Take this one with a grain a salt, as most of these leaked photos are proven to be fake. For Apple’s sake, let’s hope the case follows suit.┬áThese leaked pictures depict a very iPhone 4-looking device with some minor differences.

These photos were posted early this morning on BGR‘s website. They are supposedly snapshots of the up and coming iPhone 5 and have been making some noise around the internet today. They were said to have been sourced from a Vietnamese forum post, but that is anything but confirmed….

Although the pictures don’t look anything like what I imagined the iPhone 5 to look like, they do seem to depict a device that falls in line with previous rumors. For instance, it appears to have a bigger display. While the exact size of the screen can’t be determined, there bezels are clearly thinner on either sides.

The display also seems to have been stretched vertically, with less space between the home button and bottom of the screen. Another noticeable difference is the external antenna design. It doesn’t have the notch in the bottom right corner of the band, or on top of the iPhone next to the headphone jack.

With rumors of the iPhone 5 being delayed until fall, you gotta hope Apple has something more intriguing up their sleeve. While the images do appear to be fake and have been identified as such on other websites, we still posted them here for conversation.

What do you think, is this what Apple’s iPhone 5 will look like?

UPDATE: BGR has confirmed that these photos are indeed fake. Consider them a late April Fool’s joke.

  • H M

    The watermark clearly states that this is an April fools prank!

    • Vishal

      lol!!!! ur rite

      • SpideyRules

        You consider Chinese to be “clearly?”

  • Josh

    This is fake, even BGR said so

  • via TiPb: “UPDATE: Fake as in fake fake. And the embarrassing part is I read some Chinese. Frak.”

  • it’s stated that their fake in the article

  • Genesicgaogaiga

    I am a Chinese. The word says April fish.
    Whether we are fish in April, I am not sure

    • kokhean

      Maybe it means ‘leaked’ in April. Fourth Month’s Fish, no sense at all!

    • andrew

      Dammit. That’s what I have tatooed on my arm.

  • Max

    Sick of reading these pointless posts on iDB, you don’t have to make an article every time someone claims to have a picture of an iPhone5, especially when it is so obviously fake like this one and the one you posted before…. just stop.

  • Why don’t you just shut the fuck up and be happy that some people are taking time out of their lives to post all this stuff…. jesus ungrateful people

    • Pete

      Hehe, grateful for what? This crap?:) I guess one gotta write about something even if there’s zip to write about.

      • got a better blog… lets see it bud

  • Javier

    That iphon is good

  • Choorel

    Why do so many people expect a major redesign already? The iPhone 4 just came out a year ago! Remember the 3GS? It wasn’t redesigned at all, just the components inside were upgraded. I don’t understand why amyone expects apple to do something like that again and wait until next year to redesign. Apple doesn’t want to show their entire hand, rather just a card at a time.

  • Emily

    This is a prank guys. The watermark says ‘April fish’ now ‘April fool’ has a same sound or is a homophones with the word ‘fish’.
    I believe it’s a jOke.

  • Yiddo

    Surely the iPhone 5 is out in 2012 but what we will see is an iPhone 4gs with all the little tweaks

    • Hassan

      I am extremely very very happy the iphone 5 is released this2011 year yeahpyyyyyyyyyy……….

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