Since its inception, there was a dark cloud hovering over the jailbreak scene. People feared legal ramifications from Apple for “hacking” their iDevices, similar to what GeoHot is involved in with Sony. That all changed last summer when the government made an announcement that jailbreaking was legal by U.S. law.

Here we are, almost a year after the official statement, and the community is as big as ever. Saurik, the mastermind behind Cydia, estimates that there are between 10-15 million jailbroken devices in the wild. ModMyi founder Kyle Matthews shared a few other interesting statistics this morning about the iDevice hacking community that should catch the attention of major marketing firms…. 

Exposure is the reason that SuperBowl commercials are so expensive. Companies want to advertise their products and services in front of the biggest audiences possible. The bigger, the better. According to Matthews’ post, Cydia has 1.5 million unique users log in on a daily basis. By saurik’s estimates, somewhere around 9% of all iDevices are jailbroken.

These numbers were more than enough to capture Scion’s interest. The ModMyi article went on to mention that Toyota affiliate, Scion, had recently contacted them in regards to hosting a theme they had developed in their Cydia repo. The theme is part of an ad campaign for their 2011 tC vehicle, and is obviously only for jailbreakers. For those interested you can find the theme in Cydia by searching ‘Scion 2011 Theme.’

Scion was the first major company to use Cydia as an advertising platform, but they won’t be the last. Why wouldn’t you want to market to 15 million consumers in a highly sought after demographic? This would also be an opportunity to try different methods of advertising, like customizable themes, and not have to stick to boring banners.

The question really isn’t if larger companies will target jailbreakers, it’s more a matter of when. With the community rapidly growing, it can only be a matter of time before other corporations fall in line to submit themes, skins, and boot logos. I’m wondering what Steve Jobs thinks about his beloved devices being the platform for major ad campaigns and Apple not seeing any of the profit.

Do you think we will see other major corporations market in Cydia via themes or other methods?

  • ZombieJ

    I can’t believe it’s taken this long.

  • Thor

    Stick it to the man!

  • Brn

    I really want a scion on my lockscreen. Lol

    • Syc01cE

      Yea me too! Lmao

  • greg

    By the summer there wwill be many more companies! It has to be a great way to advertise and cheaper then doing a commerical

  • Andy

    This is gonna effect how Apple sees jailbreaking greatly. The reason they’re so hard headed about jailbreaking is because they have contracts with developers and producers who need to feel like they have a safe and secure platform to market their music and applications. I’m interested to see how this will effect that.

  • Sohail

    This just means that apple is going to allow theme in the next os and say it’s magical lol

    • Me

      Haha yea

  • And while we are at the subject of corporations noticing the JB community.
    Imagine Adobe released flash in Cydia, I think the 9% would jump quite a bit.

    • Luis

      im so waiting that to play cityville XD

  • ColdGlueGun

    and this only pushes apple to further try and prevent jailbreaking and patch every single exploit possible. What happens if one day, they get it right? but hopefully this wont ever happen. or maybe (lol…yea rite) everythin can go open source with no restrictions and such…

    • The day they get it right, 9% of their customers move to a different platform, I know I will.

      • Me

        I probably won’t android does not have very good security and probably never will and they are so laggy

      • Well when I was about to replace my HTC WinMo I was balancing between getting an Android Phone and an iPhone, I landed on the iPhone due to it’s selection of apps, and the fact that I could JB and get the apps and tweaks in Cydia.
        Today I could not live without the Cydia apps and tweaks, it would feel like going back to some ancient phone, I have the feeling everytime I have Restored before I apply the JB.

        What’s up with not being able to reply to the third level comment, now I had to reply to my own comment?

  • Adidas101

    Me says: April 3, 2011 at 10:25 am
    I probably won’t android does not have very good security and probably never will and they are so laggy

    are you kidding? get the high end android device son, not the cheap ones. cant expect greatness with 1st gen devices. iOS is such crap, the best part of jailbreaking was to avoid all those damn annoying ads. now their gonna pop up. and this isnt even an ad its just a theme. all apple has to do is allow themes in the next OS and bam marketing firms go back to app store with $1.99 or w/e themes. big woop ios is getting so old, and jailbreaking is getting more n more hard. dev team lagging, and geohot in trouble. #1 OS is Android, 2nd WinMo 3rd iOS 3th RiM. u guys are on a sinking ship

    • Me

      Kid? who you calling kid man I’ve used the HTC Evo and The Evo Shift and the MyTouch 4g they all aren’t worth the hype especially speed on apps the iPhone beats all 3 on speed and btw get off androids cock you fanboy

    • No he’s not kidding. Just because you don’t earn enough money to buy you a real phone, your saying that those SamSUCK, HTC or MotoROFL devices are better. I own all these brands but can say for sure. That my iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 will beat them on almost everything. Even without a jailbreak.
      With a jailbreak, I even got more freedom apps and widgets and cydgets themes and the lockscreen then any CrapDROID Device. Go cry in the corner loser.

  • Quan chi


  • Gorge W. Bush

    If apple is smart they should allow Jailbreaking. If the jailbreak community never had come about, I would have never got my self an iPhone. The reason appel lunched the AppStore is because Cydia was the only app that had all the 3rd party apps. They should have themes on the next iOS. Imagen apple merging with cydia everyone will buy an iPhone. But then apple might be in charge on what happens in the jailbreak community and that would suck ass.

  • dabe

    I’m sold on apple everything haha. If they “allowed” jailbreaking aka made it open source no one will pay them to go the legit route. Can’t fault them for trying to make cash. It’s fun jailbreaking and unlocking iPhones and it also has created a way for people with a little computer skills to make cash, and a big import/export market too. People wouldn’t be paying over retail for used iPhones if apple didnt make jailbreaking a bit difficult.