Have you ever wondered about what the future will look like? Specifically, how catalytic devices like the iPhone will shape the coming years?

We may very well already be living in an “iWorld,” but The Freestyle Show has put together a quite satirical video showing what our world will look like in 30 years. Needless to say, it’s filled with iPhones…

While this video is an obvious exaggeration, it does point out how reliable we have become on devices like the iPhone. (I don’t think we’ll ever get to the point that we fry our eggs on an iPad, though.) I also hope that Apple comes up with a better naming scheme. (“iPhone 44G.” Really?)

Joking aside, do you think this video is a good indication of where the world is headed?


  • Topsy

    No way. Not even in 1 million years.

    • dude

      Naww. More like tomorrow. 😛

  • iYaSeeN

    in 30 years, it will be iPhone 34G. Anyway, if we wants to imagin how the iPhone will be in 30 years, we have to stop living as we will not be able to imagin that.

    For me, I want to wait and see the progress and development of the iPhone.

  • MrA

    It will be even thinner!!!

  • szdifjcnkvfj

    All I know is that the iCar and the iHouse will never happen cuz they involve windows

    • Kuipo

      Unless Aple purchases Microsoft! 

    • Mark Volz


    • MrA

      My MBP has Windows…

      • Robin

        Same 2011 17” absolute class boot up time = 15 seconds maxes out with 16 gb of ram, 4 for windows , 12 for mac.

    • DNFMS1


  • fojam

    lifera1n to jailbreak your life 😀

  • Lucky

    lolz damn funny.