After much anticipation, the iOS 4.3.1 jailbreak was released early this morning, but I guess the actual time depends on where you live.

This is the first untethered jailbreak solution for iOS 4.3.1. There have been other jailbreaks for iOS 4.3.1 but they were tethered and had issues with stability.

Finally, we have a stable and working iOS 4.3.1 solution; actually we have many solutions, as you’ll see below. Big thanks to @i0n1c for his untether, and the iPhone Dev Team for their hard work at making this a reality…

How to Jailbreak iOS 4.3.1

If a new method to jailbreak iPhone 4.3.1 is unveiled, we will post it here and in our jailbreak section, but for the time being, RedSn0w is your best bet.

  • DomPerignon

    I tried about TEN times to jailbreak my iPhone 4 but it was impossible. I tried everything, and either RedSnow crashed or the jailbreaking process stopped/hanged.
    Went back to my good old firmware 4.2.1.

    • Kyle

      same did it stop on updating ramdisk or something

  • Koji

    it worked on my windows 7. perfect. thanks!

    • AlaaJ

      You need to set the compatibility mode to windows xp if u r using a higher os than xp, then try again
      And keep holding the home button till u see “Rebooting” on the screen

  • yunaforever009


    Did you run Redsn0w in administrator or compatibility (with 98) mode?

    • DomPerignon

      Well, I followed your advise and I was able to jailbreak it with 4.3.1. but unfortunately about half of my apps only run on 4.2.1 so I went back to it.
      iOS 4.3.1 doesn’t bring anything interesting to me and it won’t make my iPhone any better. Therefore I’ll stay with 4.2.1 for a while.

  • Irfan

    just updated my iPhone with 4.3.1 and did the jailbreak and unlock as well. so far working fine till now. facing problem with BACKGROUNDER application. thanks DEV Team and all who did it….

    • anhakeem

      what tool you used to preserve your baseband

  • Koppis

    I’m going to wait for all jailbreak apps to support 4.3.1. Staying on 4.2.1.

  • Reaper

    What ever I tries to do, I get a 3194 error 🙁
    Running 4.2.1 tethered. I am using the latest version of iTunes.
    Also tried shift-restore in iTunes but same error.

    • XepptizZ

      I had the same just a few days ago, drove me nuts. Then I went rogue and just jailbroke it again with greenpois0n. It saved my iphone and got me out of the DFU loop

    • iPhone Wiki

      Error 3194

      Occurs when trying to install an old firmware and Apple’s server disallows the installation. The only solution is to have SHSH backup and modify the hosts file to point to Saurik’s Cydia Server where they are backed up (or localhost if you have it yourself).

      • i also had erroe 3194 so how do you get
        shsh to back it up?

  • tito

    iv jailbreack my iphone….i have 3GS with 06.15 ipad modem/….dose dev team are going to realese a new ultrasn0w? the 1.2 is not working as before in 4.2.1 IOS

  • Sam Padmanaban

    I have a iPhone 4 version 4.2.1 firmware 3.10.1 I need to unlock this phone, is there any carrier unlock

  • Jason

    Jeff..why dont u tell us why r u little less recommended the snowbreeze??

  • Tom

    Quick question for you guys.

    I have saved my blob in TinyUmberella and now want to upgrade to 4.3.1.

    Can I just do an upgrade in iTunes using the 4.3.1 that iTunes tells you to download and use or do I HAVE to use the custom IPSW file?

    • Lucas K.

      I believe you can jailbreak by just upgrading w/ iTunes like you normally do. I don’t think you need a custom IPSW file to jailbreak.

  • Jason

    I think we the unlockers need a jailbreak that can hacktivate such as blackrain dont u all agree??

  • DarkSeTT

    I just have jailbroken mi ipad 4.3.1, but having problems downloading apps on installous “ipa failed”, i can imagine this is cause need to wait for a update of the appsync/installous 4 right?? Ive searched but havent found anything compatible with 4.3.1 yet.

  • axel Macintosh

    i can install theme. ActionMenu & Winterboard doesn’t work on IOS 4.3.1

  • axel Macintosh

    Backgrounder doesn’t work

  • DebTym

    yes. can you tell why snowbreeze is a little less recomended

  • Nick4G

    I’m going to stay on 4.2.1 until there’s a new Jailbreak like Greenpois0n available.

  • XepptizZ

    It seems to me that jailbreaking with no compatible apps is pretty pointless. Aside from providing a testbed for the updates.

    And i’m not sure about the snowbreeze unlock but many people commented on that one about it being a bit of a hit and mis jailbreak.

  • axel Macintosh

    FUCK iOS 4.3.1

  • Ian

    It works with Windows 7 but you have to change the compatibility to Windows Vista. But i still found that installous 4 got problem for me.

  • Wes Crockett

    So, I am on JB 4.2.1 on my iPhone 4. This is the first version I have jailbroke and have one main question when it comes to updating…

    Do I have to do a factory restore, then upgrade (in iTunes) to 4.3.1, then jailbreak again? If so, is there a way to back up all my installed repositories, apps and tweaks? If so, I may never upgrade! 😀

    Thanks in advance for your replies/advice.


    • Ty

      Whats good Wes, all u have to do is just hit the update button. Back up everything with PKGBackup. You’ll find it in cydia. U should be fine.

  • Frank manriquez

    Is this good news for my iPhone 4. 4.2.1 -3.10.01??? Idk much about this. Can I unlock it finally? I can appreciate the help!

  • Huey


    Will jailbreaking my phone be able to unlock my phone (5.16.02)?

    • guest


      • Huey

        Thank you, that’s all I needed to know

    • azharhamzahya

      But you can change it to iPad baseband(06.15.00) to unlock your redsn0w

  • Irfan

    those of you, who have problem unlocking after 4.3.1 with ultrasn0w, they should install “ultrasn0w fixer on iOS 4.3.1” . source for fixer is “” .

    Before updating, must save SSSH with tinyumbrella (new version). and use “Fixrecover43” for DFU exit.

    • azharhamzahya

      Sweet!!thanks for sharing

  • Raf

    What about the 3.10.01 comments above ?
    Can anybody confirm that those latest tools provide untethered unlock for this baseband ?
    Thks !

  • Riphone

    What about the 3.10.01 comments above ?
    Can anybody confirm that those latest tools provide untethered unlock for this baseband ?

  • j sawh

    I had to update via itunes t 4.3.1 then ran the jailbreak with success, WORD!

  • Apple Haterz

    Only unlock for i4 (besides 1.59.00 and iPad baseband 6.15.00) is using the Henry sim which sells for 70$ and it is *basically* tethered since you need to reactivate the sim evert reboot. Also it is an illegal activation process since in the process you do call up the 112 emergency number and abruptly hangup

    • Apple Haterz

      ^ Gevey sim. iPhone auto correct……gotta love it!

  • Joseph


    I have a question, does anyone know if iOs 4.2.1 works with a 4.10.01 baseband?? The reason I’m asking is because I tried to downgrade it to 4.2.1 but the carrier SIM is not picking up on my phone. (It says no service) I’m guessing that there might be some problems with the baseband not compatible with the firmware. Are any of you having this problem? Or is it just a problem with my phone?

    I appreciate it if anyone here can help me out, THANKS!!


    • JB King of GURU

      I’ve downgraded from ios 4.3 and ios 4.3.1 to ios 4.2.1 with bb 4.10.01 on 4.2.1 and there isn’t any problem with it. I guess your iphone4 may not be properly activated. Activate that thru itune and will be fine. If bb 4.10.01 works with ios 4.3.1 i don’t see the reason why 4.2.1 can’t work with that. Cheers!!!!

  • kendoisonfire

    After jailbreaking with redsn0w, the cydia repos that get installed automatically, don’t work anymore. Anyone else having this problem?

    • bm

      I’m having that problem

  • bm

    Most of the apps I jailbreak for aren’t compatible yet.
    Wish I’d have known that before updating to iOS 4.3.1

    • Joseph

      Just downgrade it back to 4.2.1 then.

    • azb

      what kind of app u talking about dude?? All my apps working without any probs.

  • fiaz

    i agree with bm

  • azb

    Jailbroken my iPhone 4 ios 4.3.1.. everything is working perfectly fine! sweeeeeeeeetttt!! 🙂

    • azb

      make that.. 2 Jailbroken iPhone 4. Thanks to everyone!!

  • kingd

    I have a iPad 2 iOS 4.3 out of the box I haven’t updated will this jailbreak work for me plzz reply

    • Azb

      No dude, you have to wait little bit longer.

  • Stirfried


  • mousa

    thank you

  • myansia

    hi azb,
    what procedures you follow? Does your base changed? Is it fast response and battery life? Thanks.

  • rainrose

    Could somebody help me please I’m always stuck in reboot everytime I jailbreak my iPhone 4. Does anyone have this problem also? Thanks.

    • JB King of GURU

      Try jailbreaking with another winXP pc and see how. I have same issue with redsnow on one of my PC and just can’t get the limera1n exploit to work. Some hardware vs software issue with Redsnow….

  • scottilmnc

    I want to go back to 4.2.1. I had success doing this last night using tiny umbrella and was able to jailbreak using greenpoison. The problem that I had was there is not a backup with my old software so if I stayed with it I’d lose all my contacts. I don’t mind losing sms and I can just sync my phone to itunes to get everything else. So I just redownloaded 4.3.1 without jailbreaking, for now, and did a restore so I could get my contacts back on my phone. I want to try again tonight but really want my contacts transferred over. Is there a way to save all my contacts so after I go back to 4.2.1 I can put them back on my phone? I’m using a new MacBook Pro and Iphone4. Any help would be much appreciated.

  • yee lip ngee

    how downgrade to 4.2.1?

  • lucky

    how do i downgrade to 4.2.1