We reported a few days ago on IDC’s claims that Windows Mobile OS market share would one day overtake iOS. Now Gartner, a world leader in information technology research, is making similar predictions. But they’ve got Google’s Android OS on top by a long shot.

The numbers are quite staggering. The firm predicts that in 2011, smartphone sales will reach 468 million units worldwide. That would be about a 50% increase from the 300 million units that analysts believe shipped last year. Why is Gartner predicting Apple’s smartphone will only snag 19% of that market?

Android is expected to hog 50% of the smartphone market next year. Smartphone sales are predicted to exceed 600 million units. Google’s OS is considered such a powerhouse because it has been so widely adopted by major mobile phone manufacturers such as Motorola and Samsung. These companies ship worldwide to thousands of carriers.

iPhones on the other hand are more exclusive. They only just recently opened up to a second wireless carrier in the large U.S. market. The iPhone is also only currently offered in 2 models, 16GB and 32GB (not counting 3GS). Analysts are predicting that unless Apple has something up its sleeve for the prepaid market, iPhone sales will eventually start to taper off.

It’s certainly rumored that Apple is looking to give analysts a run for their money. Speculation that Apple has an iPhone nano in the works, as well as multiple iPhone 5 designs, suggests that the Cupertino company isn’t happy with their current standings in the smartphone market.

But maybe Apple isn’t after market share. What if they like where their profit margins are at and how much revenue the company is turning? I just can’t see Steve Jobs and company going after market share with inferior designs. But I also haven’t forgotten Tim Cook’s remarks about “clever things” Apple has in store for prepaid customers.

Do you think Apple will go after Android with multiple iPhone models?


  • Paul Zammit

    Apple’s market share comes from the hardware, and now the App Store. If they keep souring high above Android, they won’t bother.

  • Burge

    Not surprised at this cause iOS is only on idevices , and as you put android is on most other makes of phone…but for apple to have 19% I think that’s pretty good…

    • Jason Masters

      Apple are megalomaniacs they will not let this go lol!!!

      • Burge


  • James

    Yeah too bad 70% of those android users won’t be able to update to the newest version of that os, ie samsung phones

  • Fred

    I’d like Apple to stay exclusive so there’ll always be awesome devices to look out for

  • Polemicist

    Hmmm… Apple has sold a lot of iPhones… And a lot of people upgrade and get rid of their old ones and they still linger for a while longer… But maths is interesting when you apply number sold worldwide to the number of people (not developing countries etc) that could buy a device and then the number of devices that are not apples? Hmmm… Sounds a bit like the ever raging Mac vs PC fight…

    @James… Meh… Samsung is releasing the Galaxy S II which I’d prefer to have the new software put onto and get perfect and then after that they can release the new software to the old devices. I’d prefer Samsung got it right and not for the software to have to release this many versions en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IOS_version_history

    Also I still chuckle at Antennagate which still pulls half a million hits in google so with your “awesome device” pick up your free awesome bumper to fix it… LOL’s

    • Jason Masters

      Yet everywhere I go I hear people saying man that’s a cool iPhone “I wish I had one” I have yet to hear the hunger for the newest droid set I mean the nexus was halfway decent then
      they release the newest nexus and it’s plastic crap the software is buggy as hell no where near as polished as iOS so say what you will but people would take bad antennas over a crappy phone period! There is no comparison android is in it’s youth they have years before they catch up I mean their os is so stupid you have to buy a taskkiller right when you get the phone just so you can stop programs from wasting your battery!

      • Polemicist

        And when you see a kid holding a big multicoloured candy cane you want it – but the same kid who walks into a candy store can’t make his mind up due to the amount to choose from so wants everything – then he sees his friend with that candy cane so gets one as well. Yep it tastes pretty good but damn I really wanted chocolate.

        My iPhone candy cane is stale now… I am like a lot of other Apple geeks I know who are going to the dark side… I still love my Mac. But my Samsung gadgets just keep growing in number and eventually who knows I may end up with a Google OS on my Mac’s and PC’s… Oh and it would seem that Samsung will be the first with a large screen retina display? Since Apple doesn’t really make screens for themselves (or anything else anymore) I guess Sammy wins again. 🙂

        Android in it’s infancy seems to be getting into it’s big boy pants a lot faster than Apple would like and that seems like a pretty damn smart infant to me… 🙂

      • Polemicist

        Oh and that task killer is free and only paid if you want automatic killing and lets not argue about multitasking vs pause and resume … 🙂

    • Fred

      I’ve used iphone 4 for some time now and can confirm that the antennagate thing is an exaggeration. I’ve heard a lot more bad things too about Android devices but obviously no one would care too much since they are expected to be bad.

      So yes, no smart phone is prettier, more elegant, and revolutionary than iphones this time around. I’d change my mine when I see one of their rival companies stop copying the Apple’s idea of what a smart phone should look like or be able to do. I’d like to see them come up with something new as Apple did in 2007 with their iphone3g. I’d like to see a new genre in the smart phone world. Untill they do, Apple will still be there to smack and mock them.

  • Jason Masters

    Yet if I offered you a new iPhone 5 or the htc thunderbolt which would you choose an be honest? In fact I’ll bet if idb did a poll on which set if free could they have an iPhone 5 or any of the new droids appl would win.

    • Nick

      Of FUcking course it would, your on a apple fan site dumbass.

  • Polemicist

    You could poke holes at hardware all day. The thing here is the OS. ElGoog is pounding the crap out of Apple and IOS can only be used on Apple products and then it gets locked down so you can’t even pick who you want to supply your phone service. LOL. The innovative designs of hardware and software could be touted but not worth the effort as the number of hardware choices is so large for Android.

    Also the iPhone 4 with it’s glass on both sides really turned me off upgrading especially considering the lack of gorilla glass.

    Jason this blog is for iPhone users. Yeah hold a poll here and then hold the same poll on an Android forum. Bias is a factor.

    Also back to the point. As mentioned above 50% of the smartphone market with Android and 19% IOS? Who cares what the hardware is like. The little infant Android is really Godzilla and has come to crush the puny IOS with it’s huge limitless army of hardware choices. 😀

  • Tamer

    My phone still lock! Strategy is wrong!

  • Stark


    it’s pretty obvious that android will get more market share than the ios but that doesn’t mean its better. you don’t even know if samsung would update their old android units. as far as i know the earlier androids like behold didn’t get the froyo and stuck with the older os. sure android would surpass the ios but i’d rather be part of the minority and get a solid phone rather than the majority with buggy os and crappy update service (yes thats samsung). and with samsung having plenty of os under their brand, who knows how they can keep up with all of them. lastly, if samsung and other phone companies were given a chance to have an ios in their units, i’m sure android would just disappear like it never existed. exclusivity still guarantees a market.

  • Tr0jan69

    Interesting story, also trying to figure out why someone anti apple would bother even looking at this site. Piss off and play with your clunky, laggy inferior droid garbage!

  • Polemicist


    Actually XDA developers etc have the new OS for pretty much every phone you can imagine. Samsung would prefer people to update their hardware as that makes them money and software updates are more of a customer service and they really don’t stop people from doing that. In fact the iPhone gets a revamp every 12 months and the 3G has stopped on IOS 4.2.1 and it is only a couple of years old and now the 3Gs will be the next to fall off the band wagon as its hardware won’t be able to cope with the new apps and games. Actually that is already hapenning. As for buggy – iOS had numerous minor updates due to things causing excess battery use etc. and Android has to cater for a lot more hardware than just one. 🙂


    I am not anti apple. I own more apple devices than any other type and have worked for years as an Apple certified tech. Yeah the iPhone 4 disappointed me as it did a lot of Apple fanboys. And if you ever used an Android device for longer than 5 minutes you might Think Different. My wife (an iPhone convert) and kids use the Galaxy S and I’m pretty impressed but I’m still using my iPhone to type this so seriously drop the attitude.

  • DebTym

    i thought androids are human robots.aha. lol.

  • Mark

    Let’s not forget about the fact that Apple is the Company that started it all and that many of the best ideas come from them.
    Besides I like that not every person has an iPhone .
    So that I can make fun of their apps hahaha!
    Even if we are in second place …. Who gives a rat’s ass ?
    Apple gives you certainty that all the cool features of the device work cuz the iOS was created for the device itself and it gets modify everytime the device evolves .

    Let’s just say that!, Android is evolving into something else .

  • Polemicist