It seems like all of the eyes in the jailbreak community are on the Dev Team and their associated hackers. Apple introduced iOS 4.3 almost 3 weeks ago and since then we have yet to see an untethered jailbreak come out of the Dev Team’s camp.

iPad 2 users, and those that accidentally installed iOS 4.3, are starting to sweat as a jailbreak that was once thought to be released shortly after iOS 4.3 has turned into a 3 week stand off. Well it looks like there has been some breakthroughs from the Dev Team…Well-known hacker i0n1c tweeted a few hours ago that the iPhone Dev Team is already beta-testing his untethered jailbreak. He also noted that it would be up to them to package the jailbreak software. But the fact that they are beta-testing should give jailbreakers some hope that an official release will be announced soon.

I’ve been holding out on all the tethered jailbreaks that have come along for 4.3. It just simply wasn’t feasible for me to be at my computer every time my phone restarted. What would happen if my springboard crashed from one of my many mobile substrate tweaks while I was out and about? There also hasn’t been anything I’ve seen in iOS 4.3 that I just had to have, except maybe the AirPlay enhancements.

Are we close to an untethered solution? Are you on 4.3 and dying for an official jailbreak release?

  • Wa7d

    Plzzzz i neeeed untethered jb i cant wait any more

    • igeek

      Ummmmmmmmmmmmmm where’s the iPhone 4 unlock at?

    • Vietnight

      you shouldn’t have upgrade it.

  • Johncon68

    I’m on 4.2.1 but if they pull it of I’ll upgrade but like you said I’m not carrying a USB everywhere I go incase my phone decides to have fit & turn off. Just not worth it tethered to me at all oh I hope they package it abit like GP cheers good article as always

    • Fman52

      I agree! I use to have a tethered jailbreak and it suked

  • Jobs

    It is just one delay after the next, this JB might take weeks according to the current trends.

    • feelthepain444

      Thanks for your optimism, Steve.

  • Sweet I literally can’t wait. Been dieing to jailbreak my iPad 2. Can’t wait. Love the dev team. And for all the people who bash them for not having an unlock out sell ur damn phone and buy it unlocked in Canada. That way u never need to worry about it relocking.

  • Dave

    I accidentally upgraded my iPad 2 to 4.3.1. Not that there was a 4.3 jailbreak, but still, I’m beginning to wonder if this jailbreak will take a looooong time. I wish them well.

  • mvd7793

    “I am not involved in any iPad 2 jailbreak action going on right now. My untether will NOT HELP YOU with iPad2.” – No iPad 2 jailbreak from this untether. Check your facts iDB!

    • Pirates Suck



  • Xepptizz

    With the battery issues and all I’m not sure I want the 4.3

  • Thor

    But without 4.3 you can’t get The Daily Birther Tea Bagger App.

    • Pirates Suck


  • Jon

    Seriously, jailbreaks come and go but unlocks seem like a forever

    • Binary-Stalker

      Jailbreaks require an exploit and hard work. Unlocks are hard to do, as every new baseband seems to patch exploits from the last, along with the facts such exploits are hard to find in the first place.

      • G

        Can someone crack the app Djay for me . No links work for me .
        Please .

      • Pirates Suck

        Pay your money, G. No help over here.

        Scumbag loser.

        Eff off.

  • Kay Day

    Damn phone completely froze up on me stayed on the apple no matter what I did. Had to take it in and they fixed it but it was upgraded to 4.3. Didn’t know about tiny umbrella at that time, but I have already downloaded it on computer and am eagerly awaiting new untethered jailbreak.

    • Tyler Hauser

      You probably got a new iPhone anyways… Did you check the serial?

  • SEEL

    Can’t wait to jb my ipad2. Great news

    • Gorge W. Bush

      There will be no iPad 2 JailBreak read there tweets.
      “@chpwn: Also, do note that the iPad 2 jailbreak is not in a form where it is possible to release it — otherwise it would already be out there.”

  • mripod64

    Im waiting for the dev-team to finish before i update at all

  • ramos96

    I’m willing to beta-test, i have both an ipad2 and iphone4 and previous micro-coding experience.

    -=Clan NGz=-

  • SEEL

    I’m willing to beta test too. Have ipad2 and iphone4

  • DomPerignon

    iOS 4.3 is not going to make my jailbroken iPhone 4 iOS 4.2.1 any better.I don’t care about this 4.3 jailbreak at all.

    • Nico

      Multitasking gestures?

      • DomPerignon

        For that crap I have several voice activated commands and a couple gesture apps which I NEVER use. It is always better and easier to use the touch screen of the iPod and/or iphone.

  • Josiah Nash

    I didnt know people are this desperate. I am thinking about realeasing my iPEG based jailbreak (which uses a totally new kind of exploit). I was going to realease it with iOS 4.0 but then jailbreak me came out. I’ve put it away ever since (well, ok maybe I have messed with it a little for myself, so I don’t have to wait 6 months after an iOS realease for the dev team to realease an untethred jb) but besides that I have nevr really thought that much about realeasing it. FOR UPDATES ON HOW IT WORKS AND IF I WILL EVER REALEASE IT SEND AND EMAIL TO: (put in the subject line “ipgjb-info” and leave the rest of the message blank)

  • god! why is the iOS 4.3.1 untethered jailbreak commig this late! even there was lots of news about tit..

    please bring it soon and also unlock for iPhone 4..
    dont want GEVEY SIM unlock

  • Ayleyley19

    iOS 4.3.1 haven’t Fix any Battery probleme at all and too me it slows my iPhone4…i went too the Apple Store in MTL and the guy told me that he realized he was having the same problemes! and besides that The Apps crashes more often then usual.

  • can anyone please crack celest blutooth transfer tweak for me…
    i tried my level best to search it as free but can..
    please help me..
    thank you…

  • kimdalanxa

    Who needs this jailbreak? Snowbreeze is out now and works flawlessly on my iphone 4 and 3gs, ok is a tethered jb but not on 3gs cause it is an old bootrom! and i can live with a tethered jb on my iphone 4….Anyways it is nice 2 see that more solutions will be available specially untethered ones, and thank god it will be released by dev team. those chronic guys are just a bunch kids… ih8chronic dev team!

    • SEEL

      You’re extremely bothered

    • moimoimoimoi

      .. whoever uses ‘8’ to help spell a word must be .. what 12 years old?

  • Gorge W. Bush

    So there will be no iPad 2 Jailbreak here is the tweet.

    “@chpwn: Also, do note that the iPad 2 jailbreak is not in a form where it is possible to release it — otherwise it would already be out there.”

    There saying that the exploit was leaked by @comex burned him self. He kept tweeting and saying that the exploit was that same as the Jailbreakme 2.0 exploit. We all know that Apple reads his posts and that’s how they found it.

  • JimmyK

    Apple replaced my broken iPhone 4 (4.2.1) with a new one on 4.3.1 I am desperate for this jailbreak to be released! I just can’t live with a standard iphone!!!

  • ramos96

    @JimmyK you will wait like the rest of us and like it. So calm the F down, its just a phone its not like you lost all your belongings, get a grip, mofo. -=Clan NGz=-

  • Samer

    First the battery with 4.3.1 stay longer second we hope dev team can complete the job after ion1a give them the road we have just wait the light.

  • Ben

    What I don’t undertsand is, if the SHAtter jailbreak method has been patched with the new hardware, why doesn’t the Dev Team just release it for all new software versions instead of looking for new exploits. They can just work on finding an exploit for the iPad 2.

  • flossangeles

    Dude I will pay 20 bucks for it tell me who to send the money to.

  • wlj3004

    Well, i hate to say this… Apple are & kept winning in this cat & mouse game. And also their carrier.

  • alexander mercado

    please i need untether jaibreak for is5