The iPhone has undoubtedly had a profound impact on the smartphone market since its release in 2007. The idea of a large, touchscreen-based phone wasn’t that popular before the original iPhone, and the general design of mobile handsets has drastically altered since Apple set the bar in the mobile space years ago.

Plenty of iPhone “killers” have come and gone. Devices with copied features and designs can never really hold weight next to the original.

This clever little cartoon/infographic depicts what happens when the iPhone killers meet…

While it may seem overly simplified, the gist of this cartoon is actually spot on. Other smartphone makers get so caught up in being the best competitor to the iPhone, that they lose sight of how to innovate and make an original device that’s all their own.

If you don’t believe that to be true, visit your local wireless carrier and take a look at 90% of the smartphones offered. Try to imagine what they would look like if the iPhone didn’t exist.

Apple will continue to innovate and be one step ahead with its products. We can’t wait to see what’s in store with the iPhone 5.

Can you think of any blatant iPhone “killers?” Do you agree that most devices have borrowed elements from the iPhone?


  • Ryan22

    My wife lol

    • SillyBear

      My wife was the same until I got her an iPhone as well.

      • QuarterSwede

        Same here. Now she’s on it more than I am!

  • Wes

    Where can I get that iPhone with 2 sets of volume buttons?

    • Nathan Trumbull

      I think it’s funny they bothered to properly flip the Nexus S but not the iPhone.

  • COedx

    I just got my wife an iPhone 4 too : ) so she could stop taking pictures with my iPhone.

  • Kyle

    Lol awesome post so true !!

  • msxy

    no i don’t think so .

  • Pete

    I think u are very wrong. For the first time in long time, iPhone is behind the times. Other phones have things like voice to text in important functions like texting and email, things like widgets and live backgrounds are not on the iPhone.
    Apple does not listen to it’s consumers for things like a removable battery, a indicator light, and customized things like text tones, email tones, and things like winterboard for jailbroken iPhones.

    If apple doesn’t innovate and get up with the times with iPhone 5, they will surely lose more market share as they have in the past 6 months.

    • Joe

      You’re dumb, apple is inovating. All the features that apple brings out always get copied sloppy. They push for design, ease of use, smoothness, battery life, and just a great user experience. Android oems just throw a bunch of poorly executed features and a slow and buggy os. It’s all unstable.

    • Manuel

      Your missing the point. Its basically showing how Apple started making a lot of these companies start trying to compete with something that didn’t some what exist.

      The touch screen base idea wasn’t great, but Apple did a okay job and ran with it to make it better. In the end, a lot of companies pushed hard to catch up because of it.

      The Android phones beat iPhones yes, but if Apple pushed that many phone like Android, I’m sure they would pass Android pretty easy.

      Take tablets hitting the market. That tablet idea was a horrible idea, making it almost impossible to make a good tablet, a useful one at that, and one that has a great battery without being over 1 Grand. Apple did it with the iPad. I dislike the iPad, but since then, every one wants to make a tablet now and seems to be doing a good job following Apple too.

      Like Joe said, Apple has made the way for a lot. That removable battery is pointless, and if you need another one, use a battery case. Why do I need to be stuck to an outlet or charger or have 3 batteries since my os is hogging it on standby mode?

      Also, that battery removable is for you guys who have to pull it just to fix your phone. I don’t see iPhone users needing to do that for a fix.

      • Manuel

        One other thing, if you go by technology, an iPhone to an Android, and take it out the box the iPhone loses to the Android. However, you root both and use them to your full potential, which one truly wins? I’m sure you cant say Android can you?

    • QuarterSwede

      It’s the UI and app store that make the iPhone so great. Features are generally meaningless to the vast majority.

    • iUrAs

      I agree. iPhone has been losing ground. A4 Chip is 850 Mhz not 1 GHz, Phones are going to Dual Core 1.5GHz. AMOLED displays are bigger and better than Retina Displays. Hardware HDMI out – not plug in adapter conversion. 8MP cam with better lenses and CMOS. 720p HD video recording. Voice integration phone OS, native firmware Car SatNav firmware with 3D Google maps. OTA firmware sync/updates/printing. Haptic Feedback keyboard. True Multitasking. Micro-SD. Flash Player support. I could go on and on… Back to the drawing board Apple innovate or die.

      • Mmmmm

        Wow you read the label on the side of the box good for you. Your an idiot. Bottom line. No one uses microSDs, iphone already record 720p hd video abd last time i chexked i5 is rumored to support dual core A5 cpu with a possible RAM upgrade. Yeah good job dumbass.

  • Jason Masters

    Lol your wife that’s hilarious!!!

  • Acids

    That’s the real fact !!!

  • Alec

    I can think of a wannabe… The droid ant all those htc phones, but they all are the same to me..

  • dude

    There’s only 1 iphone killer for me the EVO. King of the androids.

    • Joe

      When you guys make 4G every where, allow me not to pay money for what I’m not getting with the phone, allow me to keep my phone on for more then 2 hours and Android allows me to install apps without wondering if I got a virus or not, then ill say its king 🙂 until then, tell Android to fix their foreclose problems, sd card reading problems, and that crappy market that has taken 60% of Apples apps.

      • dude

        Well as andoid’s “power” comes from its market.
        So try Webroot Security for android ~ the virus thing you wanted.
        Force closes = safe mode for android. But it just shuts that 1 app down. This “force close” also depends on your phone’s available memory. How much it could take at that moment.
        Sure the idevices play their apps better. But that’s because idevices have been out longer then most smart phones. Android/Other OS are still growing. Also because most GREAT GAMES/APPS were Originally from the IOS. Just ported. ( Again because idevices were out 1st. ) I’m not saying the Android is better because as an owner of An android and an iphone both has faults.

  • Tatlici

    Where is unlock ?

    • wut

      In your mom’s vag…

  • John KM

    This post makes the total assumption that iPhone was nothing but unique ideas. This is not the case. It just improved on existing ideas that were never correctly brought to market. Apple gets points for that.

    Furthermore, you cannot deny that iPhone releases are now more competitive due to Android’s aggressive releases.

    Now the systems are pretty much neck to neck. In the long run, Android will win in the technology and innovation entirely because each phone can do anything it wants, and some people want that specific set of features. The iPhone “one size fits all model” does not work for everyone (limited carriers, limited form-factor, limited accessory, limited expandability, requires a Mac or Windows + usb cable to update).

    And lastly, if you took away native Google support for iPhone, no one would use it. Most all iPhone users I’ve ever met rely on some Google service.

  • SumDumMofo

    Still have the original 2g (actually 3 of them) all bought the day they released in the UK. Their batteries still work just fine (Not as good as new but still play a full length movie on a charge) and all are still in brilliant condition. They have been abused and used by many and been sold a few times as well but have all come back home(iPhone4 to thank for that and a Galaxy S) and are now media centres for the TV’s (Air Video rulez) They have been whitedoor’d and do everything just fine and still work perfectly as phones and for games etc. NONE of the previous phones I have had including HTV Touch Pro and the TP2 and the TyTn and all the Nokia’s and Motorola’s have ever given that kind of service. I’m now on the iP4 and even the iP5 I doubt will move me away from it. I also have a galaxy s and my TyTn and TP were converted to android and they work great but for all round ease of use theres not much to compare and the galaxy s’s battery sucks just as bad as the iP4’s so its always on standby as my second phone. As far as the phone wars go in my house with 4 iP4’s and a few roid’s Apple wins out for ease of use and durability. And the apple ecosystem actually works (Still hate i-Tunes though 🙂 )

    • Luis

      i hated itunes, until i bought a mac, its a whole different performance and the ios integration to the mac os is incredibly smooth and 100% compatible, once u go mac u never go back.

      • Mmmmm


      • i never had any problems using itunes with Win 7. its how you adapt it.

  • Rachel

    You are so right, once you go Mac you never go back. I never liked the iPhone until I bought a Mac, and fell in love with Apple. Android has SO many glitches.. it freezes, restarts, forcloses things all the time, doesn’t let you click on certain things, and is plain old bad. There is no better technology than Apple’s.

  • agentk98

    I hated Apple… then got an iPhone and became a convert. My wife got jealous as i was on it all the time. So i gave her mine and got another iPhone. Now she’s a convert too.

  • Very nice graphical representation

  • i”Frak”UrAs

    @ Mmmmm…

    Stop snorting cocain and start breathing fresh air.

    The “rumored-not in production yet” A5 chip is still a dual core 1 GHz chip NOT dual core 1.5 GHz
    iPhone 4 records at 720p – software supported not native
    And yes, people use a 64GB Micro SD in their phones… just check the capacity of the one that is stuck up your teenage dumbass

    • Mmmmm

      Ohh good one buds. How about you dont make comments on people’s age when you dont know shit about em and then come into the 21st century. Micro sd is a dying technology because it lacks in access speed. The fastest one i could find. SanDisk Ultra II(1GB):
      Write 9MB/sec
      Read 10MB/sec

      As well as the post i commented on didnt speculate on whether or not the 720p is software based and a dual cure a5 1ghz still clocks faster then a single core at the same speed.

      And if it is only rumored then how about we wait until the i5 comes out and then make our criticisms.

  • Rob

    @”ifrakmyass” or Whatever Your Dumb Name Is, Go Find The iPad 2 And Look At It’s Dual Core, Kinda Obvious i5 Will Be Too. And Compare 720p Recording on An i4 Against Lots Of Andriod 720p Recording Phones, I Gurantee 9 Times Out Of Ten The iPhone Will Have A crisper Picture Quality And Better, Clearer Recording Sound. Plus The HDR Feature Is Great

    • Mmmmm

      Thank you.
      Someone with sense.

  • Varun

    All this fighting for what?
    There are so many options in the market today. It’s not like there are only 1-2 phones to choose from so why the argument?
    Everyone has reasons to buy what they want in a phone. Not everyone uses the camera. Not everyone wants extra storage. Not everyone wants the latest and greatest processor.
    If you think what Android offers is great then good for you.
    If you don’t feel that the iPhone is a great product. Simple. Don’t buy it! Why cry over such a small matter?

  • Steve Jobz

    This article , inthe end talks about innovation of the iPhone. But people in the comments went straight to specs. Isn’t innovation something new? Not specs… They’ll Always be upgraded and all but it’s not innovation. Airplay and the iPad is innovation, no matter how lousy it might seem. Since this is talking about iPhone innovation, FaceTime, first appearing on the iphone, is an example that I think is innovation.

  • Greg

    Notably all these features would require a jailbreak even if possible…

  • I read all the comments above and agree with Joe on Apple being innovative. It features are always copied by android (highly unstable operating system).