Just days after an ITC (International Trade Commission) judge dismissed Nokia’s claims of patent infringement by Apple, the Espoo, Finland-based cellphone giant has filed a new complaint with the ITC.

ITC Judge James Gildea had made an initial ruling in favor of Apple in which he found that the Cupertino giant is not violating Nokia patents in any of their products.

Today, Nokia filed its second ITC complaint against Apple, claiming that Apple is infringing seven new patents present in virtually all Nokia products. Those patents relate to multitasking, data synchronization, positioning, call quality, and Bluetooth accessories.

In a statement to Thomas Reuters One, Nokia said the following:

The seven Nokia patents in the new complaint relate to Nokia’s pioneering innovations that are now being used by Apple to create key features in its products in the areas of multi-tasking operating systems, data synchronization, positioning, call quality and the use of Bluetooth accessories.

Nokia claims that a total of 46 of its patents are now being actioned in some sort of lawsuit against Apple, including the ITC, US, Dutch, German, and British courts. Most of these patents have been “filed more than 10 years before Apple made its first iPhone,” according to Nokia’s IP chief Paul Melin. He also added that, “Apple must stop building its products using Nokia’s proprietary innovation”.

While ITC Judge James Gildea had originally ruled for Apple, the case will now be reviewed by an additional six commissioners with the final decision expected to be made in late May.

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  • who care

    • Jason Masters

      Apple will win they will simply pay off judges with free ipads and iPhone prototypes and a visit to cupertinoland lol!

  • fauzi

    bloody sore loser

  • sha

    nokia dont be a sore loser

  • Kuipo

    Well , is Nokia using their patented “innovations” to make technology better for all of us??? Its clearlly that apple has all the resources to put to use any innovation out there. Wether Nokia being right or wrong, us as costumers only expect to use our high tech devices to the most of their capabilities. I demand the best devices with the best software and the best ennovations, and only apple, not Nokia, can provide that.

  • Merge3263

    If you can’t beat them sue them!
    Nokia such a sore loser

  • D1353l

    Nokia just deal with it your phones have always been crap

    Maybe if you stop trying to sue anyone that bring out a better phone then you and spend more time making better phones your get somewhere

  • Apple takes an idia from other company’s re label it and market it in some new way apple says jump u say how high. go Nokia Sue there asses hope u win. Yes this is my opinion each to there own plz no. smart ass reply as ill dish it BK and before ur like what u doing here on this site well I like to be updated on everything tech so blah blah