According to a recent patent, it appears that Apple is interested in making its own external, rechargeable battery pack. There are plenty of portable batteries for the iPhone on the market already, but it looks like Apple might introduce a new charging cable with its own rechargeable battery.

A future charging cable from Apple could supply multiple charge cycles when disconnected from a power source…

AppleInsider reports,

“The filing for “Power Adapter with Internal Battery” describes a wall charger with an integrated battery pack, allowing users to charge a device at home and give that device extra juice when on the go.

Apple’s application acknowledges that rechargeable external battery accessories do already exist. However, it notes that such accessories are not as advantageous as one that might be integrated with a standard charging cable.”

The patent describes a “smart” charger that would have the ability to determine the needed charge between the external battery and the device. This battery pack could theoretically be used for MacBooks and iDevices.

The patent description seems to be rather vague. AppleInsider speculates how this type of hardware could be implemented,

“Such a device could be augmented by a “trickle source” for power, such as solar. And it could also include a USB port for charging a device like an iPhone or iPod. The accessory could also include a wireless adapter, allowing a MacBook or other device to access the power adapter even when it is not physically connected.

Apple’s application also notes that its external battery solution could employ current power adapter features, such as its patented MagSafe connector.”

We’ve heard that MagSafe could be coming to the iPhone, and it’s interesting that this patent could compliment a change to MagSafe in sync/charge technology. Perhaps Apple is looking to implement these features into the iPhone 5.

What do you think about the possibility of a portable battery pack in Apple’s next charging cable? Do you think we’ll see that technology when the iPhone 5 is introduced?


  • ahmed al-khuzae

    im sure that if that happens they will sell it as an accessory
    not built it

    because speaking from experience , i had a battery pack when i had a 3gs (it was priceless )
    but now with my iphone 4 , it just became garbage , that i havent touched ever since ive gotten the iphone 4

    with iphone 5 ( battery surely beter ) im sure the need will be even less

    so i se this for laptops , where i still have the occasional (though rare ) occasion of wishing i could just put another battery pack , latest white macbook

  • XepptizZ

    And for long trips, spanning over periods longer than two days.

  • Cool.That’s a great idea.Sure we’ll see that technology when the iPhone 5 is introduced

  • Ali_Pakistan

    Anyone read the word “cordless charging”. U see in this patent apple included cordless charging. It’s the technology which first use in mercedez concept cars.
    So imagine using ur iphone while moving in the room or even in house for the whole day without losing a single %age.
    Thanks to apple for this. No more hangings with wall.