from apple and i never will!

  • Ben

    In case any of you are wondering, this version of ultrasn0w fixes your reception issues even if it doesn’t unlock your phone. I’m running an iPhone 4 with 4.3.1 and BB 2.10.04. Ultrasn0w can’t unlock this, but it does fix my reception issue that arose after my Pwnage tool jailbreak.

  • Manuel

    Seriously, you people are the worst on here with your comments. If neither of you have any thing positive to say to one another other than just cursing each other out, then maybe you don’t belong on a site that’s HELPING people.

    • Arun

      Nicely Said..

      All we need is an Clear Solution, not hints and clue or some stories..
      Just Give us an clear Solution or an ETA..
      We know Hacking bb is not an easy task but at least find a way to downgrade to 01.59 bb, i heard that 06.15 to 05.13 downgrade process is going on, why cant they keep it aside and then work on ip4 bb, already 3g and 3gs has an solution, why cant they release at least for 02.10 bb…
      its nearly 6months, we have waited for long..
      If they cant means just give us an note, we will go with the Hardware unlocking solution…

      we can pay 60$ when we can spend 600$ on a phone…

      Dev Team we need an reply from u…

  • Ben


    LOL. No problem


    dev team just put a note that we cant unlock new BB …we will not wait for you guys ….i dont know should i buy gevey or not …its obviously illegal so i dont want to be in trouble …just say ” NO ” …..

    i am stuck on 3G ..i bought iphone 4 like 5 month before….. its in my drawer lying and dead …. 🙁 …


    I guess now its ” THE END ” OF ultrasn0W ….and so iPhone unlocking ..


    do sth dev please please …..its not just me its billion of people around the world waiting for long …Please…..maaaaan .i dont have any idea what to do with this phone maaan ….i am frustrated …..AT&T sucks , i DONT WANNA go to AT&T ……… 🙁

    JUST SAY ” YES ” OR ” NO ” ..IF YES THEN WHEN ??? …

  • Noflyzone

    I unlocked my iPhone 4 and preserved old baseband 03.10.01 but the nework signal bar is just one bar, which is very weak. and can not detect the network.

    I need a held. Any idea guys?


      @noflyzone your phone is not unlocked …….only if you have bb 06.15.00 on your iphone 4 can be unlocked but you will lose GPS …but your BB is already 03.10.01 so your are noe F&&ked ….that sucks …i think i will by gevey sim ..or rebel …good luck …


        sorry its 01.59.00

      • Arun

        06.15 bb is only for Iphone 3g and 3gs, Iphone 4 has different modem chip compared to 3g and 3gs..
        Only Way now for the Unlock is Gevey Sim and the Rebel Sim…


    @noflyzone your phone is not unlocked …….only if you have bb 06.15.00 on your iphone 4 can be unlocked but you will lose GPS …but your BB is already 03.10.01 so your are noe F&&ked ….that sucks …i think i will by gevey sim ..or rebel …good luck …

  • PhittyPois0n

    Unlocked on o6.15 3GS iOS 4.3.1 jailbreaked by Sn0wbrezze 2.5! thank @dev_team !!!

  • m17ch

    Hey guys,

    I have a 3g ios 4.2.1 (BB 6.15.00) and I rely on unlock. Can I upgrade safely?
    I mean, it’s not a big deal (I actually already “Ignored Upgrade” on ultrasn0w settings cause my phone works fine…but I was wondering if I had to or I can keep going with the old version…)

    i appreciate your help


  • John

    What is the difference between 05:13:04 and 06:15:00 ? I have 3GS on 4.2.1 with 05 bb. Is there any point updating bb?

  • iPhone5

    is this the abusedownload blog lol…please stick with a nokia if you like to foul mouth,as nokia are going toward the shithole 🙂

  • Monge

    Hallo Dev Team
    I have iphone 4 version 4.2.1 modem firmware 03.10.01 unlocked with gevey sim, i want to upgrade this version, so what can i do? i need your help.