CyDelete is nothing new. In fact we reported on it on iDB a few years ago when the tweak was released in Cydia. But if you remember back to its introduction then you might remember it had some problems.

Its biggest issue, for me, was stability. I would go to delete an application from my springboard and the icon would disappear from my home screen. But when I went into Cydia, the package still looked like it was installed. This didn’t happen to me every time, but even once or twice was enough to make me uninstall it and delete apps the correct way…

Fast forward to 2011. Several Cydia updates, as well as updates to the tweak have renewed my faith in CyDelete. After recently seeing it mentioned throughout our post comments and forums, I decided to give it another shot. It’s been 24 hours and every Cydia app I have tried to delete has uninstalled without a hitch.

CyDelete is another tweak that won’t install an icon to your home screen, but will show up in your ‘’. Even there, you are really only given the option to turn the tweak on and off, but it certainly works as advertised. Once installed, you just have to hold your finger down on the icons to get them to shake, and hit the ‘x’ in the corner of the icon like removing any normal app.

This is far easier than the typical process for deleting an application which is going into Cydia, clicking the ‘Manage’ tab at the bottom and locating the app in the list of ‘Packages’. You would then have to select the app and click ‘Modify’ in the top right hand corner and follow the prompts to uninstall.

The steps don’t sound too lengthy, but mix in the fact that Cydia reloads data every time it is opened, and deleting multiple Cydia apps can become fairly time consuming.

To those who haven’t checked it out yet, CyDelete is available in Cydia and is a free download. As always you must be on a jailbroken device to access the Cydia Store.

Do you use CyDelete or something like it? Tell us below!

  • can’t believe u installed Voice Brief 😉

  • Jason Masters

    I’ll bet I can predict the next article will be about apple infiltrating the dev team you heard it here first.

  • ya i am using it but damm its very unstable.

  • Brad

    Used it for 6+ months now… Never an issue. Charlie Sheen says it’s winning.

  • Brad

    Used it for 6+ months now… Never any problems.

  • Joe

    News must be slow to be talking about something released like a year ago.

  • Xepptizz

    I have it installed, but he majority of the tweaks rely on the settings,app, so i’m unsure about it’s usefullness

  • Topsy

    I hate when some people think they know too much. Every article written is sure for one person. If it’s not for you, it will be mine. This one is mine. So you “I TOO KNOW PEOPLE” if you don’t like it leave it. Stop proving what you don’t know. And if you know it already keep it to yourself.
    This is a great article. Very informative. So stop the negative response. I love IDB. It’s the only website on my springboad.

  • Ejm

    It’s still in Cydia Cause you didt respiring. If you cydelete a tweak or app- respring. Then open Cydia and it will be gone. Hate to say it. But DUH.

    • Pirates Suck

      What are you talking about, numbnuts? No one said it was still in Cydia.. Read the post above you, it definitely applies.



  • i really don’t liked it,
    this very unstable and i have problems in my 3GS..
    don’t know why its unstable in my 3GS

  • Nick4G

    I don’t mind going into cydia and deleting them from there

  • D