We told you how to watch every game of March Madness on your iPhone, but what do you do now that the tournament is over? If you are still looking for a free way to get your sports fix on your iPhone, then pay attention.

Streaming content to mobile devices is a hot topic right now. Time Warner Cable has recently gotten into hot water over their iPad app that streams TV channels to subscribers’ devices. While it looks like some networks are unhappy with the way the digital revolution is going, others are embracing it.

ESPN liked the idea of streaming content to user’s devices so much that they made their own iOS app for it

If you currently have ESPN in your cable or dish TV package, then chances are you qualify for the new WatchESPN app. The iOS software was released a few days ago and allows you to watch select ESPN content on your iPhone. The free download will request your zip code and the name of your cable provider before giving you access to its library of sports media.

A free myESPN account is also needed to use the app beyond the initial preview, but nothing else is limited. You can watch live and recorded content over 3G or Wi-Fi for 4 hours before the trial expires and the myESPN account is required. The streaming quality isn’t impressive, but it falls in line with other iOS apps in the same category.

The library of previously recorded content is fairly weak, but there’s obviously copyright laws at play there. On the contrary, the live option is very useful. NBA games and other major sporting events appear live and in their entirety, making this a great way to check in on your favorite sports team while out and about.

WatchESPN is available in the App Store and is completely free. It is compatible with all iDevices, but there is an iPad-specific version scheduled to launch sometime in May.

Have you tried WatchESPN yet?

  • bc

    If you’re paying your cable company, you’re not getting the service for free, but that is a nice added service for subscribers.

  • Umar Ghazi

    I get ESPN on my tv service but when I put in my zip code and selected the provider it said that WatchESPN isn’t available here.

    • mplsboywonder

      yup, same problem here:(


  • jolitzdv

    it works perfect for me, i have fios tv just follow the instructions to register and you can watch espn for free! – thanks sebastian 🙂

  • Thomas P. Folair

    Comcast: FAIL.

  • JusFaulk

    Doesn’t work for Directv either

  • Shrike1978

    Even providers that work with ESPN 360 don’t seem to always work for this. Tried both my providers in both the cities I live in, and neither work. (Comcast and Charter, for the record)

  • hxclos

    I really wish there was an app that work on all iOS devices including the Apple TV and offered monthly or yearly subscriptions to certain channels like ESPN. I’d even subscribe to basic channels like FOX or NBC if it meant I could watch on my iOS device while I’m on the go. Come football season, I hate having to miss out on anything! If all they want is money, this is the solution. Some people could actually save money on their cable bill with this.

  • Wade

    EVERYONE ONE THIS WEBSITE IS A FUCKING LOSER!!!!!! I just come on here to laugh at all the FAGGOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lou

    Wade you obviously have too much time on your hands. Anyway this comp is working with comcast.

  • lou


  • Jeff

    Doesn’t work with at&t uverse either…

  • Cam

    Wade is actually a giant pussy IRL. He relies on the anonymity that the internet gives him to have any resemblance of being cool.