On March 20, 2011, a deal was reached between the 2nd largest wireless carrier in the U.S. and the 4th largest. This deal of epic proportions involves $39 billion dollars and the making of a wireless network that would top even Verizon’s giant reach of 100 million customers.

What does everyone else have to say about this? Well Sprint has been pretty public with how it feels about the T-Mobile takeover. BGR reported last week that Sprint CEO Dan Hesse made on the record comments about the merger and that it would “Stifle Innovation” in the wireless industry…

Sprint, along with others who have invested interests in the wireless industry, fear that AT&T and Verizon would become ‘MaBell’-like monopolies, controlling almost 80% of the wireless industry in the U.S.

Not only would Sprint fall back drastically in the ‘amount of total customers’ race, they would be the only major wireless carrier in the U.S. without Apple’s iPhone. What does all this mean?

The folks over at AllAreaCodes have made a pretty nice infographic that shows what effects the AT&T and T-Mobile merger would have on the wireless industry. Check out pieces of it below.

Interestingly enough, even T-Mobile customers don’t want the merger to happen. They have turned out in large groups on Crackberry and T-Mobile user forums and have even started a Facebook page to publicly display their opposition to the merger.

This whole thing still has to get approved by the FCC. A lot of folks are confident it won’t, due to anti-trust laws. But all of this does make me look at this merger a bit differently. How will it all play out? Keep tuning into iDB and we’ll keep you updated.

What effects do you think this AT&T takeover of T-Mobile will have on the wireless industry? Sound off in the comments below!

  • igeek


    • PmAaTn

      From cell one to Cingular to at&t to the world beyond ! Great service , great phone ( go apple ), but in the end it’s the service of AT&T that keeps me giving my support ~ peace .. . ..

    • Prometheus

      AT&T may be the best RIGHT NOW, but will current subscribers feel the same way WHEN they raise their prices by $20 or more, and you’re not able to jump ship to another company?

      Time will tell when this scenario plays out.

    • Jason Masters

      Got a little brown on your nose sugar…(igeek)

    • Jon Garrett

      AT&T is great except their rate plans which totally suck. T-Mobile had the best rate plans but the crappiest phones and horrific (off-shore) customer service.

      4 major carriers is still better than 3 so lets wait and see.

    • I pay less than 200 dollars a year for my t-mobile pre-paid plan and under att that number will likely double or triple. They are money grubbing whores and rates will probobly go up for most t-mobile users, but certainly they will restructure prepaid plans to be over priced and largely worthless in an effort to make people switch rate plans. I have no intention of spending $1200 a year for phone service, but that is where it is heading. They have no interest in offering good low rate pre paid plans.

  • Jesse

    I have t mobile and love them there customer service is great and there phones are always cutting edge I will prob switch to verizon before I allow myself under the impeding rein if at&t I hate them as a company and want nothing to do with them

  • DrE

    Jesse… You are right about Tmobile phones but the service is trash where I live…. AT&T needs to come out with more phones because the only exclusive phone they had was the iPhone but that is no more

  • JasonT

    I also love t-mobile. Its a great service here in Houston.

    Also love their coustomer service when i called in a few days ago charging internet service on my other phone. Talk around 10 min (include waiting) and end up getting reimburse for 3 months 🙂

    Now thats a good service. Didnt even have to raise my voice like i did when i was with AT&T.

  • Jason Masters

    This article is bullshit! There are a lot of other companies like simple mobile,cricket,pageplus,walmarts plan and other small companies you don’t have to use a big company or have a contract either those numbers are bullshit because they are not factoring in prepaid and smaller companies.

    Hell all of Europe is on prepaid and they love it and in America we are starting that shift too prepaid because contracts are wasteful and Not worth it anymore.

  • Mcsteven

    I think AT&T prices will come down. And tmobile will stay the same. Both companies are benefitting from this. It’s very simple economics. More towers for each company. Period. They’ll both have far better reception and speed. And tmobile will get the iPhone. Just like how verizon customers hated on the iPhone until now, now they can get it…. Tmobile too will be happy with the iPhone as soon as they can get it…

    • brent

      Ok, first of all, there won’t be a T-Mobile anymore. Duh. AT&T didn’t buy T-Mobile so they could run 2 separate wireless companies. Also, when something like this happens prices generally go UP not down. What makes you think they would go down???

  • Mcsteven

    What are you two talk about? AT&T has the best customer service. That’s what they’re known for. Maybe if you don’t pay your bill… But they’ve always been great with me and able to work with me.

  • Doug

    I have left my phone on 4.2.1 Some apps I have from the app store (netflix, vevo) have updates out that say ‘add 4.3 compatibility’. If I were to install these updates w out updating my firmware would the apps continue to work? It’s not really important to me to update right away so I have played it safe but just want to know if it would create a problem.

  • Austin Derbique

    If AT&T and mobile merge, they would have the same prices. Tmobile would no longer be cheap if they did merge.