• DebTym


  • Abhishek

    Whats new in that except animation boot logo ???

  • Jailbreaking is sick. No more blockage shit from apple.

  • Graham

    Did a jb with the rc9 version first did the update with the rc11 enabelt THE boot logo also in cydia but they don’t show up after reboot

  • azharhamzahya


  • Raul

    hey a friend got his iphone4 unlocked with iOS 4.3 and BB 4.10.01 from one of the commercial sites,
    how did they do it, I thought everyone copies Dev-Team’s JB

    • Burge

      Thay took his imei and got the network it was on to unlock it from there network…it can be done with any phone..you just have to keep paying your contract.. You can find this on eBay but Thay charge way to much ..like 30/50% to much

  • iProf.

    I jailbreaked my iPhone 4 with the rc9 recently and tried to apply the rc11 for the animated boot logos. Following the instructions above I gained nothing. I have set the boot logo in my settings and tried at least five of them from cydia and still, just getting the old apple when I boot. Is there anything Ive forgotten? Do I need a boot logo thats compatible with the 4.3.1 jailbreak?

  • graham

    same problem still here no logos

  • JW

    Also having same issues. JB with rc11 over the top of rc9, and all I get is the Apple logo. And yes, I have downloaded bootlogos, animate, and selected the one I want in settings.

  • Josh

    I have the same issue. Iphone 4, ios 4.3.1 used RC11 and the logos are there in settings but it does nothng.

  • martyn bob hoskins

    i jailbroke with rc 11 over the other 4.3.1 red snow jailbreak and installed a boot animation but still nothing when i turn it off or respring and i have gone in setting and changed it that way

  • john

    Same here as well. Used RC11 over my current jailbreak and I have installed the apps as listed above. No new logos. Sounds like a bug to me.

  • carlton

    same problem

  • Bill

    Same here, no bootlogo selection in settings, will not download animated bootlogos (due to no program loaded prior).

    Tried using animate and it still does not work.

    I think they need to re visit this.

  • Troy

    Bootlogo does not work with rc 11 over the other 4.3.1 red snow jailbreak. In fact the Apple Boot Logo (Animate) app in Cydia stipulates that it only works with 4.2.1, so maybe that is the issue.

    Cool new feature, but does not appear to work.

  • touchLover

    Not Working For Me…
    I tries approx 15 odd times to jailbreak on top of rc9 and it wont let me…
    It halts at uploading to RAM Disk and nothing happens, and error pops up…

    Redsn0W always takes approx 10-15 attempts, I wonder Why…

    I previously jail-broke with GreenP0ison and only 2 attempts and I was through…

  • ramos96

    Dont use this version buggy as hell, just spent 4 hours fixing and testing.
    -=Clan NGz=-

  • ifti

    does redsnow update the baseband

    i cant find a proper answer.

    some say no some say yes ?

  • Harry

    I had the same problem but i fixed it so follow these steps and it will work great:

    Right click on application.
    Go to properties.
    Click the compatibility tab.
    Check the box that has “run in compatibility mode for windows xp service pack 3” or something like that.

    Try again and it should work. Hope this helped 🙂

  • Bond, James Bond

    After jailbreaking with RC11, I started facing problems with the silent switch..

    When I toggle the switch to silent it doesn’t vibrate but as soon as I toggle it to loud it vibrates..

    Confused? So am I..

    Any solution to this problem..

    Is anyone else facing the same problem.. Help..

  • Dustin

    So I also ran rc11 over rc9, runs smooth EXCEPT no boot logos, just stock apple logo.is this an issue with me? Or something in the update? Any Info would be great. Thanx

  • Shrav

    Same issue here. No animated boot logo after applying JB over existing JB.

  • Dustin

    Just ran rc12 over existing jb, samething, no boot logo. What am I doing wrong?? Thanks

  • Ak1r4

    I just ran rc12 over the existing rc11 in windows compatibility mode for win xp and as admin an the boot logo finally works.Thanks Dev Team
    @ dustin maybe you should try it in compatibility mode

  • Dustin

    How/ what is compatibility mode? This is first time jailbreaking, I’m all ears if someone can hive me quick rundown. THANKS

  • Ak1r4

    You have to follow the steps harry posted before.

    First right klick on the jb application and select properties
    then klick on the second tab “compability”
    there you have to set “run this program in compability mode for:” Windows Xp sp 3
    and set the last point “run this progrm as administrator”

    apply and run the application again should work

  • Shrav

    Used rc11, xp sp3 comparability mode and administrator, and now have animated boot logo goodness! Thanks dev team 🙂

  • Dustin

    Ok, don’t laugh too hard, I tried to enter compatability mode. Windows xp sp3 wasn’t there!! But I’m running xp sp3. Just showed other versions of windows. As you can tell I’m a “noob”. Thanks

  • Fred

    Same rc12 jb over a rc9 and no custom boot logo. 🙁

  • Dustin

    Ok !! Went on laptoP with windows 7, did all the compatibility stuff, ran rc12 over jb, still stock logo!! Does it have to be special ones to work?? Getting frustrated. Thanks

  • Dustin

    I got it!! Thanx every1. 

  • Troy

    Anyone on a Mac gotten the Boot Logo to work with Redsnow?

    • Carlton

      I did and got it with rc12

  • MC

    ran rc12 over rc11 and this fixed my issue with Boot Logo Animation. Tested to work so far with chronic dev log and “Android Boot Logo”. For what it’s worth, I already had animate and “Android Boot Logo” installed on phone when I ran rc12. Hope this helps you guys.

  • MC

    @Troy I did it on Mac.

  • Troy

    MC–Thanks for the heads up on the rc12–that’s the trick.

  • John

    I ran rc11 over rc9. Fail. Ran rc12 over this rc11 and I’m WINNING. Lol

    Running on my MAC SL os.

    On my wife’s phone I did the JB directly to rc11 and it failed. Updated to rc12 and it works fine.