Surprise! The Wall Street Journal posted some more gossip about the iPhone 5 this morning, and I think it’s safe to say that at this point, no one really knows when the iPhone 5 is going to launch.

Will it be June? Will it be September? Anyone’s guess is as good as mine, but be rest assured that Apple has a plan in place at this point in the game

In fact, one analyst quoted in today’s Wall Street Journal tidbit seemed to reiterate the fact that no one really knows. Due to a variety of factors, including the recent launch of the Verizon iPhone 4, Apple is holding its cards tightly this go round…

Regarding the iPhone, we are increasingly becoming suspicious around continued reports of a delayed iPhone 5 launch into September/October versus the typical June/July time frame.

Those are the words from Ticonderoga Securities analyst Brian White, who’s been keeping a close eye on the manner in which the iPhone 5 news is playing out thus far.

He goes on to say that:

Although we do not have a smoking gun that definitively rules out a delayed autumn unveiling or one that supports a launch this summer, there is a pattern of activity in motion within the supply chain that makes us question a delayed launch. Essentially, we believe Apple is keeping its iPhone 5 cards extra close to the vest on this launch to avoid a falloff in iPhone 4 demand ahead of a refresh, especially given the February launch of the CDMA iPhone 4 with Verizon.

Okay, so it probably doesn’t take an analyst to analyze the obvious. Apple doesn’t want to cannibalize its Verizon iPhone 4 sales with a new version of its smartphone; makes sense. The iPhone 4 is still selling particularly well, even almost a year after its initial unveiling.

The question remains, however, if Apple decided to wait until the fall — a time normally dedicated to its iPod touch lineup — what will be the stopgap for the summer time?

Well, there is a product that Apple was supposed to launch last year that has still yet to see the light of day. I have a self-imposed ban on mentioning this device simply because I’m tired of getting my hopes up only to be let down, but you all know what I’m referring to.

What do you think? Release the device that shall remain nameless in June, and the iPhone 5 in September? I’d be fine with that.

  • David

    Your funny Jeff with your self imposed ban….. Obviously not iDB policy as Cody showed us 2 days ago….. As an iTouch user I haven’t followed the news to closely about either the iPhone 5 or the device to remain nameless too much. I guess all we can do is wait and see.

  • hbcbob2

    I’m out of the loop…what is this supposed “device that shall remain nameless”?

  • Peter Jansen

    I think that as of now, we should address it as ” the phone which isn’t named” A.K.A “Voldephone” 😀

  • Peter Jansen

    @hbcbob2 : Hush,hush…..”The White Whale” ……

  • hbcbob2


    …..well who the hell cares about the white iPhone?

    ha, j/k, it’s cool, but black is waaaaay better.

    • Agreed, i dont get the hype about the white one, black hides all the dirt 😉

  • Kent

    I can’t believe Apple would stop a launch of a world phone just for one market, and one part of one market (Verizon being part of the US market). I believe that they would lose more money waiting 5 more months from not selling their new phone and people being off contract and going to another phone. Verizon could always sell the new iphone 5, even if a few months later and offer the iphone 4. But to me, not being an analyst, it seems unbelievable that a world wide company wouldn’t ship a phone just for one carrier around the world.

  • Joe

    I guess I don’t get the big deal about the white iPhone. It’s just a different colour. Really? You’ve disallowed yourself from mentioning a device that has been out for many months – except in a different colour?

    I can just imagine the keynote, “And now, ladies and gentlemen, the phone everyone’s been waiting for….drum-roll please…the iPhone 4!…”

    *the sound of crickets chirping can be heard…murmurs of WTF, I’ve had one since June last year…

    “in White!”

    *thunderous applause and cheering ensue…

    • Kent

      Yeap! Everyone will be on all 4 waiting for Steve to penetrate them with it. I can’t believe how people follow him like he’s some kind of genius… “NOW MMS!” “COPY AND PASTE! I INVENTED IT! APPLE DID IT FIRST!” Arg. If he doesn’t release the iphone 5 this summer, I’m jumping ship to a 4.3 inch phone of some sort. I love my iphone, but I’m getting bored. I want something bigger and faster.

      • The Sun Flower from Plants V. Zombies

        Um CYDIA? Installous?

  • Pete

    If new iPhone is delayed, I will get android phone.

  • Benz

    I’m glad I’m not the only one that thinks that iPhone 4 it’s getting boring and my iPhone it’s jailbroken and I use cydia about once or twice a week not really much there to keep me exited like it used to

    If iPhone 5 doesn’t deliver I jump to android I love my iPhone 4 but I feel android cought up with iPhone

    • The Sun Flower from Plants V. Zombies

      I don’t know what your doing with a jailbroken phone. If your getting board with Cydia and that 200,000 if iPhone apps in the store, then you shouldn’t have an iPhone. Android has twice as less with a shitty battery and buggy OS. If your interest will get higher when you wonder why you have to pull your battery out to unfreeze your phone or have to get a new phone because it bricked off a virus from the market, then I guess you won’t be board any more.

  • Charly

    I dont really care about iphone 5 , all i do care is an iphoe 4 UNLOCK for my baseband… BUT nobody seems to care about that anymore….its a shame…

  • ADDICTEDchris

    I have a iPhone 4 and a HTC Dinc, overall I prefer my iPhone. It has a better overall user experience IMO. I prefer typing on my iPhone as well. What I would like in the new iPhone is a bigger screen, dual core processor, @ least 64 gigs of storage. Far as software I would like google maps like on android, sharing option for social networking in the menus. I really like iOS and being a mac guy everything just works well together.

  • Woody dog

    If no iPhone update this summer I will get the best android. I still have a 3GS and it’s getting dated and up for full upgrade at the end of this month. I’m not going to get a year old iPhone4. Step up apple or lose a lot of people!!!

  • iPhoneuser16

    What black is amazing why do u want white Jeff I love my iPhone

  • hmm i think iphone 5 will be available in july….hope so

  • XepptizZ

    I’m really getting tired of all the back and forth of the iphone 5, july, august, octobre. I’m happy with my iphone 4 and i will be wowed or dissappointed (like with the ipad and new ipod nano) whenever the time comes.

  • Iphone4usermillion

    I have to agree with everyone that while I love my iPhone 4. It’s getting dated and old feeling. And while android has it’s many downs they are starting to catch apple. Motorola atrix droid bionic. 8mp cameras dual core swype. If apple doesn’t release an iPhone 5 summer they are going to lose alot of customers. Don’t do some bull shhh iPhone 4gs in white. Which is same as iPhone 4. Another 3-4 months think of what other devices will be avail also. I don’t know apple. Please keep us happy and shitting on android

  • Iphone4usermillion

    O and in addition to my above posting. Let’s not forget everyones lil pet peeves that apple has yet to address in like 4yrs with flash can’t save gifs animated wallpapers. While I can’t say the scale is even yet for
    Android apple ios they sure are closing that huge gap.

    • Darren

      To be honest, I couldn’t give a crap about flash. It’s old tech. Hell, it doesn’t even work on windows anymore if you’re using a 64 bit web browser. HTML 5, will supersede flash very soon.

      You can have animate gif backgrounds through winterboard. I have one on my 3GS.

  • Luqman

    I hope there is no iphone5 this year because I just bought an iphone4. U guys should also consider ppl like me.

    • AlexÔ_ô

      Yeah…You are actually 100% right…I have no iPHone…I have N8…I would try a new iPhone to see how does it works…But i don’t like so much 4 or 3GS…Actually i’m about to buy an iPhone but around 1,5-2 years later mate 😉

  • Iphone4usermillion

    Well if you just bought it you got ios 4.3 no antenna probs goofy bumper covers and verizon to choose. You still have that new car smell. By time u get bored with it iPhone 6 be out

  • Kompyang

    Thats right. In asia ask the same question when iphone 4 just come to the market. It is silly.
    This is Apple – iPhone. I will be so sad if iphone 5 come to market at this year or next year. This is not about one carrier vs whole world, this is about Enjoying more time for best product (iphone 4).
    I bet, if iphone 5 ready to sell, than the same question about iPhone 6 will be in this website again.

  • james

    Iphones aren’t even that good. Htc evo 3d or samsung galaxy s2 will be way better than an iphone.

  • james

    Iphones aren’t even that good. Htc evo 3d or samsung galaxy s2 will be way better than an iphone

    • Darren

      Absolute rubbish. My other half has an Android phone and it’s the most buggy PoS I’ve ever had the misfortune to use. I want to see the iPhone 5 launched in June/July so that I can upgrade at the earliest possible convenience. However, if it is delayed, I’d rather stick with my 3GS for a few more months than get android phone.

  • casey

    I agree with everyone whom is waiting for the IPhone 5 and hoping it comes out soon. If IPhone 5 launches anytime after the summer, I don’t think I can wait. I’ve waited long enough! There’s some other cool looking phones on Android I might try out. Bring it Apple or like others have said, you may lose a big chunk of the market share waiting for such device!

  • Felix

    Apple is trying to help verizon by not telling date of launch if they said its june verizon would not sell one more iphone 4

  • TheOneWhoKnows

    IPHONE 5 will be out in September. That is fact.

    • Joe

      Thanks, Steve, for clarifying all of this for us.

  • Aaron

    The longer it takes apple to release 5, that longer it will be till they get my money….if I don’t go for an android myself. Not only was I on the 3gs, but that got soaked, and I’ve been using an old aluminum iphone that is slow as fudge. I’m not going to be able to wait. and I’m not getting a freakin’ 4.

  • Iphone4usermillion

    @ Aaron. I totally agree. Had 3G it got washed. Went 3GS and 4 when it came out. I’d hate to move away from what I know but they are starting to look very intriguing. Htc Evo 3d and samsung galaxy2.

  • Victor Jose

    i still have the iphone 3g and my upgrade has been valid since last May, I’ve waited long enough for the iphone 5 that im just going to stick it out whether or not it comes out in June, will i still get the upgraded price for the iphone 5? and how much do u think it will cost with the upgrade?

  • I think that iphone 5 will be available in july!

    • TheOneWhoKnows

      It will be out in September. I knows some folks.

  • Iphone4usermillion

    @victor. You should get full upgrade price then if ur contracts up. Probably be same as always. 199-299 for say 32gig and 299-399 for 64gig. What I’m guessing apple will have to again top the competition.

  • Disappointed iPhone User

    I had the HTC Thunderbolt, verizons newest 4G phone and took it back. I went to Verizon from AT&T because they have better svc coverage. Coming from the iPhone with AT&T I decided ti try the droids, I did not like the droid. I took it back within 2 days and swapped for the iPhone 4 and loved it. I ultimately took that phone back too because I called Verizon about the rumor of the iPhone 5 and they said they didnt know anything about an iPhone 5 and if i went ahead and got the iPhone 4 I would be stuck with it for 2 years even if the iPhone 5 came out a few months later and there would be nothing they could. I would basically be stuck with an older iPhone version. So I took that phone back as well and like everyone else is waiting to see what Apple does. I think it was a bad decision for Verizon to launch the iPhone 4 in February knowing that Apple traditionally releases a new iPhone every summer. I think its ridiculous the whole world has to wait on the iPhone 5 because Verizon made a bad business decision!!!! They should have launched the new iPhone in the summer when Apple released the new model. Just my thoughts!!! I will end up with the andoid as well if apple dont come out with the new iPhone anytime soon. I also think the new iPhone will be 4G seeing as how Verizon is suppose to be 4G by the end of the year!

  • Iphone4usermillion

    @disappointed. Yea I totally agree with ya. Verizon is huge part of all this bullshit. I guess it’s all where u are cuz I Don’t see the verizon hype about svc. Their customer service sux ass. They charge you for everything and anything. Wanna change ur call plan. New contract everytime. I don’t know I had verizon work phone for years and always had a comcast cell one/Cingular/then att phone as my personal. For me in my area att and verizon both have they ups n downs. I always hated verizon dropped calls. Be drivin and it be like beep beep hang up. Have to re dial everything. Least att would garble up and then be like can u hear me now. Would hold the call just break up bad for min. O well back on subject. Yea what u did is exactly what I’m afraid of. Trying like 3-4 phones n then end up back apple anyway lol. Who knows.

  • Iphone4usermillion

    I agree on the 4g for the simple fact that then att n verizon can make everyone grandfathered in unlimited buy a new more expensive 3G/4G plan even though 4g won’t be anywhere except new York LA big cities. They already doing it now for tethering plans. Way to use smart phone users to pay for the system upgrade

  • Darren

    Why release a white iPhone 4 when they could release a black, white, and maybe brushed gunmetal iPhone 5. The white iPhone 4 notion is retarded. Who’d care about a year old phone being re-released in a different colour, when everyone has been thinking of the next phone with dual core processing and an megapixel camera to name 2 of the suspected features.

  • iBrand

    Ok, I have never left a reply on any site but I would like to offer my opinion. I bought the original iPhone in ’07. I moved to an area where AT&T was lacking (like most of America). I went with Verizon because they covered my area and my family was on the network. I got a Crapberry Storm…I mean Blackberry Storm. I have been through three Blackberry Storms since ’09. I can honestly say that my four year old iPhone is still year better than my Blackberry in every way. Even the camera on my iPhone is better quality than my Crapberry. I have WiFi and use my iPhone at every chance I have when it comes to using the Browser, Apps, e-mail, etc. I have been holding out for the iPhone 5 and really hope that it will be worth the wait. I am a “Machead” and will never buy another Blackberry. I hope that Apple will come out with something “revolutionary” like the original iPhone. I love the iPhone 4 design. Maybe make it thinner and either a brush metal back or aluminum back. The iOS needs updating and cannot wait to hear what Apple has in store for us in June.

  • Iphone4usermillion

    @iBrand. I too had a crapberry storm. Was my one n only blackberry phone and while it was nice when I had it when I moved to the iPhone 3G I was amazed I got by with blackberry. And the move from verizon to att didn’t effect anything but my bill got cheaper. Before that I had a palm treo 650. Both were good phones but don’t hold a candle to my present iPhone4. I know if I don’t hold out and go to a android phone I will regret it when i5 comes out. I’m hoping they go all out camera CPU ram phone memory screen size hdmi keep home button mini USB charger regular sim slot instead this micro shit.