The details keep coming together for Apple’s next-generation smartphone. The device that is set to sell over 100 million units is certainly one of the most popular topics for tech blogs for several reasons. Apple products in general tend to garner more attention; both for their secrecy, and their history of changing the industry.

It’s hard to separate rumors from facts. To be honest, until somebody like a Steve Jobs or a Tim Cook makes the announcement, nothing should be considered fact. It gets even tougher to tell the difference when you have major corporations dishing out the gossip.

9to5 Mac is reporting that Sony’s CEO, Howard Stringer, just dropped a major bombshell during an interview with Walt Mossberg yesterday…

Whether it was an intentional leak or a freudian slip, Stringer definitely confirmed that Sony was indeed providing camera sensors to Apple for their products. This would fall in line with previous reports that the two companies would become an unlikely pair in future Apple products.

The WSJ reported almost a year ago that they had heard word from manufacturing sources that Sony would be building 8MP sensors for the iPhone 5.

With the iPhone 5 not even announced yet, WSJ’s claims fell on deaf ears. Everyone seemed to be listening yesterday as Howard Stringer spilled the beans on Sony’s involvement with the iPhone 5. The CEO stated that their best sensor technology was built in a factory that was affected by the tsunami, and that the sensors were to go to Apple for their iPhones and iPads.

Sony doesn’t currently make any camera sensors for Apple. But if you recall earlier this year, we reported that current iDevice sensor producer, OmniVision, suffered financial losses in wake of rumors that they had lost the bid for Apple’s next version of its iPhone. It was suspected that OmniVision wouldn’t have enough supplies to fulfill Apple’s request and that it would delay production (define irony).

The sensor facility Stringer was referring to is in Sendai, the capital city of Miyagi Prefecture in Japan. They suffered some of the most damage during last month’s tragic events, you’ve probably seen the Sendai Airport on YouTube getting engulfed in a tsunami wave. Could a delay in camera sensors be one of the reasons behind a delayed iPhone 5 announcement?

It’s possible. Of course this is all still speculation at this point, but with big names like The Wall Street Journal chiming in, it’s hard not to get excited. Who wouldn’t want Sony’s cutting edge 8MP sensor in the next iPhone?

Would you?

  • Ras

    Only 8 megapixels ??? Other phones have about 12 and iPhone 5 has only 8 ??? Shame

    • Jason Masters

      It’s actually going to be 80mpxl and you’ll be able to use as a telescope !

      • sas

        this guy is right 80mpxl 😀

    • Shrike1978

      You’re complaining about 8MP? That’s more than my handheld digital camera has, and it has more than I’ve ever needed.

      • szdifjcnkvfj

        8MP is actually not a lot. There are a lot of 14 and 12 mp cameras out there, but I don’t think anyone will ever need more than 7MP

    • kadz

      what are u talkin about ….. yet the i4 takes way better pics than these 12mp shit

      • blo88y

        it doesnt matter if its 8 or 80MP’s, if they’re sticking with a standard compact camera sensor the image quality will still be rubbish.

    • Sanki

      Dude my iPhone has only 3mp cam

  • shanetastic

    Misleading title. Sony confirmed they were making the camera, they did not say anything about how many MP it would be — that remains rumor.

  • Yusuf

    8 MP only!!!!!!!!!! Why is the default and neglect:apple?!!?!?!!!!:(

  • Yusuf

    8 MP only!!!!! Why is the default and neglect:apple!??!?!?!…:(

  • Ben

    I’m not too concerned about the pixels. The main thing I would like to see would be a good quality lens and a decent optical zoom range.

  • Dissapointed

    really ?! SONY of all… they fucked up with their PS3, Their TVs fall apart, lousy products and no support to get after purshasing their shit… well well, apple and sony has allways been alike..

    got my ipad2 last week and can’t wait till the ASUS Eee Transformer comes, beats the crap out of the white little thing just sitting on my dresser..

    • Alec

      If you dont want your ipad 2, ill take it! And my ps3 works fine and i bought it the week it came out, no problems i couldnt be happier with it. It beats the hell out of the xbox anyway… Still ill take your ipad seriously

      • Dissapointed

        i want it for another 2 weeks, then its getting trashed ^^ i guess you’re not in the “Advanced” user class, if you jailbreak your ps3 its still shit because sony keeps coming after anyone who does so, the camera on the ipad2 (found this out today, SUCKS big time, my old Nokia 1.3MP camera takes better quality picture, tho not the same size)

        Apple is losing the Smartphone “war” and now they just dont even give a crap anymore.. well what to expect from people like Jobs…

      • szdifjcnkvfj

        AHEM! Were supposed to mean to Sony until their lawsuit with Geohot is over! Did you forget?

    • Alec

      So if i give you my adress will you give me your ipad then?

  • B

    You guys know that the iPhone 4’s 5mp camera is far better and more superior than most of these phones with 8mp cameras right? Makin an 8mp camera for an iPhone is more than enough.

  • Rick

    9to5 Mac is reporting that Sony’s CEO, Howard Stringer, just dropped a major bombshell during an interview with Walt Mossberg yesterday…

    YESTERDAY as in APRIL the 1ST, Do I really need to remind everyone what yesterday was… WOW people just WOW

    • Matthew

      EXACTLY!!!!!! People are such idiots these days.

  • Marty

    More megapixels doesn’t mean better photos… My cam for 500USD has 12mpx chip and the photos are noisy… Think about this… a very very little chip in iPhone 5 + 8mpx photos = absolutely noisy, ugly photos without detail.
    People need to realise MORE MPX = SHITTIER PHOTOS
    Sorry but I needed to get this out

  • Burge

    Looks Luke none of the above know shit..
    The more pixels the bigger you can make your prints with out it pixalating or for the simple minded it want look like its made of Lego …if you only look at the pictures on your iPhone the only way to improve the picture is to have a better screen like the i4 over the 3GS …having more magapixels on a iPhone canera will not make a better picture on a iPhone screen unless the screen can display photo quality and it can not……it just doesnt have the resolution ….

    • szdifjcnkvfj

      If you try to downsize an HD picture, well you don’t get good results.

  • Luis

    mp = picture resolution = square count in a certain area

    now, who puts the details, softness, and clarity its all the software (ios vs camera) now u tell me…

  • xXrylandsdadXx

    i come to this site, only for the reason that my girl has an iphone4 and shes not quite the technophile that i am. i do all of her jailbreaking, itunes syncing, and the rest of the arduous bullshit that apple makes you guys endure. i gotta say….. i’ve noticed you guys are a bunch of crybabies, NOT ALL, but the majority….. DEFINITELY. that’s really the only iphone news that i see that i HAVE to comment on. have a nice day.

    • Mmmmm

      Im with rylandsdad on this. I love my i4. Best phone for calls, texting, and everyday usage. It has literally changed my life and i use it non-stop everyday. Those people need to stop complainig and just enjoy their phones. Apple always delivers so just have faith.

  • Bandit

    More MP doesn’t = better camera or photos. Saying a high MP camera is a better quality camera is marketing 101 at its best for companies to sucker people into buying one camera over the other just because it has more megapixels. It can actually hurt some devices. Anyone with real camera knowledge knows this. * When you have a small lens, that translates into less light entering the sensors. You can have a 5mp cam take better quality photos than a 10mp camera due to better sensors. I am completely happy with the new sensors and 8mp. Here’s a in depth description:

  • Kylerayk

    Ask a photographer. It isn’t all about the MP. If you have a very small hole for light to go through, cram it with MP, it is only going to take a fair pic(lots of blur, contrasts will be off….) Take a big opening for light with less MP and you’ll have a better pic. You’ll never see a pro photograph with a small lense. Make the camera a little bigger and the pics at 5MP will beat the pants off any other phone. I know, space is an issue. Well, choose your battles. That’s why I still carry my digital SLR camera.

    • blo88y

      its not just the aperture or hole as you put it, sensor size is the main factor. high MP count on small sensor = increase in sensitivity = poor, noisy images in anything but the brightest, well illuminated environments.

      • Kylerayk

        I agree. That is why I would take a 2.5 cm sensor with 6 MP over a .5 cm MP sensor with 12 MP any day. The sensor size is also correlated to the aperture. You won’t have a .5 cm sensor with a 5.8 cm aperture. I miss good ole photography!

  • AngeloK

    Typical for everyone to worry about the MP’s which is truly just a number when you think about it.The larger number the mega pixels are the larger the photo print size could be without suffering distortion. I think people should focus more on the build quality of the product and less on the megapixels, that is unless you plan on making poster board prints. HTC, Samsung among other companies boast about megapixels with high numbers against Apples lower number of megapixels but in the end the quality of the photos taken by the iphone blow away any of the bullcrap numbers the competition have.

  • bc

    I’m happy to see people (some people) are finally understanding the megapixel marketing scam.

  • sparky

    its more mega pixels, quality of CMOS chip and quality of camera lens that makes a better picture

  • Joe90

    There are too many limitations with the iPhone to have really good picture quality.

    Could we persuade Canon or Nikon to add smartphone technology to their Digital SLRs?

  • Sanki

    Dude iPhone 3GS has only 3 mp cam

  • gbatata

    You only have to worry about megapixels for print size. 5mp is more than enough for prints, unless you’re printing posters. And if you’re that serious about prints, you’d be using a decent digital camera, not a camera phone.