The long-awaited jailbreak for Apple’s iOS 4.3.1 is finally here. It is the first official jailbreak since Apple released iOS 4.3 almost a month ago. Those with iDevices wanting to take advantage of some of the new features in 4.3, haven’t been able to upgrade without losing their jailbreaks.

That all changed in the wee hours of last night, when the Dev Team members finally released the anticipated software. The exploit is available in 2 different forms of software: PwnageTool, which is for Mac users only, and RedSn0w, which will work on either Windows or Mac.

This step by step tutorial will show you how to jailbreak your iPad on iOS 4.3.1, using RedSn0w. If you are a Mac user and prefer to use Pwnage Tool, stay tuned. We will provide a tutorial for that software shortly. Either method is extremely easy, and will have your iPad jailbroken in no time.

Important Note: Just remember this is not for the iPad 2, there is no jailbreak available for this device yet.

Before we get started, you want to make sure your iPad is on iOS 4.3.1. Backing up your iPad to iTunes is also recommended, better safe than sorry.

Step 1: For this tutorial, you’ll need RedSn0w which you can download here. Make sure you select version 0.9.6rc9, as it is the only one that will work. I always download my tools to my desktop so they’re easier to find.

Step 2: For this method, you will need the actual 4.3.1 firmware file. If you don’t know where to find it on your hard drive, just download it to your desktop from here. Make sure you download the iPad file, 4.3.1.

Step 3: Launch RedSn0w and click Browse. Find your 4.3.1 firmware from the previous step and select it.

Step 4: The software will then give you a few options before continuing. For most of us, all we need is the Cydia icon. Make sure there is a checkmark by Install Cydia and click Next.

Step 5: Plug in your device to your computer and turn it off. Now get ready to follow some onscreen instructions. RedSn0w will walk your through a few steps to put your iPad into DFU mode.

Step 6: If you’re successful, RedSn0w will start its magic. Don’t worry if it doesn’t happen right away, just turn your iPad off, click back and try it again.

Step 7: Once the software is done loading the exploit, your iPad will restarted, and your home screen should load up with the Cydia icon installed. Success!

That is how you jailbreak your iPad on iOS 4.3.1 with RedSn0w. Any questions?

  • Pal

    why isnt there Installous

  • azur

    I’ve got my ipad already jailbroken with redsn0w tethered for iOS 4.2.1, with cydia and installous. Would I “lose” those and my jailbroken apps with this method? As it requires a restore/upgrade to 4.3.1, I’m not so sure, so I’d like to confirm this before trying.

    The thing is that I don’t have a wi-fi network available, neither a contract for the iPad, so I wouldn’t be able to reinstall cydia nor installous easily (I would have to go to a certain place to do this, and it would take some time).

  • David

    My Firmware file is saved as a Zip folder on my Desktop, what do i select from the file when i press browse on Red sn0w?

  • Lexi

    Thanks for all your help! I completed the process and everything went smoothly but once my iPad restarted and I tried to click on the Cydia app it wouldn’t open! Any thoughts on what happened or what I could have done wrong? Please help! Thanks!

  • IAmWebhead

    David, all you have to do is rename the file extension from “.zip” to “.ipsw”.

    What happened was when you first downloaded the file you were given the option to specify the file name and location to save the file. Instead of you changing the extension from “.zip” to .”ipsw”, you left it as is and saved it to your desktop. It’s a common error.

    Follow the process below to fix the problem ONLY IF YOU ARE NOT ABLE TO SEE THE EXTENSION TYPE!

    First make sure you can see the extension of the files (e.g., if not then open up Windows Explorer and press the Alt key, and click on Folder Options via Tools menu button.

    Now click on View tab and remove the check from Hide extensions for known file types, and then press OK. (This way you’d be able to see the extensions of the files).

  • phillip

    i have tried several times but it didnt go through, the screen turning grey and it said waiting for the device to reboot…

  • Bloozed

    Hey all, I have followed the tutorial and it worked great. However, my 3G does not work after the Jailbreak. Any ideas on how to fix this? Thanks.

  • AJP


    First of all thanks for the files. now the problem: first part works great, then waiting for ipad reboot, then icon on ipad saying downloading jailbreak files, redsn0w goes thru progress bar and then crashes at that point. (running on WinXP all updates (as of march 2011)).


  • Boxx

    Same problem as AJP.

  • Mike

    I get all the way through the process but I do not see Cydia when it boots back up. I’ve tried it both on PC and my Macbook Pro.

  • AJP

    r15 works great, thank you (did it on Win 7, i saw youtube vid. about running redsn0w as win XP SP3 compatible mode, do not know if that helps).

    Thank you redsn0w team!!!!!


    hi is this jailbreak thedered or untherdered

  • Beth

    Whats the difference between tethered and untethered?