Now that you’ve had a couple of days with iOS 4.3.1, for those of you that updated, we’re wondering how the latest OS is going for you so far.

When iOS 4.3 was released, there were several bugs/issues reported by the iPhone community in the new OS, one of the major ones being poor battery life. At the time, a good amount of early iOS 4.3 adopters attributed the poor battery life to auto-lock issues, causing the screen to stay on for hours at a time. The problem seemed to be affecting only iPhone and iPod Touch 4G owners.

Then, two days before the official release of iOS 4.3.1, the folks over at BGR got an exclusive hands-on of the new OS and reported that battery life issues seemed to be rectified in the new firmware, although they didn’t conduct any thorough tests.

Now, we’d like to ask our readers how iOS 4.3.1 is treating your iPhone battery life. We’ve read reports via Twitter and other media outlets that the new OS has anywhere from marginal to significant improvement in battery life from the previous iOS 4.3.

How’s your battery life? Have you noticed a difference yet, or is your iDevice still suffering from serious battery drain issues? Take our poll below, and feel free to leave any additional thoughts in the comments!

  • Al

    Its improved slightly, on my iPhone 4, but it is still not as good as it was when it was running iOS 4.2.

    • Joe

      Wow mine is way better than back then, now i’m getting more than a day of heavy usage. Yesterday I got 1 day 8 hours of standby ans 9 hours of usage.

      • Jasper

        I have with iOS 4.2.1 really problems with the battery, but that’s just that i have my 3 gs allready for 1.5 year. I really need a new one, after 3 hours of gaming it’s empty, all gone, 2 hours STANDBY still takes 10%

      • My 3GS is on 4.2.1 and sucks bad. I find it’s the 3G though. If you use SBSettings to disable 3G when you’re not using it it’s the difference of say 20-30% at least in standby. It’s the only way I can make it through school

    • Neal

      Am running 4.3.1 and the battery life sucks! My iPhone 4 was fine on 4.2 and lasted 1.5 days on a single charge. With 4.3 it was fully charged at 8am and completely flat come 3pm in the afternoon with or without usage. Have upgraded to 4.3.1 and turned off Ping and turned off all exchange mailboxes from syncing and rebooted and put them back on to sync (a suggestion on another site) and from a full change at 8am come 1.30pm I have 40% battery left. All tests performed with bluetooth on but wifi off.

      I am seriously considering moving to another device as I am having to plug my phone in after lunch for a charge in order to have enough battery to last until I get home. It was absolutely fine on 4.2 and I wish I never upgraded to 4.3.


      Whats the point in adding new features if it makes the phone not fit for purpose. Shame on you Apple!

      • Neal

        I am thinking about having a “China Lamborghini” moment on my iPhone 4. I don’t know if you read recently about the multi millionair from China who had problems with a lambo and when the dealer wouldnt help him he hired five guys with hammers and smashed the car to bits outside the dealership with the world wide press watching. Funny, look it up on Youtube if you havent seen it.

        I am sick of having a nicely designed bit of kit that is so heavily restricted by “big brother apple”. They have the nerve to slag off Microsoft all the time but in reality they are no better. I am neither in the Microsoft or Apple camp but just want a product that works well. God knows I have paid enough for it as the iPhone 4 is dam expensive.

        Why seal the battery in the the device so the end user cannot replace it? This sucks and I am sure the design experts at Apple could find a way of making it work. I just dont believe the reasoning behind it. Its a way of making money and charging people to send their device to an apple service centre.

        Why restrict the device so that you cant even have custom email tones? I dont want to jailbreak my phone and invalidate my warranty just to set a tone.

        Why cant you use an iPhone or iPad out of the box without pluging into a computer to activate on iTunes. (big brother……)

        I have read that Apple have added so many new features to IOS 4.3 that the battery life has taken a hit accordingly. If Apples new features completely cripple devices and make them not fit for purpose then they are not features they are bugs.

        If Apple dont fix this issue soon I will video my iPhone 4 32GB device being smashed to bits and post it online in protest as I am sick and tiered of this rubbish. I will then buy an Android device with a battery I can change, software I can roll back and email tones I can set.

      • Kickstar13

        Did you save your SHSH blobs for iOS 4.2.1? If so, just use TinyUmbrella and downgrade to 4.2.1.

      • Neal

        I dont even know what shsh blobs are, let alone save them 🙂
        I can’t go back so will just have to hope it resolves itself or apple sort the underlying problem.
        Thanks for the suggestion, much appreciated.
        All the best

      • Kickstar13


        When you launch Cydia, do you see anything at the top of the Cydia page, like iOS versions?

        If so, here’s a full tutorial on how to downgrade to a previous version of iOS:

    • Nash

      I agree. Better than 4.3 but definitely worse than 4.2.1 🙁

    • Neal

      I have been living with this 4.3.1 patch for the last week and tried everything mentioned on forums to get the battery life back to what it was on 4.2. Its still utter rubbish. Read my earlier posts below.
      I get to about 2:30 / 3:00 in the afternoon from a full charge at 8am and its dead. Turned off with no power and I have not used the phone at all and short of emails syncing with my exchange mailboxes the device has not been used at all. Not even the screen turned on just sitting on my desk and making the occasional pinging noise as email comes in. I use my computer to reply to the emails as I am in the office and it just runs out of power. Bluetooth is on but not connected to any devices and Wifi is turned off. I used to get about 1.5 to 2 days on a single charge dependant on if I have made any calls. The battery (as in the hardware) is fine and not faulty as it was great on 4.2 and the normal symptoms of a failing battery are more and more frequent charging but it is usually gradule. It normally goes 1.5 days, 1.25 days, 1 day, 0.75 days etc. Not from 2 days post upgrade to 4.3.1 to 0.25 of a day after.

      I heavily rely on my phone as a business device and if this does not get sorted quickly I will have to get another phone and will either video smashing the piece of rubbish to bits and post it on Youtube in defiance to Apple or (most probably) wait for Twapple to fix it and then sell the phone to get some money back.

      I just dont understand! What happened to quality control? How did Apple’s testers not pick up on the antenna problem at the beggining, how did they not realise that this upgrade would shorten battely life from 2 days to .25 of a day? Let me guess…… Probably sacked the who testing department in order to cut costs (cut backs) and save money. Now we are all the guinea pigs and there alpha and beta testers. Poor show all round.

    • NealNeal

      Just be really careful everyone.
      I had all the problems mentioned here and the only way I could get it back to not draining in 8 hours was to do a hardware reset and key all the settings in manually. Once I did this it was back to normal. However, and he is the problem, I got my mobile bill yesterday and my phone downloaded 20GB of data during the three weeks of messing around trying to solve the issue. I have unlimited data on my phone but according to the network that means 10GB on fair usage and they now want £100 from me for the remaining 10GB of data.

      I do not use my phone for anything else but calls and mail. I never download music, films, pod thingies or even use the internet (screens to small). It is not possible that I downloaded 20GB of data. I have used the phone for 8 months prior with no issues at all on 4.2 and my data usage for mail sync has been tiny.

      I would urge you to contact your mobiel providers to find out how much data you have used as the upgrade clearly has an issue with a iPhone that has Exchange Mail / Activesync mailboxes defined and is upgraded from 4.2 to 4.3.

      I have spent some time on the phone to Apple UK / Apple Care complaining about this and have asked for a refund of the charge for the 10Gb of data. They have insisted that the software and hardware is not at fault and would not move an inch. Then after a rather heated call with a manager where they told me the Technology was at fault not the iphone or the software they called me back and offered me vouchers as a good will guesture upon the receipt of my mobile bill detailing the data usage.

      I have called the network and they are looking into getting this for me. I was so unhappy will all the problems I have had with this software upgrade (or downgrade whichever way you look at it) and the amount of time I have had to spend on the phone. But I have got to the point where I think life is too short to stress or get angry about these things. If Apple are willing to offer me vouchers to compensate me for a problem that was not of my doing due to the upgrade process then that is fine, lets move on.

      If your having issues with battery drain from full charge to empty in 8 hours and you have exhcange mailboxes defined on your phone then CALL your network and make sure your not running up a big bill. its better to sort the issue out now before you owe them money.

      I hope this helps everyone


  • Big Brother

    I cant fucking update because apple decided to fuck over my iphone 3g

    • Lerimer Santana


    • Pam

      Yea, I was pretty frustrated about that too. Plus the 3G was becoming so slow and clunky, I gave in and bought a 4.

      • WhiteD00r is the way to go for the iPhone 2g/3g

    • Joe

      Sucks bro move into the times. The 3G isn’t powerful enough to support it. They shouldnt have even gave it iOS 4.

    • tee_time

      yep, it’s Apples fault.. time to upgrade the hardware, bro

  • Jazz

    It has improved upto 20% … I’m a hard core gamer … So I can really see the difference 😀

    • Steve Jobz

      I like hardcore 😉

      • Ben

        I love hardcore. And I notice, when I finally leave my bed, that iPhone 4 only loses maybe 1% overnight – which is better than me.

      • i like terminator

  • After disabling the Ping on 4.3, my battery was doing fine (just like 4.2) so I chose not to update to 4.3.1, but now with the slightly chance of losing only 1% overnight, I will try it. Thanks for the review guys.

    • u know how to jailbreak android

  • Jessica

    When I first upgraded to 4.0 my battery life sucked so bad. I would lose up to 10% overnight. Now I’m 4.1 and it’s almost back to how it was before. Still not as great as before 4 but close.

    • QBert

      So you’re running a firmware that’s from October? No one cares, this article is about 4.3.1.

      • Thor

        Wrong. I care. I want data on how the different firmwares perform.

    • Jasper

      I’ve 4.2.1 and mine uses evrything in his battery overnight, i go to sleep, i wake up, battery dead, even at 100%

  • zulow

    I updated to 4.3.1 from 4.3 and i have an improvement of wi fi 😉

  • iPhoneuser16

    I’m hung on a 3G can’t afford 4 saving up for 5G

  • Dustin

    It has improved slightly… But it was much better on iOS 4.2.

  • Anyone with a 3GS have updated? Going to do it and report back.

    • I have a 3GS updated to 4.3.1, everything works great! except the battery life problem, it seems to turn off automatically when the battery percentage reaches 40%, instead of 1% or 2%

      • Owen

        Thats more than likely a hardware problem. My 4 began doing that, I got a replacement and O2 told me the problem was a faulty cell.

  • Weebsurfer

    If there was an improvement it was pretty negligible. Pretty much standard difference seen after a restore. Only really know after a couple weeks of build up. I think I may be seeing improved signal. That may result in improvement. Hope upcoming JBs can refrain the drain.

  • Big Brother

    Im waiting for the 5 to come out and get it i love JB and im using whited00r after 4.2.1 screwed me over and idk y apple was so stupid to release it for 3g i got an ipad and macbook pro so just need an update for my phone

  • Big Brother

    Im waiting for the 5 to come out and get it i love JB and im using whited00r after 4.2.1 screwed me over and idk y apple was so stupid to release it for 3g

  • Kelly

    I updated last night and this morning, after only 30 minutes of playing music on it, it went from 100% to 74%. It NEVER lost battery this fast with 4.3.0. is this happening to anyone else? How do i downgrade?!?

  • Serge

    3GS here… Neh, battery still bad (exactly as on 4.3). But I found the culprit: there is almost constant communication via the cellular network (with netstat). Even if WIFI is connected. So I disabled the cellular data and battery is good again! Seems worse than 4.1 but usable.

  • Jose

    if u dont jailbreak, u dont have a jailbroken iphone….

  • Siraj

    I saved my 4.2.1 SHSh blogs but now when I connect my iphone it says this device is not connected.Any help will be highly appreciated as i want to go back to 4.2.1

    • Kickstar13

      Your computer isn’t recognizing the iPhone? Have you tried restarting the computer/restarting your iPhone?

      Try using a different USB cable, that may solve your problems.

      If all else fails, try connecting to a different computer.

    • NaoDarkness

      Try to install the latest version of java.

  • bazza

    its way worse on my 3gs. standby with 3G turned on, push turned off, wifi off, is now only 4h30min

  • any body know how jail break android pls help me

    • Weebsurfer

      And the off topic award goes too….

      I’m guessing you’d do better learning the wonders of Google than asking people in an iPhone community blog about Android. ;). Jussayin

      • i just wnt the information mate

    • Weebsurfer

      Well since you pute it THAT way…

      • Ozzy

        Hahahaaaa… Lmgtfy…. Love it.

    • c_t_kag

      go to unrevoked dot com download and it’ll do the rest very similar to jailbreaking with greenpoison. plus if you’re searching for android it’s called “rooting”

  • Parkupine

    4.3.1 has been intalled on my iPhone 4 for a few days now and I must say it is a big improvement. While my iPhone 4 wouldn’t last more than 8 hours with light use (mostly listening to music at work) on 4.3, the upgrade has brought it much closer to normal battery usage. 4.3 was broken for me. The only thing is tethering my iPhone to my iPad with Personal Hotspot still isn’t very efficient on the battery life but I guess that’s normal. Didn’t use to drain as much with MyWi back on 4.1 months ago… but I digest. lol

  • Torres

    Before updating 4.2. ( I still have the screen shoots of these results on my phone)
    Time since last full charge to 27%
    usage 5hours, 0min
    standby 1day, 16hours
    Time since last full charge to 38%
    usage 13hours, 19min
    standby 18hours, 35min

    After updated to 4.3.1
    Time since last full charge to 7%
    usage 13hours, 15min
    standby 13hours, 15min

    Utterly disappointed with the battery life after updating to ios 4.3.
    (like the scrubbing feature in youtube though)

  • Jeff

    Mine is rather schizo

    It’s as if it gets to around 70% and thinks it’s dead. Battery goes from 70% to effectively zero – phone shuts off, has a hard time booting and displays the dead battery indictator.

    But a few times I haven’t been home to charge – so I just hold on to it. Then maybe 30 minutes or so later, it pops back on and displays around 50% and works fine.

    Still bleeds battery life really fast, but that’s my major hang up

  • sexcess1

    Mine does the same thing!!! With 4.3 it dies at around 50 or 51% then I upped to 4.3.1 and it shuts off at 38% – when I charge it it come back on at 38% I haven’t given it time to come back on, I just use my mophie and let that juice it

  • Sam

    I updated my iphone to 4.3 which was a disaster re battery life. Since 4.3.1 I noticed only minor improvement that current Battery life CAN NOT be compared to the time with 4.2. I hope Apple will fix this problem properly.

  • Gord Wait

    My battery life is far worse now. From full charge to dead in 5 or 6 hours plus the phone is running hot.

  • Pict

    For all of you having problems with battery drain on 4.3.x I recommend restoring Iphone as a new one. There seems to be some kind of error traveling from one restore to another. I’ve tried everything else before (ping off, log out of account, etc.) but only after blank restore it works like charm. Battery loses only 1% per hour of mild usage/standby with wifi turned on

  • Smarsh

    My Battery life has got worse, if goes from 100% to completley dead in about 5 hours, even without making phone calls, sending texts or using the internet. The phone is also very hot! I’ve turned off all push notifications, even the 3G and Wi Fi off! I did not buy an IPhone 4 to be constantly attached to the charger the concept of a “Mobile” IS TO MOVE AROUND! Apple have got to sort this out! and Quickly!

  • wout

    My 3GS has the same issue after upgrading; battery drains from 100 to 20% within a day

  • Weebsurfer

    recently rejoined the jailbreak society with the release of the unteathered JB for 4.3.1. It may have been a mistake at first but when asked if I wanted to activate my phone by sn0wbreeze I said yes. I don’t need an unlock so it may have been unnecessary. I proceeded and after restoring with the modded iOS I had no connection to Rogers. Figured if I reconnected iTunes would activate. Nay! So I loaded SAM By Bingner (I think) and did a reactivate in SAMPrefs and Rogers was back.

    Now the relevant part:
    I always suspected my battery issues had something to do with my carrier connection. I’m going to jump to conclusions and say this proves it.

    Is something being left behind relating to the carrier signature that should actually be rewritten during backup and restore and upgrades????

    Anyways. Hope to see more success out there. Anyone else have similar experience?

  • Weebsurfer

    Oh yeah… Numbers:
    Standby last night it went from 97% to 92% in 7 hours with wifi.
    Today @ work with moderate use used 25% over 8 hours.
    I was lucky to get 8-9 hours out of a full charge before this on 4.3.1

    iPhone 4

  • JHSC

    I have solved the iPhone battery problem!

    My devices
    iPhone 4
    Originally came with OS 4.2.1
    Factory Unlocked
    Jailbroken – Greenpois0n RC6.1

    iPhone 3Gs
    Originally came with OS 3.0
    Upgraded to OS 3.0.1, 3.1.2 & 4.2.1
    Factory Unlocked
    Old bootrom
    Jailbroken Redsn0w 0.9.6rc4

    Windows XP desktop PC

    Windows XP notebook Acer

    (Ahem, jailbreaking is legal by the way)


    In December 2010, I upgraded my iPhone3Gs to OS 4.2.1 and jailbroke with Redsn0w. After a few weeks, my iPhone3Gs has started feeling warm and when I checked, I noticed similar usage and standby times (Settings, General, Usage). The battery was starting to drain very quickly and was dead within half a day. This is not the first time I am facing this problem. When I first got my 3Gs in July 2009, the same thing happened.

    The problem last time
    In July 2009, when my 3Gs was still not jailbroken and running OS 3.0, the problem was quite easy to diagnose because I had not many apps installed. I had setup my yahoo email account through the mail app. A search on google shows everyone saying turn off push. I turned off push but the battery drain was still there.

    I deleted the email account and re-added it and the problem was still there. I figured out that there was something wrong with the iPhone push programming because although I turned push off, I believe the push was actually still on as I was still getting emails. Even after deleting the email and re-adding it, the problem was still there.

    I had to Restore my 3Gs for the problem to go away. And when adding the yahoo mail account again, I immediately turned off the push and changed it to fetch. The problem never came back again, until now.

    The Current Problem

    Initially I thought the problem was the same. Little did I know it was different, very different.

    This time, when I noticed my 3Gs having this problem, I checked my iPhone4. It was also having the same problem. The iPhone4 has a better battery life therefore I didn’t notice it as easily as my 3Gs.

    I figured out the problem is I sync both phones to my notebook iTunes using the same account. Therfore there must be something wrong.

    Other Solutions & Suggestions Found on the Internet
    Doing a google search I found the following solutions which all did not work for me:

    1) Delete the email accounts and re-add.
    2) Turn off push
    3) Turn off notifications
    4) Turn off Bluetooth
    5) Turn off Location Services (GPS)
    6) Lower the screen brightness
    7) Discharge and fully recharge
    8) Allow to continue charging even after reaching 100% (trickle charge)
    9) Use less data
    10) Turn off fetch
    11) Turn off wifi
    12) Minimise use of apps
    13) Use airplane mode in low coverage areas
    14) Turn off equalizer
    15) Let your phone breathe by changing your phone carrying case
    16) Lock your phone
    17) Turn off 3G.

    Blady ****, the list was looking like I had to turn everything off. Why buy an iPhone in the first place?

    Its like buying a BMW then the dealer tells you, that to save petrol, don’t drive at night, don’t drive in the rain, don’t drive when its too hot, only have 1 person in the car, the person in the car should exercise and lose weight to save petrol, minimize the use of car lights, radio, CD player and brakes…. Like.. what the ****???

    18) Change your default password from “Alpine” to something else
    19) Download Push Checker (note : not applicable for me as my phones are factory unlocked not relying on ultrasnow)
    20) Problem with push on email synchronization
    21) Problem with push on contacts synchronization especially with the contacts with pictures (yup tried this by deleting all my contact pictures – regret it like **** now)
    22) Problem with push on calenders synchronization especially when emails are received for setup of appointments and meetings (I honestly thought this was my problem and went on to delete all the received appointments in my Outlook)
    23) Problem with synchronization with Microsoft ActiveSync server. (believable as apple and Microsoft are not exactly friends)
    24) Download System Activity Monitor to check if there are any programs running in the background (useless app by the way)
    25) Hard reset the phone (Hold down the Power & Home button until the the screen goes black) – this will remove the Usage & Standby time completely until you fully charge your phone again which is when you will notice the problem is still there.
    26) Double click the home button to pull up the “Recently Used Apps” bar and close them one-by-one.
    27) Open the Mail App then hold down the Sleep button until you see the “Slide to Power Off” then release the sleep button and hold down the home button until the Mail App closes. Repeat this for the Calendar App and Contacts.
    28) Sign out of the AppStore.
    29) Sign out of the Game Center.
    30) Reboot the phone – duhh..
    31) There is something wrong with Greenpois0n wait for the next jailbreaking tool to be released.
    32) Go to the Apple store and replace your phone for a new one – EVEN THIS WILL NOT HELP!!! It’s a software problem not a hardware problem. Many people (check google) have got replacements for their phone and still have this problem.
    33) Finally, the one that works (temporarily) – Restore the phone as a “new iPhone”.

    There were people without this problem trying to help with solutions but there was one person in particular who was in many forums – Lawrence Finch. He was NOT helpful, actually USELESS and yet he behaved all high and mighty. He can go suck his own balls.

    What I have Done

    I started by deleting my email accounts one-by-one as I had gmail, hotmail, yahoo & my company email on my iphone. I did the standard reboot after removing each account. It didn’t work. Tried re-adding the accounts, also didn’t work.

    Perhaps it was not the email. I started deleting my apps one-by-one. Rebooting after each removal. Sometimes waiting a day & recharging. Also tried hard resets (explained above). It didn’t work.

    Finally I had removed everything on my iPhone. No apps, no mail.

    I knew it was not the Jailbreaking because people who have never jailbroken their phones were reporting the same problem. Additionally, I had two phones with my iPhone4 being jailbroken using Greenpois0n and my 3Gs being jailbroken using Redsn0w. Both were facing the problem so it was unlikely that both Greenpois0n and Redsn0w were giving similar problems (although there was a possibility as the jailbreaking community is small and they share resources).

    It came the time to Restore my phone as new. The problem went away. I re-added everything. After 3 days, the problem returned.

    I tried again, Restored my phone as new. I started adding email accounts one at a time always remembering to turn off push and put on fetch instead. My battery was back to normal. I started adding apps then after a week, the problem came back. ****. Must have been one of the apps?

    I tried again, this time adding only a few popular apps comparing with my friends who were also using theiPhone4. My email accounts were added back but only yahoo, gmail and hotmail. After 3 days the problem returned.
    I tried again, Restored my phone as new, this time not jailbreaking. Added my email & apps. The problem returned.

    Trying again, I installed all my apps with no email accounts. The problem went away. I was so convinced it was a problem with the Mail, Contacts & Calendars then suddenly the problem returned after 2 weeks.

    That’s it. It must have been my notebook computer which I was Syncing to. I switched to my desktop. Installed iTunes there, re-downloaded all my programs from the App Store. Restored the phone from my desktop. The problem went away initially. Then again, battery drainage restarted after a week.

    To make things worse, Apple released the 4.3.0 & 4.3.1 and stopped signing the 4.2.1. I had to use TinyUmbrella to Restore my phone as I was still trying to figure out the battery drain on the 4.2.1. Fortunately Cydia had my shsh.

    All in all, I must have restored my phone at least 20 times in the last 3 months. I have been searching the web for answers and found many, many suggested solutions but nothing worked. All this headache is making me wonder if I will still be getting the iPhone5 in June.

    My Solution

    Finally I found it! Apple take note.

    It is not the email accounts as there are no email accounts installed on my phone.

    It is one of the downloaded apps from the App store. But which particular app I am unsure.

    All this while, when using my iPhone 3Gs and iPhone4, I have not used my 3G data because I have been using WiFi at home and WiFi in the office and WiFi everywhere.

    One of the programs using Notifications or Push has been requesting data through the Cellular Data.

    The program somehow does not want to use your WiFi.

    The program is running in the background and even when you reset your phone, the program will still come on and try to use your Cellular Data. All you have to do, is turn on your cellular data (assuming you have a data plan)

    (Settings, General, Network, Cellular Data —> ON)

    Then after 1 minute, turn it off again. – The problem is solved.
    (This is assuming you have a cellular data plan)

    No need to Restore your phone. No need to hard reset your phone. No need to reboot your phone.

    Oh my gosh.. after 4 months, the solution is so simple. No wonder Apple says there is no problem. They probably have Cellular Data and WiFi in their testing environment.

    Come to think of it, that’s why people going overseas (and turn off their cellular data) complain of this poor battery life.

    Apple : You can test this out yourself – Take an iPhone4 disable the Cellular Data – add the normal Email accounts and standard apps from the AppStore. Use the phone for a month – I am quite sure you will face a similar problem. Check for similar Usage & Standby times.

    You may want to check out Bump, Facebook, Foursquare, Palringo, Talkbox, Tango, Viber but I suspect its Facebook.


    Thank you all for reading my post. I have spent many days, weeks and sleepless nights trying to solve this problem. If my post has been useful and solved your battery drain problem you can make a contribution for all my effort to my paypal account at

    Note to Apple
    Dear Apple, if you are reading this I just have to add, I just purchased a new Windows 7 notebook with the second generation Intel i5 Core – arrived yesterday. I actually really really wanted to get the MacBook Pro, but because Apple couldn’t solve my iPhone battery problem, I was forced to purchase a Windows. Perhaps in 3 years time, I will reconsider switching to a Mac.

    Fix the problem fast and stop blaming Microsoft ActiveSync for a bug.

    Search Keywords

    Usage = Standby similar time Battery Drain 4.2.1 iPhone Push Netstat 5223 Notifications hot warm bug amazonaws synchronization Microsoft ActiveSync protocol server calendar System Activity Monitor App Rogue program jailbreak

  • Inkim

    Definitely battery life of 4.3.1 is even worse than 4.3’s. Even I can see the battery gauge going down with my eyes!

  • Shonni

    I had never had probelms with Battery Life before on my IP4 but since updating to 4.3.1 it really sucks, I can’t keep a charge for more than 8 hours. I have to charge my phone at least 2x a day and I really don’t do much other than listen to music for 1 hour in the gym and tweet. Sucks big time.

  • Dan

    In general iPhone 4 battery life has been very good, however since the 4.3.1 update it’s terrible.

  • Jesus

    My iPhone just started shutting off, even when it still has battery life. Never while I’m using it though. To turn it on I just have to plug it in to a charger until the logo comes up, then I can unplug it and it will turn back on. Sometimes it will happen 4 times a day. This has happened before in a previous iOS to my iPhone 3GS. But it stopped and now it’s back up again.

  • dnbsean

    I have an iPhone 3GS and I, too have been having SEVERE battery life issues since upgrading to ios 4.3.1. I have had to turn off cellular data all together just to get SOME stability. Does anyone know when Apple is releasing the next build for 4.3?
    As for not buying a macbook pro because of an iOS problem – you TOTALLY missed out. I got the 13″ i7 and it by far and away blows anything that I use for work (I’m in IT) out of the water. iPhone/Computers – TOTALLY separate worlds.

  • Ingrid

    It really sucks. I updated from 4.2 to 4.3.1 and normal usage I was able to at least get it through the entire day or more. Now if it is charged in the morning it’s empty by 3pm.

  • dnbSean

    I brought my iPhone 3GS in yesterday to the apple store – luckily I still have apple care until august – they performed some diagnostics on my phone – I told them about how it was heating up and burning through the battery in a matter of a few hours. They said it was a safety issue and replaced the unit with another 3GS. So far it is running PERFECTLY. I have no idea why this unit would run the latest iOS without the same problems as my last phone, but it is holding battery life, it is performing fine on full functionality. *SHRUGS*
    I just hope the white iPhone 4 comes out soon… Before my phone tries to pull a meltdown again.
    Just wanted to let you all know

  • brandon

    My battery life didnt get any better! In fact, I think it only got worse! 🙁

  • 3Gsaster

    my 3GS battery life is excellent..but could not access itunes, so i click Restore then update..


  • I’m on IOS 3, jail break and thinking of getting into 4. Anyone any ideas?

    • Ninja Tech

      if ur on a ipod touch 2g, back away. stay on ios 3, there is no advantage except gamecenter. plus, more tweaks will work for you on ios 3.

  • Gord Wait

    It seems to me after this last week’s iPhone update (the one that “fixes” the geo caching privacy gaffe) that my battery life is much better..