A few days ago, we reported that Scion, a subsidiary of Toyota, was trying to break into the jailbreak scene with innovative marketing methods. They were the first major corporation to direct positive attention to the community, since its inception in 2007.

This was exciting for a couple of reasons. First, a major corporation advertising in Cydia certainly made jailbreaking seem more legitimate. It also meant that other companies might follow Scion’s lead.

Multiple major brand names marketing to jailbroken devices would have meant more recognition and credibility to the community as a whole. It appears that the silence from Apple was too good to be true. ModMyi is reporting today that they were asked by Apple to remove the Scion theme from their Cydia repo….

Last night, ModMyi owner Kyle Matthews received a call from Toyota’s advertising agency Velti. He explained that Apple had contacted Toyota and requested that they remove the theme and stop the advertising campaign in Cydia. Toyota admitted to doing so to “maintain their good relationship with Apple.”

What may be even more interesting is the fact that Toyota had been considering advertising in Cydia for quite a while. Matthews claimed that Toyota’s ad agency contacted ModMyi almost a year ago about possible advertising options in the jailbreak community. The Scion theme didn’t go live until February of this year.

Apple’s message to the Japanese car maker shouldn’t be surprising. They have very publicly lashed out against jailbreakers, calling them illegal and blocking Cydia access inside Apple retail stores. Given Apple’s “relationships” with several other major corporations, I’m guessing we won’t see any future attempts at advertising campaigns in Cydia from big brand names. Literally 1 day after ModMyi runs a story on the Scion theme, they are asked to remove it.

It looks like Apple couldn’t stand to see someone turn a profit using their devices without them getting a percentage of it. With this direct message to companies about advertising in Cydia and the Dev Team recently hacking the latest iOS firmware, the war between Apple and the jailbreak community is certainly heating up.

I’m wondering if Apple is doing something major in iOS 5 to thwart hackers. Think of the value of iDevices on iOS 4.3.1 after that.

What do you think?

  • Topsy

    Apple will certainly make jawbreaking harder. It’s even very frustrating now with some apps not functioning very well. Any way it goes, apple are still in lead.

    • XepptizZ

      Ocourse they are, jailbreaking is inherintly something that happens after a new ios is out.

      • Frank

        Jawbreaking should be hard. I don’t want my jaw to break as easy as the iPhone screen. Just imagine how few apples we could eat!

  • Aleks

    fuck apple, fuck sony, fuck corporations.

    • Djrezerekt

      Hear hear fuck em all

  • Paul

    what apps are you talking about that dont function well while on a jailbreak phone? cause all my app store apps run nice but its certain tweaks on cydia that can get buggy at times

  • Simranjeet

    Apple is a winner. I mean devs have lost on unlock front and soon they will loose on jailbreak front as well!!! I hope that the devs share their tricks an make this hacking more transparent for all to participate.

  • Doug

    Apple is such a fucked up company. If you couldn’t jailbreak I wouldnt even think of owning an iPhone. All they care about is making money and making sure they can get their hands on a piece of every penny that is spent on their platform. I think apple is soon going to turn other companies and customers the wrong way w how they try and control everything that can be done on their own device.

    I paid for my phone and am in a 2 year contract w at@t. I wish apple would get off my dick and let me do whatever I want w it.

  • I disagree on the fact that the devs are losing. Yes they might be losing ground on apple when it comes to baseband hacking & unlocking, but as far as jailbreaking is concerned they have made great strides. The untether that was released recently is very complex as said by @comex. The devs have overcome ASLR. Hell, the first to implement ASLR on the iPhone wasn’t even apple. Thanks to @I0n1c. The walls setup by apple grow taller on the dev’s side. Truth be told as long as there are new software updates, there will be new vulnerabilities. It’s a vicious circle. Everyone seems to forget that Geohot is M.I.A. from the iPhone scene and god only knows he’ll be there when we most need him.
    On a side note…. Great work on the new jailbreak dev team and all others who contribute!

  • iYaSeeN

    Loool. Allot of angry people. I guess you have the righte to do so. It is apple who is loosing up to know. I think it will not be able to close all exploit.
    As “For every secure system, a way to be broken” and the iOS is, too.

  • Joel

    If people could get over stealing $1 – $5 apps, jailbreaking would be more legit. Most comon reason I get for not wanting to jailbreak, don’t want to steal apps (as if that is only reason to JB)

  • colour3

    I bought an Apple product [iphone 4 my first and last apple product] outright, so just as I may buy a car or a Computer, if I do not like the colour of the car , or, the sound system with in, it is mine to do with as I please.
    If I do not like the OS of the Computer I have the right to change it,
    it is not the right of a despotic, paranoid, company to curtail in any way my enjoyment of the product I have purchased, with their restrictive practice.
    I understand that this “Modification” of the OS is not what THEY want but, so be it. It is now MY property not theirs and as such up to me, [the owner] to do what I will with it.
    If I could I would have Android on it…..
    Would Apple, could Apple fine me for such an act? No, so they should get off their high-horse and embrace the Devs, they just might learn something.
    Am I mistaken but, is not the IOS a derivertive of Unix/Linux and as such open source?

    • Djrezerekt

      Colour3 you’ve broke it down so beautifully. Even apple would understand what jailbreakng is all about if you laid it down for them! Maybe you should be a lawyer ! Lol anyway I figured you should know that if your device is jailbroken… You mOst certainly CAN have android os on it. You can even dual boot iOS/android(froyo too) check it out. I thought you might like that news

      • colour3

        Thankyou Djerzerekt,
        it was only a matter of time. the Iphone has been and will continue tobe plagued by the greed of the company that brought it to market.

    • Emre SUMENGEN

      How lame 🙂

      It’s your phone, you can do what ever you want with it.
      It’s not illegal
      It’s not something that cops/FBI would run after you for

      But, it’s something Apple doesn’t want you to do, which is of course normal.

      So, the game is like that: Break it if you want AND if you can. It’s the same with all electronics.

      Btw, no corporation give you support, if you mod their product. Try custom modding a car and have a part replaced by service, and see how much you’ll pay.

      In short, think before you do anything… Then stop and think again!

  • Aaron

    By the end of 2011 ANDROIDS WILL DOMINATE THE SMARTPHONE MARKET by then Too late for Apple to regain lost grounds take note of this Apple you will once again hit the Bottom and this time there wouldnt be any getting up!

  • Aaron

    We pay from 700 – 1000 usd for an iPhone and cannot use worldwide because of being tied to PARTICULAR NETWORKS this is bullshit isnt this AGAINST THE LAW??? APPLE HAS BEEN FUCKING US ALL FOR FAR TOO LONG…..! Why spend so much on YOUR devices and still be UNABLE TO UTTILISE its full potential! Sorry but im Going DROID! THE APPLE HAS BECOME POISONED!

    • colour3

      and quite passe’ I have an Android Phone for my work [supplied by the company] it is a Samsung Galaxy S and it is way better [in my view] than the iphone, it comes standard with many of the options that the iphone lacks.

      • Emre SUMENGEN

        LOL yeah, it comes with the low framerate scrolling on the homescreen “feature”…

        So, if you’re happy with it, why are you here anyways? A troll?

    • Emre SUMENGEN

      That’s your fkin operator’s bull-shit, nothing else.

      I do have an iPhone 4 and I can travel (and still use it) where ever I want (as long as there’s GSM signal, of course)

      So, go cry your operators

  • BoNzY

    IPhones should all be inscribed with” you might have just payed £500 for you new shiney phone, but it still remains the property of apple ” Its BS…. im gonna design and make a better phone and call it a IPawn, with a nice shiney logo of a pair lolol

    • Emre SUMENGEN

      Hmmm, are you all in Google’s payroll?

      The phone is owned by the operator, if you’re in a plan, until you pay it off.

      So, basically, you’re wrong from the beginning.

      And, second, it’s not Apple’s fault. It’s how your dumb operators handle things. (Remember the big V massacre GPS on Samsung Omnia?)

  • colour3

    Also, the Iphone [as all of them] came to market “hobbled” ie: no Bluetooth, and the Alarm problem is still ongoing…..
    I do not know about our cousins across the pond [in the U.S. colonies…] but here in europe [the U.K.] this is a big deal. it is because of the Jailbreak Community and their software developers we now have full bluetooth [in the programme called Celeste] function. and we have to pay for the priviledge $7.99
    I payed and was delighted at the speed and fuction I now possess.
    apple has a lot to be ashamed of, that is if they cared about their customers……?????

  • Fred

    I say.. Apple’s current attitude is where the excitement lies. It is this game that makes us a community we now are. Ask those hackers, they’d agree with me on this. So, keep us busy Apple!

  • Djrezerekt

    Aaron don’t be a fool. Maybe by 2015 the android will be in domination but they have a long way to go! I personally can’t stand the fact that a 4 year old can make an android app that will pork your device all up and there’s no one to deny the app. Most android apps are made by amateurs or students and they are poorly designed . At least apple has standards ( very strict) on what app can be submitted for approval. I like the layout of most apple apps and from what I’ve seen android couldn’t hold a matchstick to apple. Which is why you yourself own an iPhone. I’m not a fan of mr jobs but he sure made a he’ll of a solid device! The summary is android sucks right now . They don’t even have a Netflix app! When google Getz some kind of app standards then they might have a chance of matching apples success!

  • colour3

    Can I ask? what could Apple do if Toyota decided not to back down, as it were?
    would they refuse to allow Toyota to fit “Apple certified” connection products to their cars??
    I think not, would they ban Toyota cars from their employees??
    It is ludicrus to think that this despotic giant [Apple] can infringe on the marketing and day to day business of a car giant??!!
    it nis only a matter of time before another major company “cocks a snoop” at Apple and begins an advertisement capaign on Cydia, then the Money will flow in Cydia’s direction ie: the tide will roll out for
    Apple, and like Canute, they will not be able to stop the sea of money [ouch sorry!!] towards Cydia.
    just a thought.
    All it will take is some Company with Backbone.

  • Luqman

    I wonder when we buy an iphone its no more apple’s property. Y would some 1 fucking worry about my phone. Fuk apple with a carrot.

  • Luqman

    I wonder when we buy an iphone its no more apple’s property. Y wd sum1 fukin worry about my phone. Fuk apple with a carrot.

  • Luqman

    I wnder when we buy an iphone its no more apple’s property. Y wd sum1 fukin worry about my phone. Fuk apple with a carrot.

    • colour3

      you are getting there Luqman! slow but sure….

  • Aaron

    Apple Success is only based on their competition back in 2007….since then we have seen and are still seeing many new Devices make their way into the market many of whom chose ANDROID i do agree that GOOGLE may not be ass strict but at least they are a growing competition to the iPhone….secondly i may be a fool but we all are Fools just By owning an iPhone! You being the Biggest Because Android hasnt a NETFLIX app loser….do your research they are developing an NETFLIX app for androids an they have started to Tighten their developers programs and securities! Would you Buy a Ferrari and then be Told you as the owner You cannot put it to the full POTENTIAL IT possesses ?? Youre a Dumbass

  • Sue Jobson

    I’m already recommending Android to friends who are considering iPhones! I love my iPhone but I’m sat here now reinstalling everything after having to do a clean jailbreak install …. It’s a pain in the arse …. I don’t use illegal software …. I use BiteSMS, INFOscreen, EZDecline, 5 icon dock & font software….. And I couldn’t survive without MyWi!! My needs are quite simple! and I find it infuriating that Apple continue to benefit from the groundwork that the JB community does for them remember ‘copy & paste’ multi- tasking infinifolders …. The JB community had all this long before Apple incorporated it into their software … And again they still have yet to rot Bluetooth issues …. Since the launch of the iPad I use my iPhone for little more than a tool for calls and emails …. May as well switch to a medium that does all of the above without all the stress!!

    • colour3

      the app, Celeste on cydia is a fully functioning Bluetooth app send and recieve to any Bluetooth enabled phone.
      Please do check it out.

    • Emre SUMENGEN

      Hah Sue, have you tried to update or reinstall Android on your device?

      (Not to mention the lack of uniformity in ways to do that, either)

      So, yes, it’s a bit of a pain (a big one really). But it’s always the same, on all platforms, even on computers. And, it’s not a thing to whine for, as Apple has the best method with iTunes, if you follow their rules.

      If you don’t, there’s always Chronos and other stuff.

  • Luqman

    I didnt know i posted 3. It kept on saying failed to post. Really i will goto the court and sue Apple for iphone usage rights.

  • Aaron

    STEVE JOBS needs a new FUCKING JOB! lmao…..retire you old fart….offer people Factory Unlock iPhones and stop this CINDERELLA STORY dude….GROW UP!

    • Emre SUMENGEN

      Hey behave Bitch!

      That man is one of the biggest geniuses living on earth today. If it wasn’t him, we wouldn’t have Next, Pixar, Apple (as it is today) and none of those giant’s products.

      So, if you cannot recall Next (’cause u’r so young?), try zipping it up!

      • coloure3

        of course we would have all those iterations of apple ….they would be just made and be known by a different brand. and probbably cost less and be better made.
        he is no genius, he is just an average astue bussinessman who saw a market and got lucky,
        [right time right product] remember he did not invent the iphone, it was a lot of very talented people in the background he is just a figure head nothing more nothing less, he did not start apple on his own he did not have the technical acumin to do so,
        you your self appear to be some type of rabid, apple zelot who is blinded by the maxim of “dont let the truth get in the way of praying to the jobs altar.”
        the people on here have an opinion, if it’s not one you share then the apple taliban you subscribe to should perhaps remove yourselves from this forum??
        just a thought,

      • Emre SUMENGEN

        Can’t reply “coloure3”, but I guess he’ll get me:

        He’s a genius, as a manager would be. A successful manager is the one who can manage successful people and make them create awesome products.

        That’s what he did.

  • Digitalus

    Is the theme still available anywhere? I suggest everyone install it, take a photo of your device with the theme and spread it around the net (twitpic, facebook, etc) just to piss Apple off & reward Toyota with some free advertising for their support, all the while showing other companies that the JB community is a viable advertising platform, despite Apple’s antics.
    Imagine if everyone did that. Jobs & Apple would shit bricks!
    They could even be compiled on a site or facebook page and made into videos, ads, etc.
    I’m sick of Apple’s idiocy! Fight back people!

    • Emre SUMENGEN

      That’s a good way to do it.

      That’s how a community responds to threats…

      But, why don’t anyone think about contacting TOYOTA for being the lame a**hole they are?

      It seems to be, that “BIG” toyota is behaving like a tiny dog, where he can’t bite his Master but still tries to bark at him (by telling this to the press)…

      Fking japs.

      • Digitalus

        I don’t think the racial slurs are at all necessary. I believe the same thing would’ve happened with any other company that had ties to Apple.

        Toyota is simply doing what is best for their business. They have no obligation to stick by the jailbreak community since profits from it are but a small drop in the ocean, if that.

        The jailbreak community, however, has no obligation to do as Apple dictates and should in fact fight for the ownership of devices they’ve paid for.

  • dabe

    You apple hatred are so fun. If you hate the iPhone so much sell it and use a different phone. I love jailbreaking and unlocking not everyone is such an idiot they need everything spoon-fed to them! I’d still buy iPhones for life though even if the dev team threw in the towel and I had to stay stock apple iOS. if iPhone didn’t kick ass all the new phones wouldnt be copies of it, and there wouldn’t be such a HUGE WORLDWIDE MARKET for iPhones. Go on eBay look at how many sell every day, money talks, they must be doing something right

    • Digitalus

      It’s not about hating Apple or the iPhone, but rather about hating Apple’s attitude towards anyone who thinks they own their device outright and tries to modify it or improve it.
      When one pays to purchase a device, one expects that the financial outlay translates to total ownership -as has been the case for thousands of years, Apple/Sony/etc would have it otherwise. They want to dictate to the consumer what can and cannot be done with devices once they’ve purchased them.

  • Dan

    I agree, day jailbreaks dissappear from the apple scene, I’ll go find another phone, and Adieu. It is a great product, but not the only product by far.

  • In some ways, BOTH Toyota and Apple suck. Remember, Toyota got in trouble last year for not fixing floor mat and software errors that made their cars ACCELERATE instead of slow down when pressing on the brake pedal. And, of course, while I enjoy my iPhone & iPod Touch, I certainly don’t enjoy Apple’s way-too-closed ecosystem. That being said, I wish Toyota would have told Apple to “stick it” and continue distributing the theme. Of course, if I was the CEO of Toyota, I would be talking to a lawyer right now about filing an antitrust lawsuit against Apple for not opening the iOS operating system, a custom version of Mac OS X when there is a past precedent of the same OS being an open development platform on other devices. There’s also past precedent that Microsoft was punished (with a slap on the wrist, unfortunately) for intentionally updating Microsoft Windows, another open development platform, in ways that would hamper or disable Windows apps that competed directly with MS’s Windows apps.

  • Suzanne

    first of all…ANDROID TO THE WORLD!!! Iphone has its props but they can’t keep up…the iphone is indeed an incredible device but I never really fancied it…Since I got my first ANDROID phone, I thought to myself “down goes IPHONE” because there isn’t any unlocking, jail breaking and it works anywhere and not to mention it doesn’t crash (being the main points)

  • Sheik_Mukhaniden

    Losers with no money. Buy a unlocked iPhone so you can use when travel. Stop complaining because you sign a contract with your telco.

  • Penezote

    I really like when Apple block the marketing, apple should thank the jailbreak community.. people like me keep buying iPhones because of the jailbreak and all the thing we can do without restrictions… I will assume that apple got the app store idea from cydia.. So apple gets benefits from the jailbreak comunity but they will never recognize it.. Only pride!!! Keep going jailbreak community Goliath it’s nothing against David….

  • apple is still the king…

  • zCausper

    The Reason why Cydia and Jailbreak are so great is because there are no ads or “Big Company Money” in it.

  • old tom

    I’ll start this post by saying that ive been on an iphone since the came out. It was a new way and approach to a smartphone. Ive been a loyal iphone user all along. I then learned about jailbreaking my iphone and have done so since my iphone 3g.
    As many have said, once purchased, its my property to do with as i see fit. I’ll leave that thought at that 1 statement.
    I am up for renewal in september of this year. And i am seriously considering leaving the iphone world based solely on the principal of how i feel that Apple is reaching out beyond their bounds of control and dictating to other individual users and now companys as to how their product is not only used but how others ca/cant use it. I can appreciate the amount of work it takes these days to construct code and hardware that the market will buy in droves. BUT . . . . . if youre a business making product for retail sale for an end consumer to use, your right over how said product is used ends once the cash exchanges hands. Void my warranty for jailbreaking . . . .fines. Again, my choice to go that route if i so choose. But you cannot, and imho, you will not dictate to me how i use my device. And basically dictating to other corporations(which is what this all boils down to regardless of how “nice” it appears that they asked toyota)what can or cannot go on my device, or at least me having that option . . . . is in my eye, totally unacceptable. so how can 1 small voice do something about this? Be that squeaky wheel and tell others and then take your hard earned cash elsewhere. At some point along the line, things will change, or profits will fall based on numerous small voices making their thoughts known and acting on them.
    For me personally, there are a number of android devices out there that are at least on par with the current ip4. And who knows what will be available come my renewal/upgrade time in september. Once upon a time it was nothing more than a countdown to the latest greatest iphone. Now . . . . .i can prety much say that unless some matters of principal have a complete about face, Apple will make 1 last decision for me, but they wont like the outcome as my money and brand useage wont be based in cupertino.

    • Topsy

      @Old Tom you are right. The last time I used my friends Android phone, it was superb. Apple is fucking up. So many things you can do with android that you can’t do with the iphone. Iphone has too many limitations.

  • kokhean

    Now who has a fresh copy of the Scion 2011 theme in their themes folder?

  • JDI

    Some of you make it sound like Apple owes you something….. Jailbreaking your phone is legal. Do what you want to your iphone. A judge had said that’s your right. Well, Apple has the right to do to their OS or their hardware anything they want.

    They also have the right to contact Toyota and ask them not to support the Jailbreak com. Then Toyota has the right to do what they want with that.

    All the whining that you do will not change any of that. If you don’t like it, then fire Apple as your hardware choice for a cell phone…. You also have that right.

    I’m so sick of hearing you people crying so much!! You do what you want and they can do what they want…. Tis All!!

    • Emre SUMENGEN


      Wow, so many people just WHINING about something they don’t have the right for…

      If you buy a car and try to change it, you’re out of support. Now, accept it, or don’t… It’s something YOU DECIDE.

      Don’t try to blame anyone (or any corporation) for that choice, or the lack of it.

      And, believe it or not, Google would do the same thing if they had that much revenue of mobile ads. One day they will reach a substantial amount, and then you’ll see what THEY would bring into the table.

      But of course, until that time, all is free to go check other alternatives. Though, honestly, if there was another viable alternative, you wouldn’t really be here, right?

  • coloure3

    if you purchase a product and want to make it perform better, then you have the right, the analogy that the iphone [or for that matter any apple device] is as well engineered as say a veyron, is pure nonesense
    it is most certainly no veyron….
    it has faults yes, but are they forgiveable?? I wonder how many iphone owners who if given the choice and knowing personally
    how the device performs [experience is a great teacher] would still say “yes I want to keep my iphone!”
    as for other viable alternatives? a lot of these people do not have the money to just go out and get another shiney alternative on a whim.
    theirs is hard earned, they listened to the marketing and as such made a purchase desicion.
    rightly or wrongly.
    They do indeed have a right to complain [whine in your parlance] just as they have the right to complain about their respective Car, Polotician, and or Government to suggest in anyway that they cannot is tantamount to a despotic regime, and that is always a fail

    • Emre SUMENGEN

      For one, I had all the iphones, and I still would like to keep it. So, maybe it’s “some” of you folks that think that way, have you had that idea considered?

      And, maybe you are correct, you (or people in general) have the right to complain when things go where they didn’t want them to. But, this right doesn’t bring sense into it.

      And, if you paid your “hard earned” money, without going into a store and checking it out, or just doing some Googling, then I’m sorry but you deserve it (whatever you face). You can complain about your car how much you want, but it’s still out of support and the company that produced the car IS RIGHT, while YOU’RE WRONG. That’s the basic principle.

      Btw, how did you decide my money was easy to earn? I tried almost any platform out there, except palm. And iPhone/iOS is the best that suits me, _if_it’s_jailbroken_. And, currently it IS JAILBROKEN, so I honestly can’t see anything to complain about.

      And lastly, “whining” here would not change no part of “their” iphones. So, it’s again senseless.