If you’ve been looking for a way to shoot 360-degree videos with your iPhone 4, get out your checkbook. The start up company EyeSee360 has a working prototype of a lens that will fulfill all of your multidirectional photography needs.

The company isn’t just hoping to change the way we shoot videos on the iPhone, they want to change the way we interact with videos completely. EyeSee360 has decades of research in robotic vision and image rendering under the hood of their GoPano micro concept. Their lens not only lets you capture 360-degree videos, you can manually pan around the video during playback…

The lens doesn’t technically exist yet, but they do plan to manufacture it. The company recently launched a KickStarter campaign in hopes of raising enough money to start production. Their goal for the initial round of investments was $20,000.00. They are currently at $62,434 with over 1,100 investors.

Their vision is quite novel really. They imagine that by freeing video from single perspective, you can interact with the video in a way never before possible. For example, a user watching a football game would be able to manipulate the camera to follow their favorite player. TV Shows would come to life as you spun the camera around a detailed TV set during an intense moment in a prime time drama. A bride would be able to pan her wedding video around to see her parents faces as she says “I do.”

Not only can you manipulate a GoPano video 360-degrees, you can zoom in and out throughout the recording as well. They use a unique mirror that draws light in from all directions and forces them through to your iPhone 4’s camera lens. Their accompanying software allows you to move the camera angle around the video, live or recorded, by flicking the screen in any direction. They also mention that they have a web platform able to host 360-degree viewable movies on its way.

If you’re interested, EyeSee360 is still taking investments for their GOPANO micro project. If you pledge $15 or more, you will get a free iPhone 4 case. If you invest $50 or more, it is considered a pre-order for your “GoPano micro” lens, and you will be sent one as soon as they start production. Make sure to check out the demo video below.

What do you think, is this type of video capture going to catch on? Let’s just combine this lens with 3D technology and call it a day.

  • Burge

    Sorry for going way off topic.. I’am very surprised that there has not been a mention of the iDB boot logo in Cydia ….

    • What boot logo are you speaking of? Can’t find it..

      • Burge

        There is a boot logo in Cydia of the rectangle iDB logo ..

  • Justin

    Speaking of iDB logos, I’ve been waiting for the iDB icon on my home screen to finish loading for months, it’s a little over halfway. Will it ever finish?!?

    Now, I’ll try to pull this back on topic…
    The 360 view sounds cool, but I’m not sure if will catch on. It seems like it would be too dependant on hardware, i think it would take a long time before we are flicking video on our TV’s in the den. It would be great to do all that stuff, I just hope tv manufacturers are willing to change, and tv shows would have to change the way they film. No ‘set’ with a whole crew behind the camera.

    • Burge

      Lol…me too..longest download ever , how big is the app

      • Kurtis

        what is the name of the app i cant find it.

  • XepptizZ

    I am pretty excited about this kind of tech. I might invest. Then again i don’t see how the addon would entice the crows who really wants to keep their portable device actually portable.