The official Facebook app has been updated with several new features. These features and bug fixes include two location-based enhancements.

Besides location-related features, the app’s latest update finally allows you to unfriend someone in-app. More details below!

The update includes:

  • Added Map View for Places
  • Added the ability to Check in to Events that you’re attending
  • Added the ability to unfriend from the phone
  • Improved News Feed
  • Improved notifications UI

While the Map view for Places isn’t revolutionary, it’s interesting to see Facebook paying increasingly more attention to the location scene. The new map display uses Google Maps, and allows you full access to the iPhone’s Maps app.

The Events check-in ability is a nice addition for those of us wishing to avoid our ex at the next party. You can now see nearby events at the top of your locations list. Events are now able to be checked into like the already existing Places. Like Places, you can tag friends with you at an event and post an adjoining status update.

For those of us that are too popular, Facebook finally made it possible to unfriend people inside the iPhone app. The new option is available in the top right menu when viewing a “friend’s” profile.

The latest update for the Facebook app is available for free in the App Store.

What do you think about this latest update? Do you find the new Event check-in feature particularly interesting?

[TiPB, Screenshots via MacStories]

  • Jesse

    Still cant like comments…

  • appletiser

    and i still get blank walls even though the “latest news” indicates a new comment has been made.

  • ayleyley19

    i wonder if they ever read people’s reviews! the things that need to be fixed are not! Like are you serious ??? Why is the “unfriend” is important ? if u accepted it its because u want too have the person! and we still have the same probleme that Appletizer mentioned!

    • appletiser

      no they never listen or read their customer comments, the lack of a downgrade button when they force a new version to change the layout design, which users hate, has proved this for years.

  • Dimz

    Blocking someone would also be good.

    I guess their slowly slowly adding more features as im guessing most people (i.e like myself) are spending more time on the iphone. I seriously havent used facebook or email on my laptop in AGES. only for torrents etc THATS IT…

    Liking comments would also be good. I mean i get a notification that someone has LIKED my comment BUT i can’t like someone elses… thats just stupid lol

    • appletiser

      adding new features without fixing issues that have exsisted for months just proves how little respect they have for the users that have reported the bugs.

  • Doug

    Still a lot of features and bugs that need to be fixed.

    The chat notifications suck

    You can’t like comments on posts

    You can’t hide people that spam your feed in the app

    You can’t see when you’ve been poked

    The app crashes way more than any other app on my phone. (I have crash reporter so I do keep track)

  • Lucas K.

    Looks like they also fixed where the notifications for a photo would take you to the first photo in a gallery if you had so many photos in said album. Goes to the correct photo for me now at least; that was quite annoying.

    • appletiser

      lol this is another issue that hasnt been fixed for me, still defaults to first photo

  • Abdullah

    What about liking of comments..? is that added?

  • milo

    What i tink is someone need to come out with a better facebook app than this

  • appletiser

    Liking comments seems to have been added 🙂

    • Megatr0n


  • Mike

    still a lot of bugs, can’t like comments and why would anyone use FB checkin if u have 4sq that is 100x better

  • appletiser

    another annoying bug… the timeline when someone comments is displayed as “Just now” but that sometimes appears even if the comments were made hours ago!!! grrrr 😐

    • appletiser

      hmm the Like comment option is proving more elusive as the rest of the app, one minute its there but refresh the next page and it disappears again 😀

  • Cupcake

    I updated yesterday and I’m not too impressed. I love how I can like someones comments but I hate that the news feed it lagging and keeps crashing! I also try to scroll down to see what status’s people have put and I can only go so far and it won’t load anymore for me. Grrrr!