It’s no doubt that Apple products tend to stand out. They are very sleek and expensive-looking, and also worth a lot of money. All of these characteristics make Apple products a target for thieves looking to make a quick buck.

We’ve reported on Apple retail locations getting robbed in the past, but we haven’t ever heard a story quite like this. Cult of Mac is reporting that a Chicago woman died yesterday due to injuries she suffered in a mugging that occurred Monday afternoon….

Sally Katona-king, a 68 year church receptionist, was on her way home from work Monday when tragedy struck. The woman was using her iPhone on the Fullerton Station platform in the Lincoln Park neighborhood, when a thief came up behind her and snatched her iPhone.

As he ran off, the assailant knocked Sally off of the platform and down the station stairs. Hospital officials believe it was the head injuries she sustained that afternoon that lead to a cerebral hemorrhage that ended King’s life yesterday afternoon.

Although the police have yet to find the suspect, they are hoping video surveillance footage from the Fullerton Station will help them find the mugger. Chicago Police detective Gary Yamashiroya told the Chicago Daily that this crime reflected a growing trend of smartphone thefts in the city.

I can’t believe a woman is now gone because some guy wanted to hawk a used iPhone for a couple hundred bucks. If you ask me someone needs to turn on Find My iPhone and catch this jerk.

What are your thoughts on this tragedy?

  • Neo

    this iPhone has already caused too much grief!!! have a funny feeling that i’m gonna get rid of mine soon! ARRGHH!!

    • Jon Garrett

      why are you exploiting this woman’s death? did the thief actually target her because he wanted a damn iphone or was he just a low-life thief that saw an old lady as a easy mark and he would steel whatever he could from whomever he could !?!?!

      stop worshiping a damn cell phone.

  • Op

    So sad. Hope this guy turns himself in.

  • Hunter

    This is so sad. He killed someone for $500-$800.

    • Jon Garrett

      he didnt kill her for her phone you knuckle head.

  • Xepptizz

    Nowadays people carry around more and more pricy gadgets. It’s sad however that greed is all around us aswell.

  • Boogiepop

    I hope they make a example out of them by making harsher punishments for offenders stealing smartphones. killing someone whether it was intentionally or accidental, for a mobile device is just outrageous. How can you justify those kinds of actions.

    • Jason Masters

      We just abolished the death penalty here in illinois so at best he’ll get life.. That’s sad truly sad…

  • Andy

    The same exact thing happened to a roomate I had last year! Except, he didn’t get knocked down. It was in Chicago, and he was on a Blue Line platform, talking on his iPhone, and a guy came up behind him, and slipped it right out of his hand, then just ran off. I guess he got scared, and threw it off the platform as he was running, though. But they never found it. Apple replaced it for him for free.

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  • Eddward

    What a freaking jack wad! Some poor women dies in a trajic assault and what bearing does this have to do do with I phone. Who in the he’ll cares about the flipping I phone!!! I own an I phone myself. My heart goes out the family and I hope they catch the SOB who killed her. So sad 🙁

  • 229Mick

    How did someone get killed in Chitcago, they’ve outlawed guns there? I guess people kill people.

    • Xepptizz

      The fall killed her eventually. But wether she was pushed or shot in the face, it doesn’t make the story Any less tragic.

  • Mo

    It looks like we have a thief in Lincoln Park…

    Hide yo wife…
    Hide yo kids…