What better way to clear that brain of yours than to fill it with mind-numbing tunes?

Sure you could load up your iPod or iTunes libraries to get your fix, but what if you wanted to try something new? Cloud-based music streaming apps like Pandora are nice, but they are limited and require accounts. If you’re looking to jump right into fist-pumping beats, pop into Cydia and grab SimplePlayer.

Much like the aforementioned Pandora, SimplePlayer will give you access to a large library of music that isn’t on your iDevice.

Unlike the popular music streaming software, SimplePlayer won’t limit you on the number of songs you select in an hour. It allows you to browse through top 100 charts for different genres, or you can just type in the name of the song or artist into the search bar…

To my surprise, this app located every song I threw at it. From Lil Wayne to the Beatles, I didn’t have any problems finding the track I wanted. Granted my taste in music is fairly mainstream, but I searched for a wide range of music from different genres. The search engine even returned underground and unreleased tracks I hadn’t heard before.

I also liked the fact that the app supported multitasking. Switching to other apps didn’t cause the music to stop, and the music was controllable via the iPod shortcuts. It also played the entire list of results for my search, continuously. This resulted in uninterrupted music play, without having to manually select songs.

As expected with any app streaming media, the music takes time to load. Things like fast forwarding are not immediate like they are on your iPod. This particular app seemed worse than others though, as many songs I played required multiple pauses to buffer the track. Switching to Wi-Fi alleviated the issue for the most part, but it still happened.

Even with the skipping, the songs weren’t unbearable to listen to. You can’t really complain, considering the app is a free download. So don’t expect a fancy interface, or get upset when you come across personal remixes of your favorite tracks. There is obviously some amateur content mixed in with other music.

SimplePlayer is available for $0.99 in the App Store, and is free to those who download it from Cydia. It is important to note that the paid version, SimplePlayer Pro, supports the ability to build playlists and other features.

If you haven’t had a chance to play with the app, the free version is definitely worth a download. If nothing else, it will entertain you for a few hours.

Have you tried SimplePlayer on your iDevice? What do you think?

  • Nick4G

    I download SimplePlayer yesterday on Cydia and saw it in the AppStore this morning. I like it, but I think Pandora is still better.

  • sylvan

    This shit is much better than pandora shit because it has music from all over the world , not everything is rotated around English or American music after all

  • Misc

    I can’t find it on cydia, which repository is it on?

    • Denis


  • Nick4G

    sylvan, if you stay on pandora v3.1.8, go to cydia, and download “pandora skip hack v3.1.8” you can skip as many songs you want 🙂

    • Brad

      Nick, which repo is this hack in? Thx!

  • Fabio Rodrigues

    I dint tried this one, but Mecanto is the Greatest for me, it upload all my Itunes library to the internet and then anywhere I have internet I can have access to all of my music, when my iphone start to get slow I restore and I dont have time to put everything on it, mecante is my player on the go

  • anon

    didn’t have any problem finding any track you wanted eh? i wonder if they have any kpop in there. lets find out!

  • @anon I’m pretty sure I mentioned I had mainstream music tastes, specifically to ward off comments like this one. ^

  • caddouch


    i downloaded the free version from cydia , and i wanted the playlist , so i ended up buying the PRO version from the apple store , the PRO version has less hits !!! i put a name of a singer on the PRO version and it found 4 songs for him , when i put the same singer on the free version from cydia ,i found like 200 songs !! i think apple has put copyrighted limits or some shit on the pne from the apple store , can someone confirm that ,thanks

    • Simple

      Same shit here!! I like the app butt that sucks

    • Same here!! I like the app but that sucks

    • Same here!! I like the app but that sucks.

    • Denis

      Please be patient. The problem is that Cydia version uses vkontakte.ru as a music source and App Store version still uses prostopleer.com. This will be fixed in upcoming update. Please wait for 7-10 days and everything will be ok.

  • shannon

    Please don’t forget about Grooveshark!

    • Archer

      Grooveshark requires a premium account after two weeks.

  • Lupin

    I like the app I have pandora as well and I find that I can use both. Pandora is great especially with the skip hack. I am exposed to songs I love that I would never have known about without pandora but the only thing that sucks about Pandora is that I can’t play a specific song when I want it and that is now fixed with simpleplay

  • appletiser

    i quite like this, found some tracks and artists id not heard of before, shame its spoilt by frequent buffering issues which, with a 40meg connection, is a joke! 🙂

  • Archer

    Am I the only one who is having trouble with the playlist feature? Every time I try to add something it just says “logged in” and then never lets me add them…? I love the ability to find almost anything.

    At the K-Pop comment, I found Tell Yourself by Clazziquai, so it has k-pop. I’m pleased.

  • Smokefest99

    I must be missing something. Both the Cydia and the Appstore versions of this app are too slow over 3g and it skip far too much. So they suck if you aren’t on wifi. Pandora is much faster over 3g.