Retail chains don’t just make money on the handset you buy, they make a killing from selling accessories too. If you have ever purchased any type of portable electronic, particularly a smartphone, you know what the clerk’s first comment is: “You’re going to need a case.” And he’s usually right.

I would generally recommend a case for the iPhone, screen protectors are a good buy too. There are also a lot of accessories that you don’t necessarily need. But if they make themselves appear to be a necessity, you as the customer are more apt to buy. That being said, one look at the new i’m, and you’ll see why your iPhone needs this new accessory…

In the past there has been several attempts at combining technology with wrist wear, going all the way back to the calculator watch. We later saw TV remotes and PDAs get embedded into watch designs, but nothing ever really took off. While there has even been watches with cell phones integrated into them, there has never been anything like the i’m.

This handmade Italian watch goes far beyond the realms of time and date. Conceived in one of the jewelry capitals of Italy, Vicenza, this luxury accessory promises to be your iPhone’s best friend. It houses its own high resolution, 2 inch multitouch screen, which is protected under a curved Sapphire glass.

Although they may look similar, the i’m is everything you wish your iPod Nano in a Griffin watch band was. It has bluetooth capabilities for transferring data and even phone calls to its built-in speakerphone. You also have the option to dial directly off the watch face, but I can imagine that being difficult.

Outside of taking phone calls the i’m will also let you scan through text messages, appointment notifications, and of course social network updates. You can also view stock market data and photos on the device’s touch screen.

The creators of i’m aren’t just looking to get into the accessory game, they seem to be after their own empire. Launching right along side their accessory is an i’m music download service and even an i’m store for apps. I’m not sure I need another music service or app store, but they may prove me wrong.

It’s not like I’ll be purchasing one of these right away anyways. They are currently taking pre orders for about 599 euros. That roughly translates to about $844 US dollars, and that’s just for the basic Titanium model. The price is triple that if you want the Yellow Gold edition, and gets ridiculous for the i’m made of white gold and diamonds.

The makers claim it will currently support the iPhone only, and they will expand to other devices in the future. While a very cool accessory, the i’m may just be a tad bit expensive to really take off in America.

What do you think? Would you pay $800 for an iPhone accessory?

  • Jason Masters

    Looks nice but they can take their euros and shove it 800$! It will never be worth that much unless you just like throwing away money? I can’t wait till the dollar is more than the stinking euro which after Greece I still can’t fathom why it’s still values higher ?

    • nick

      Cause America is blowing money it doesn’t have…

      • XepptiZZ

        Even better, money That never really existed. Amerika is partyland for federal loans and fractural banking.

  • MALdito

    The latest ipod nano should have had a capability to sink up with your iphone (like this) in the first place.

  • Rola

    Looks really nice, but I think it’s way overpriced and overfeatured. If you are supposed to have the iphone in your pocket, why the hell would you prefer to check e-mails, dial to your contacts or check facebook (as an example) on that tiny screen? And also, why paying so much for a watch that can’t even see water from a distance? and more important… What about battery life?

  • Chazz

    i wish i had the willpower to resist buying one… damn, this is gonna put me in the hole.

  • Kuipo

    Watch on your wrist, Bluetooth in your ear, iPhone in your hand. That will look like a Borg!! 

  • when will unlocking available for iph4 4.2.1

    • Bongo

      Relivent to the topic….I think not…..

  • Sheik_Abdul

    Just because you guys don’t have the money to buy it doesnt make this product ridiculous. Go browse the Timex website if thats all you can afford. Losers.

    • Jason Masters

      Lol your a loser abdulajingalang!!

    • nick

      I agree with Sheik, Just cause you can’t afford a Ferrari doesn’t make it any less awesome or a great car.

      • So true, having money to spend is not a sin. If you want something awesome, pay for it. Everybody has at least 2 cars, why should you be whining about € 599,- This will be an instant buy when it comes available in Holland. The titanium model that is.

      • Can’t find it on google. Please send me a link to their shop

  • Jae

    I think it’s pimp, Dick Tracy style!

    • 2meu


  • Xepptizz

    Apple should buy hem up and their patents. This tech might even make the ipod nano wortth buying

  • Yasser

    Considering its a nice watch thats does a whole lot more than a normal watch, its not that expensive

    • Jason Masters

      You know what I change my mind you guys are right who am I kidding I own all gucci watches and they don’t even do any of what this watch will do! I guess I just wish it didn’t have to be tethered to the phone like maybe it could be a phone ? Also I get angry at the exchange rate good for them bad for us I miss the good old days when the dollar whooped ass. Now it’s just as bad as the Canadian dollar lol.

  • hxclos

    It would be awesome if Apple made one of these. I’m surprised the current Nano doesn’t have a calculator. I guess our fingers are too fat for a touchscreen calculator. Still imagine, FaceTime on that little thing? I’d like to see that. Find My iPhone too! I’d want Apple to make it though. I don’t trust some company in Italy I’ve never heard of to sell me something that works for over $800.

  • samantha

    If Apple would make an I phone Nano like my Nano 6th generation. I would be in heaven. I just need my music to work out and if i get a phone call cool. no more missing a call. i have my i phone 4 and an i pad for all the rest. i just need hands free and a light phone.

  • would I pay $800 for an iPhone accessory? hell, I wouldn’t pay $800 for an ACTUAL IPHONE, let alone the accessory. It’s a pretty nice concept, but WAY too expensive