The purpose of key loggers has always been kind of cloudy to me. I suppose if you wanted to monitor your computer covertly while you were away, a key logger would make sense.

If you were a parent wanting to keep tabs on your kid’s online activities, you could certainly use a key logger to record their ventures. I’ve even heard of people using key loggers on their spouses.

While, key logging on a computer still doesn’t seem useful to me, key logging on a smartphone does.

You could have archives of text messages and emails you’ve sent from your device. If you have been looking for something similar, the application iKeyGuard makes key logging easy on your iPhone or other iDevice…

Available to most jailbroken iDevices, iKeyGuard markets itself as the only iOS key logger in town. The application itself is completely invisible.

Once downloaded from Cydia, the only way to access the app is through a local web portal. The free version only records a couple of words from each application. The full version though will record every keystroke, in virtually any app.

Just do a quick Cydia search for iKeyGuard. It is in BigBoss, which is one of the default repos, so you should find it without a problem.

After it’s installed, I would do a quick restart of your iPhone. Once back up and running, point safari to localhost:4444. I couldn’t get the portal to pull up until after I restarted my iPhone.

You should now be looking at the main menu of iKeyGuard with a huge Disclaimer at the bottom. I actually recommend reading it if you plan to use the software on a regular basis.

Besides the whole it-might-be-illegal thing, the app is pretty solid. It performs as advertised, recording keystrokes from all my apps. This is from a sentence I put into Because I’m using the free version, it only recorded the first few words.

But if you have been looking for a key logger for your iPhone, you won’t be disappointed. The app takes up little RAM as it sits in the background so your device doesn’t lag.

You can even set a password on the key logs to keep your prying a secret. If you want the full version, just click Buy in the main menu of iKeyGuard or visit here. It records every word and adds extra features like the ability to email the logs at customizable intervals. Yeah, scary.

Have you tried iKeyGuard? Is there other key logger software for the iPhone we’re missing?

  • Pete

    This is awesome

  • Roberto

    this app is too dangerous. I can just install to any iphone i want to spy on. This kind of app will just scare people to use iphone.

  • Doug

    This makes no sense. Your phone is such a personal thing. No one else probably ever uses it.

    Itd make more sense on a computer. And still I don’t want an online record of everything I type including passwords.

    • goofygreek

      it makes perfect sense. think your spouse is cheating on you? guess what, this will make it a lot easier to find out. only 1 of 2 things will happen, 1 you could be right and dump there sorry a$$, 2 they could find out, and you could be totally wrong and just ruined a relationship. Theres a nice 50/50 chance for ya.

  • appletiser

    fyi, this app is listed as “Key Logger – iKeyGuard”. searching for iKeyGuard alone gave me zero results whereas typing the word ‘key’ showed it 🙂

  • XepptizZ

    It has it’s uses surely, but it infringes on privacy very easily aswell,

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    • MrA

      I’ve been coming here for a while, you’re gonna love it. Best Apple blog site on the net.

  • WTFX

    Intrudes privacy, total crap.

  • XepptizZ

    I’d like to see an article about keyboard enhancing apps and tweaks. Like shapewriter and itypefaster. And is swype really that much faster? Seems to me it’s faster for he simple words but the longer they get the more off the suggestions are.

  • Chris

    Hey I could not find this in cydia I even tried just searching “key” but never found it. Is it used by a certain source?

  • Mofomac

    I downloaded this, installed it on my iPad. It wouldn’t take me to the portal…., I restarted it, still doesn’t work….uninstalled it, reinstalled it, nothing,… Restarted it again… Still wouldn’t take me to the portal…. Can anyone help me out!? Anyone using this in the iPad?

  • Morgan

    It seems that a new version is out, I received an e-mail earlier today. It should have new features and some bug fixes. I will try it out when I get home. Currently it is available only for manual install so you will not find it in Cydia but have to download it from the ikeyguard site.

  • Peter

    The new version works perfectly fine!

  • Robert

    This is a GREAT app… almost better than my iPhone case with a bottle opener on the back. I’m defintely going to be using this!

    • MrA

      I would like that iPhone case. Please tell me where you got it from.

  • Mofomac

    Update: For some reason, it wouldn’t take me to the portal no matter what I tried. I emailed them and they responded rather quickly. You can tell by the emails I received that they cared about their product and it’s fuctionality.

    Turns out I had a older ios version on my ipad. I has 3.2.2 They had only tested it on 4 and higher. They showed me what tools to use to jail brake once I upgraded to 4.3.1…. reinstalled the program with easy and it works flawlessly. I immidiately purchased the program. Kudos to them for making an awesome program. It does not log the “enter”, “shift”, or “delete” keys. I hope they will change that in the future.

  • Rounder

    How do u point it to Safari host 4444?
    ive installed it and restarted it but nothing happens

  • Mofoma

    Rounder,…in safari where you type in or whatever, Type localhost:4444 And then press return .. Or type :4444 and press return.

    If that doesn’t work, make sure you have it actually installed. Once it’s installed reboot your device. And try the safari thing again. If if still doesn’t workm check you iOS version, it might be outated like mine was. Once I update my iOS and jail broke it, and reinstalled it, it worked perfectly. If you’re still having problems after that, contact them, they will help you out.

  • Wolfie

    This app saved me 10k. My wife and I were going split and were talking about money and such. Something was fishy. I Installed this and 12 hours later I had definitive proof of an affair. Best $10 I ever spent. Thank you soo much. I just wish it could record backspaces and shift keys as well as letting you know what app it is typing in. Very good thou!@!!!!

  • serene

    uh this program shows up in the cydia list of installed programs….kind of defeats the purpose….. anyone know how to remove it from the list w/out removing the program?

  • mofomac

    @ wolfie: Yes, you are right, a back space and shift recognition is all it needs to make it it perfect. Write them an email. Perhaps they will change it in a future update. I will write them one too.

    @Serene: you are correct about this. I believe if you do the custom install it will not show. However, I have no clue how to do that. So I did the next best thing (That I know of) you should give it a try.

    Serene, what I do is install, a program called SBsettings from cydia. Then launch SBSettings and click on “more”. Then I go to “hide icons”… Then I click on cydia to hide Cydia. Then I close that, then go to settings->activator and remove any toggles that make it possible way to launch SBSettings. …that works pretty darn good. Cause in order to discover ikeyguad you have to go to settings, the activator, then enable SBSetting by choosing a way to active it, then you have to actually activate it, then you have to find more options and make cydia visible on your iPad, then you have to go into cydia and look for it. A common user would not know to do that stuff. My girlfriend definitely doesn’t know how to and she uses my iPad all the time. Plus….. Turn out she’s not cheating on me!!!! Her ex was trying to to get her to and she turned him down every time….she finally told me he was harassing her and I had a “nice” talk with him and he’s left her alone.

  • Jarhead

    Ok this app willn’t let me view what’s typed on the web browers on the full version that’s why I brought the app to watch and see what my kid is doing on his phone to make sure he stays out of trouble and he uses the iPhone’s more to get on the bet net then to call or text people so why can’t this logger read what you type in for safari.

  • mofomac

    Hmmm, try uninstalling and re-installing it. It you have a current iOS on software, there should be no problems. I’m looking at my logs right now and it shows everything I typed across all apps. Including safari, shows over 2000 words, so it definitely works with safari. Feel free to email their support department.

  • Dawn Piparo

    I downloaded this on my IPhone. When I go into Safari and type http://localhost:444, in the settings it asks for SMTP SERVER, SMTP PORT, USER, SMTP PASSWORD…IS THIS WERE YOU ENTER ANOTHER cell phone’s info. Is the email address that they ask for to mine?

  • Anonymous

    What is jailbreaking? Will the user know their phone is jb? Will it mess up phone service with Verizon? We have iPhone 4s, will this work on our phones? Just got the phone for my teen for Christmas and want it set up before she gets the phone.

  • I have had it put on my iPhone by my husband! If I want to write a message or in my diary my “hubby” can get it all!!!! it’s disgusting so if anyone can help me get it off it will be much appreciated, total invasion of privacy! Disgusting

  • I have had it put on my iPhone by my husband! If I want to write a message or in my diary my “hubby” can get it all!!!! it’s disgusting so if anyone can help me get it off it will be much appreciated, total invasion of privacy! Disgusting

  • Jenny

    Another keylogger for iPhone called ikeymonitor. It does all the jobs that the ikeyguard does. It offers free trial. Just give it a try.

  • Yakuzahi

    In the developer website it says that it won’t work on IOS 7 and he doesn’t answer questions sent to his email.