The latest in iPhone 5 rumors comes from a Chinese supply chain. has claimed that Apple hasn’t even started ordering components for its next gen iPhone.

We’ve already heard that the iPhone 5 probably won’t be announced this June at WWDC, and that the release date could be pushed back to a fall 2011 date. If Apple hasn’t ordered parts for the iPhone 5, there’s almost no way that we’ll see a new iPhone this year…

AppleInsider reports,

“Citing sources in the Chinese supply chain, reported Monday (via Google Translate) that Apple is not yet ordering components for its fifth-generation iPhone. The anticipated device is also not expected to contribute to Apple’s fiscal 2011.

Apple’s fiscal year 2011 concludes on Sept. 24, 2011. If the iPhone 5 were to in fact not contribute to the company’s fiscal 2011 bottom line, the new handset would arrive after Sept. 24, making it a late September or early October launch at the earliest.

Monday’s report indicated that Apple plans to ship the new iPhone in the “first half” of fiscal 2012. However, it is unlikely that Apple would wait until calendar 2012 to release the iPhone 5 and miss out on the strong holiday buying season.”

Apple would need to have Chinese manufacturers already working on new components for a release date in the near future, especially if the iPhone 5 is as significant of a redesign as we think it will be. But the fact that manufacturers aren’t hearing anything from Apple doesn’t bode well for an iPhone announcement this summer.

The iPhone 4 is still an excellent competitor in the smartphone market, but Apple will need to introduce something fresh soon in light of LTE developments. Apple could refresh the iPhone 4 with a white version this summer, but everything’s up in the air until we hear word from Cupertino.


  • soccerkrzy

    Hmm “.jp” is Japan…

  • Ernesto Castellanos

    I told u guys… We won’t see a new iPhone this year.

    • Lucas K.

      ORLY? RTFA: “However, it is unlikely that Apple would wait until calendar 2012 to release the iPhone 5 and miss out on the strong holiday buying season.”

    • Jon Garrett

      maybe if Apple had a US supplier, we would not only have a new iphone this summer but Americans would have jobs instead of the Chinese.

  • Jason Masters

    How is a Japanese website a Chinese supply Chain nowhere on that site does it talk about the iPhone 5? Wow a little clarification might be good here unless it’s just a puff piece?

  • props

    … and your point is?

    • props

      of course it mentions the iPh5, did you not click the link??

      “According to Chinese source, iPhone 5 will not probablly be shipped during 2011 Fourth Quarter because the parts manufacturing for iPhone 5 are not started.”

  • Jason Masters

    That’s the beauty of blogging it’s not real reporting there’s no research or verification.
    Chinese source lol I got a Chinese source too he told me that the iPhone 5 is in production and will be announced June 21st.

    • Jon Garrett

      my Chinese source (at the local fast food restaurant) advises me to not wait for an iphone 5 as it will already be DOA compared to the next gen Android phones.

  • fghfjk

    If this is true, I thin it will come out with the new iPod line or the 2012 iPad line

  • so1id

    We won’t see an iPhone 5 this FISCAL year but I still believe they will use it to kick off their fiscal year 2012 with a bang, particularly before Christmas…

  • anon

    like the 3gs, we’ll be seeing an iphone 4s

  • TheLazyOne

    You know what’s at fault for this? The Verizon iPhone 4.

  • iUrAs

    iPhone 5 is dead on the water if it releases in June 2011.

    Looking at the new SONY Ericsson Xperia Arc – 8.7mm android 2.3 Gingerbread phone with 480×854 pixels – 4.2-inch capacitive screen, HDMI output with Mobile BRAVIA Engine and 8 MP – Exmor R sensor camera with 3264×2448 pixels output. With Samsung’s Galaxy S2 coming out in June 2011.

    Its going to make Apple’s iPhone 5 specs paltry… Apple is going back to the drawing board to come up with something better and start distracting the consumer with a new iOS 5.

    • TheLazyOne

      Are you serious? SE Xperia Arc? Really?! I mean, c’mon at least use something like the HTC Evo 3D or HTC Pyramid for the argument of spec monster. Okay, how about something that is out right now, like the Atrix or the LG Olympus 2X. But really, the SE Xperia Arc!? At least the phones I listed are dual core and/or have high resolutions, when you know the iPhone 5 would release with the dual core A5. Looking at the iPad2 benchmarks, you can see that the A5 will be either leading or in the top with the competition. And honestly, what phone display is currently sharper than the Retina Display? I’ve been using my Atrix since it was released and even i can admit, my iPhone4 display is better. If the rumors of a 4 inch screen at the current size body with an A5 SOC and 1GB of RAM iPhone5 held true and released in June 2011, crApple would still have the competition on it’s heels.

      • iUrAs

        SE Xperia Arc’s specs has already smash the iPhone 5 specs for display and 8 MP – Exmor R sensor camera. What else… HDMI output and BRAVIA Engine puts iPhone 5 beaten to a pulp. Didn’t have to use the higher end Android phones into the mix… Back to the drawing board Apple…

      • iUrAs

        Never buy a Motorola phone… they are only good on paper

  • Andy Kaufman

    Totally agree Lazyone!

    • iUrAs

      don’t make the mistake of buying a motorola atrix. its only good on paper.

  • Andy Kaufman

    Jon Garrett we would have $799 subsidized iPhone instead of a $299!

  • Iphone 5

    I call BULLSHIT! Ipad 2 wasn’t suppose to be released and guess what!?!?! surprise! I have confidence that the Iphone 5 will be released in June/July!

  • Andy Kaufman

    Agreed iPhone 5!!!

  • Andy Kaufman

    Agreed iPhone5

  • Andy Kaufman

    Sorry for the stutter! 😛

  • aahh , im dying to avail one cant wait to have the iphone 5