Get your Twitter hats on folks, and start promoting #sundayisfunday!

Stefan Esser, the hacker who found the untethered exploit in iOS 4.3.1, says that, “Maybe that would make the dev-team release.”

As we previously reported, Esser, who goes by i0n1c on Twitter, provided the untether to the DevTeam so that they could use it in the upcoming releases of RedSn0w and PwnageTool — the jailbreak supports all devices capable of running iOS 4.3.1, except for the iPad 2…

Now, just like in previous big jailbreak releases, the DevTeam wants you to show how much you want these tools.

When #sundayisfunday starts trending on Twitter, then they will release the new versions of RedSn0w and PwnageTool.

But you don’t have to sit on Twitter refreshing all morning, as soon as it’s released we will announce it here. As always, we will provide you with a step-by-step how to jailbreak guide as well.

It’s coming today folks, are you excited?

  • Burge

    It’s out when there ready to let it out …

    • gamerguy

      i know right

  • Reytube

    All i want is the iphone 4 unlock and ipad 2 jailbreak. The rest of the news is soooo boring and it keeps repeating everyday. You go to other site is the same topic, everybodys copying the same blog everyday.

    • Painman

      Really? Is that all you want? Why didn’t you say before? I’m sure they would have sent you the tools if you’d asked….. Tard

      • Reytube

        First of all if youre smart enough to save to shsh blobs you wouldnt have a problem like everyone else. Thats why i dont care much about the 4.3.1 jailbreak. It’s old news. If you give me iphone 4 unlock and ipad 2 jailbreak, i would say …. OMG i cant wait to go home and do it.

      • javierE186

        Well Painman you seem to have something up your butt. No need to get grumpy, why can’t we all just be friends

    • Gorge W. Bush

      Use the Gevey sim it worked for me.

  • Todayyyy?!!! Reallyyyyyy! OMG

  • All he wants oh crap like ur asking for so much right! Lmfao

  • Dissapointed

    what’s up with no ipad2 jailbreak ?! the product is shit without it…

    • DomPerignon

      Why did u buy it?

    • Thor

      Return it

      • Dissapointed

        i needed a tomtom GPS and something to entertain me when i’m taking the train/bus

    • Reytube

      I agree. Useless without jailbreak. Now everything is slow since geohot is gone.

  • ereynell

    OMG….. I’m sooo xcited…..

  • Teemu

    OMG Let’s hope it comes today!! Then i finally get unlock to my 3gs right??

  • chzoom

    Today is the day “WHY”
    Because today’s Date is 4.3.11 YEP!!!

    And That’s What we all Need 4.3.1

    • Goofygreek

      Wow. I just realized that. Cool.

  • Teemu

    LoL man wrong month 😀

    • eKsiSLe

      Wrong month? Are you a tard?

    • QuarterSwede

      This isn’t Europe. It’s Month/Day/Year in the states.

    • ~RyanHouston

      Im in scotland and even i know it was different in states lol!

  • fbdk

    during an “tethered” jailbreak – your iDevice has to be re-loaded with the jalbreak by a software from your pc or mac i order to use the jailbreak on your iDevice.

    What about untethered jailbreak? does anyone know how that works? or is it similar to tethered jailbreak with the only difference that all is done ON the iPhone??

  • Teemu

    untethered work’s like normal iphone. turn off–>turn on. No different boot software needed. I’m not sure but i got tethered JB atm and everytime when i turn it off i need to use ibooty software to turn it on.

    • ~RyanHouston

      yep that tethered mate did u use pwnage tool or snowbreeze?

  • fbdk

    yes, that part i have understood, that one needs some sort of external software to “reload” the jailbreak during a tethered mode. But i dont know why – but i have a friend who used and everytime the reload their iphone, it “loads” something and then it gets to the lockscreen – which is why im asking this question, to get some sort of clarification on this.


    • AnotherBrian

      I go to the dollar store and wave one of the magic wands in the party section over my iPhone. The dev team will tweet what to say while your doing it.

      The question your asking is common since, and there are many articles on jailbreaking on the internet. The guy answered and you need clarification, seems like a straight answer. No App needed for reboot on untethered device. Jailbreak may come by website but most likely by software you download.

      It sound like you need to lots of research before you think you messed up your device.

  • Jason Masters

    Ive heard apple spies come on the blogs and ask noob questions to help them get a better understanding of jailbreaking………

    • bent


    • AnotherBrian

      I doubt it, most Apple employees can probable do research. Google is a amazing thing.

    • Alec

      Wow you are all stupud. That was a joke, come on have a sense of humor around here, i thought it was funny.

  • QuarterSwede

    It sounds like a joke to me.

  • szdifjcnkvfj

    Wow! Already! I am really happy that Redsn0w is going to be updated today for the 4.3.1 jailbreak, but I still really want something easier like Greenpois0n or maybe crystalra1n or sapphirera1n or something like that.

  • Eric

    Did I miss something? When did they EVER say they were gonna release today? All they said was a bunch of BS about Sunday Funday. Never did they say that they would be releasing today. And even if they had said they were going to release today how many other times have they said they were going to release and then delayed it?

    Stop making baseless stupid posts to try and gain readers, it’s pathetic.

    • Qwerty

      Mucle nerd and i0n1c said it’s coming today

      • Eric

        No. They didn’t.

      • Qwerty

        Why don’t yu check in twitter

  • gamerguy

    i hope it comes today cause i updated from ios4.3 to ios4.3.1 and i have been waiting for soooooooooooo long

    • Painman

      Well, not that long really. 4.3.1 is barely dry yet

  • Qwerty

    When is it coming out is there a time

  • Hackalot

    The Dev Team is the best #SundayisFunday…. I appreciate your hard work i’m also working on some advance to cydia

  • Dennis

    now, everybody is quiet about the update

  • Dennis

    now, everybody is quiet about the update, maybe it wont be today 🙂

  • Dennis

    its out!

    • Jason Masters

      Lol a Lil late bud!!