MuscleNerd has confirmed that UltraSn0w update is coming for iOS 4.3.1 in a few days. The unlock tool has had several bugs and is currently incompatible with several older basebands.

To clarify: the upcoming UltraSn0w update will not unlock any new basebands. The update is meant for current unlockers that wish to update to the latest 4.3.1 jailbreak and keep their unlock.

As we previously mentioned, the new version of UltraSn0w will fix all compatibility issues with the latest version of iOS.

As MuscleNerd mentions, the signal bar bugs, etc. have been fixed and are currently being tested to ensure stability. The UltraSn0w update will soon be available in Cydia for current unlockers.

If you rely on an unlock for your iPhone, hold off on updating your jailbreak to 4.3.1 until UltraSn0w is made compatible with your baseband. If you have a new iPhone 4 (Verizon iPhone included) and have never unlocked your device, you still won’t be able to do so with this UltraSn0w update.

JailbreakMovies explains how the update will work,

“Just a note that for those of you experiencing the issue even with a baseband version that doesn’t qualify for an unlock, you can still use this version of UltraSnow, as it will skip the unlock, and just fix the signal bar issue.”

Unlockers must use PwnageTool to jailbreak iOS 4.3.1 and preserve their baseband for the updated unlock. Check out our tutorial on jailbreaking with PwnageTool. You can also use Sn0wBreeze on Windows to preserve your baseband.

We’ll keep you posted on when UltraSn0w’s update goes live in Cydia. Let us know if you have any issues with your unlock below!

  • Hanybv

    Yes but they don’t respond to any tweet that asks when they are going to unlock the new basebands, or if there is any progress !!! Guys just give us anything ! We are hopeless 🙁

  • Mark volz

    Steve jobs is my man <3 I wish I could suck his balls 🙂

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  • morgan

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    • New in iphone

      Let her do it
      Too good

  • jason

    Hold off ? We’ve been waiting for 7 months now, first Sherif Hashim responded to a soldier guy that unlock will be done by 01-20-11 then after 4.3 OK ? Now what ? After iPhone 5 OK ? Apple kicked their MN & SH ass already

  • Thor

    What is the better method to preserve baseband. Tiny umbrella then redsnow or snowbreeze? I do not use an unlock bit want to preserve baseband(2.10) for future resale value. Unless there is some performance benefit to using an updated baseband. Opinions please.

    • 2meu

      I recommend to stay with the baseband you currently have due to it’s value as you put it. So, yes update the iOS but not the bb (baseband).

  • Taiga


    • chimmay


      • Pam

        restore to 4.2.1 and unlock it then?

      • DrE

        Why would you buy a iPhone 4 To use for another company???? That makes no sense…..

      • Steve1010

        How’s the iPod working out for you ? Just kidding dude

  • RoamingChargesSuck

    I am jailbroken and still on baseband 01.59.00, but I don’t really use the unlock. Like Thor above, I am also wondering if there is any performance benefit for upgrading basebands. Will I drop fewer calls with a newer baseband? Will I get better data speeds and connectivity with a newer baseband? I might give up the ability to unlock if the performance was noticably better. Should I upgrade my baseband if i don’t need the unlock?

    • Anonymous

      Yes there are improvement. Google for the iOS firmware changes, it should be a wikipedia page, gives you a list of Baseband updates. Battery is one of them.

      • RoamingChargesSuck

        I’ve tried googling many times, but all I find are articles on jailbreaking and unlocking, but nothing that gives me any real info on the differences between baseband versions. I would really like to know if there are any known problems with the 01.59.00 baseband and if the performance of the newer basebands are worth the upgrade (if I don’t plan on unlocking). If you have a link to such an article, it would be greatly appreciated.

    • Anonymous

      Under 4.3 it shows the baseband changes, not for the others though.


      Look at “Features”

      “Baseband & Telephony
      iPhone -> 05.16.01 (for 3Gs), 04.10.01 (for 4)
      Updated carrier settings (U.S. is AT&T 10.0, UK is O2 10.0)
      Enabled Traffic Volume Indicator IE in CELL UPDATE
      Fixed issue with integrity protection failing after SRNS relocation
      Fixed issue of iPhone units deactivating and not activating after baseband logging is enabled
      iPad -> 07.11.00
      Fixed issue of Physical channel reconfiguration failure during a reselection procedure
      Fixed issue of the UE missing a page because it is decoding and responding to RRC Setup messages meant for other UEs
      Fixed incorrect auto routing with LG HBM-210 on FaceTime calls”

  • Carlos

    I bought a Gevey SIM and it works perfect for iPhone 4 baseband 2.10

  • Vik071

    To all those who complain: please follow Mark Volz’s example and suck Steve Jobs balls.

    Thank you for listening.

  • Ners2b

    New versions had came out already. Purpose of unlocking is to unlock. Old basebands are unlockables already. New basebands needs unlocks. I hope that make sense. Strategies should be, work on new basebands, then the old ones. It’s like trying to cure the underlying disease.

  • Dman

    I have an iPhone 3G and saved everything on shsh. Now I just bought an iPhone 4 outright. Can still jailbreak and unlock even though my new phone came with 4.3.1, 04.10.00 BB?

    • Ners2b

      I think yur BB is one of the newest one. If I am not mistaken, u too is out of luck now!

    • Big D

      I meant 4.3 Version 04.10.01 Modem Firmware… Can I use shsh to restore from an iPhone 3G to an iPhone 4?

      • Thor


  • icrazy

    i was trying to figure out 4.3.1 firmwire but what baseband right now i m on 4.2.1 baseband 3.10.1

  • Dhanuka


    Im having iphone 4 ios 4.0 and my BB is 1.59.00.
    So i just want to know, will i be able to restore 4.3.1 via iTunes. and jailbreak with readsn0w, and unlock with ultrasn0w???

    Pls help.

    • iPhone4User

      You have to wait for DevTeam to mod Ultrasn0w for 4.3.1 before you use PwnageTool to update.

    • Thor

      No. You must preserve the baseband

  • Nash

    Someone please help:

    I have a 3GS with 4.2.1 that I have jailbroken using Greenpois0n. I need an unlock to use it and hence I’m stuck. Its on baseband 05.15.04.

    Please tell me what I should do now.

    1. Should I wait for an unlock for 4.2.1
    2. Should I update to 4.3.1 and jailbreak it with Pwnage tool and hope for an unlock to come
    (If I plug into itunes to update to 4.3.1 will it update my baseband too ?)

    Please help.

    Thanks guys.

    • Burge

      Pwnage tool can make a iOS with out updating your baseband …I think you need to do a bit of fact finding before you do anything…you seem to not know what pwnage tool is ? And what it can do…the thing is both of the basebands you put can not be unlocked yet…if I was you I would make a new ipsw with pwnage tool and keep the 4.2.1 baseband …if a unloak comes out for that your covered . And if one comes out for the 4.3.1 baseband you just need to make a new ipsw with the new baseband / or you could just update with iTunes to get the new baseband …

    • Anonymous

      You have the option of 6.15.00.

    • Steve1010

      Use redsnow to flash the baseband to 6.15 then use ultraslow to unlock it. Very easy. One problem though. You cannot update the OS through Apple anymore, but the custom ones.

      • Huey

        I’m Jailbroken and on bb 6.15.00 and my phone stil wont unlock, any help anyone?

    • koollguyy

      dude. you can unlock if you are under 6.15
      i unlocked mine. it was on 6.15

      • Huey

        Hmm, I must’ve done something wrong. It’s jailbroken on the 4.3.1 firmware and I’ve installed ultrasn0w on it, but nothing. Am I supposed to play around with airplane mode or something after I’ve installed ultrasn0w?

      • Koollguyy

        Check your baseband. If it’s still on old bb. Wait for new ultrasnow and u should be good.

  • Crap..still no unlock for newer basebands. My iPhone 4 is left behind useless from 3 months. 🙁

  • Burge

    There is a repo that has got ultrasnow unlock for 4.3.1 …I don’t know If if works cause I don’t need it
    Anyone want to try it ?

    • Gary

      What is the repo?

      • Burge
        If this doesn’t work I didn’t make you do it was up to you….

      • Burge

        I put it up ..but it keeps getting taken down …

      • Burg

        Last time

  • WTFX

    Wish they’d update the jb rather than force non-unlockers as well to install ultrasn0w. Not that it really matters but just feels stupid as it wasn’t needed before. Or does this bug occur only with preserved basebands?

    • Burge

      The repo is
      It’s up to you if you use this ..don’t blame me if it gies wrong

    • Thor

      If you do not want an unlock do not preserve your baseband and do nor use ultraslow. Do a little more research so you know what you are doing with these tools.

      • WTFX

        I am gonna preserve my bb in case a new unlock comes along but my bb is not currently unlockable. Don’t just run into conclusions trying to look smart.

  • Da


  • Chinese(HK)

    once again,Chinese better than DEV TEAM

  • Chinese(HK)

    Even better if you people from Dev Team don’t do unlocks, so that us Chinese can earn all your profit with Gevey Sim Unlock.

    • WTFX


    • Dhanuka

      Go to hell with China

  • Gabriel.Absi

    So, there`s no Unlock for the iPhone 4.2.1 basedand 3.10.1?

  • Huey

    Will this work with the iPad baseband 6.15.00? I jailbroke my 3GS and changed mine to the iPad baseband and it still isn’t unlocked. Let me know, thanks.

  • koollguyy

    This official FU goes out to the Dev Team & Musclenerd.
    I ve waited to fucking long for the unlock for 3.10.01.
    I believe you guys work for apple. Trying to play a game & promote their products bringing out jailbreaks at the time they want you to.
    I got my phone unlocked using gevey for a mere $35 and it works great.

    Good bye. I will remember never to follow you guys on any fucking twitter or facebook.

    • Chinese(HK)


    • Burge

      But what about there jailbreak tools are you still going to use them ? .

      • Koollguyy

        Sorry dude. I know it’s unfair for me to say it. But having this $700 phone as a paper weight for almost 7 months has pissed me off. I really don’t need anything else. All I need is to make and receive calls. All my apps I buy from the app store.

    • FU Koollguyy

      Then maybe you shouldn’t have been such a dumbass and bought the phone without a confirmed unlock first hmm??

      Stupidity isn’t anyones fault but your own.

      • FU man

        They don’t sell those over in my country or else I wouldn’t care sucking musclenerd’s balls like you.
        It’s u whos dumb n don’t realize their joint strategies with apple.

      • FU man

        They don’t sell those over in my country or else I wouldn’t care sucking musclenerd’s balls like you.

      • FU man

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    • FU Koollguyy

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      • FU man

        U know what. It did. So be happy 🙂

  • PhittyPois0n

    06.15.00 affected?

  • roger86

    Can unlock BB 3.10 now ???

  • wtooi1228

    When can I unlock BB 04.10.01? I’m stuck. Thanks.