Is there still something wrong with your iPhone’s alarm? What about alarms you set in iCal?

Reports are still coming in that non-reoccurring alarms are malfunctioning for users suffering from the nefarious Daylight Savings Time glitch. The BBC reports that European users are still not being woken up on time by their iPhone’s alarm…

“Users found their wake-up alert coming one hour late, one hour early or not at all.

The problem, related to the clocks going forward for British Summer Time, does not appear to have affected everyone.

Apple has yet to comment on what caused it, but similar problems have previously hit iPhones in the US.”

Although symptoms of this problem still remain varied, the glitch generally seems to be effecting non-reoccurring alarms.

“According to user reports, the glitch has affected non-recurring alarms set within the iPhone’s calendar application, rather than its dedicated alarm clock.”

This bug sounds just like the problem with the iPhone’s clock on January 1st, and the “spring forward” Daylight Savings Time bug from earlier this month. Even in iOS 4.3.1, users still seem to be affected.

Alerts seem to be going off an hour late, early, or not at all for one-time alarms set in the iPhone’s calendar. If you’re suffering from this problem, the best thing to do is set a reoccurring alarm instead and hope you don’t miss work again. (Or, heaven forbid, you use a different alarm than the iPhone.)

Let us know if you’re still affected by this clock glitch. Has updating to iOS 4.3.1 fixed the problem?

  • Vietnight

    Still didn’t work for me at all.
    It alarm one hour early.

    • Little_Ghost

      Come on Apple! You can make whole ios-es but can’t fix a clock/alarm bug… in software you made yourselves? This is just ridiculous!!!

  • Paul Zammit

    iOS 4.3.1 here, in the EU. Not affected, and also not the alarm was not on repeat.

    Seems like it’s a huge issue really, I think Apple needs to rethink their whole Clock app for iOS 5.

  • alf15

    haha and they call the iphone4 the most powerful and smartest phone ever!!! My old nokia from years ago could grasp clock changes and alarms! Get the basic right Apple!!!!

    Anyways, no issue’s with my iphone4 running on 4.1jb.

  • Puzzled

    Nevermind the alarm clock. My messages are not coming through after the update. People said that they had sent me messages and it was at least three hours until they came through!

  • Jay

    Yep mine is going off an hour early every morning

  • Jj

    My repeating alarm goes off one hour early. I have to make a non repeating alarm and set it everynight. Other wise it goes off an hour early!!

    • Xepptizz

      … Why not set a recurring alarm an hour later?

  • Ty

    One hour early…

  • Zetan

    My repeating alarm was fine UK based. At 1.30am or around then when the clocks had changed I turned my phone off then on. As I recalled this could correct things previously.

    All my alarms have been fine, I had always had problems before this. Can’t say if it helped but it didn’t hurt.

  • Memo

    I have to set the alarm 1 hour later on my Iphone 4 and IOS 4.1

    Nothing has worked to fix this issue for me. Is this fixed on 4.3 or 4.3.1?

  • Steve

    No issue for me 😉

  • AMB

    Buy an effing alarm clock app, it has a load of more features plus I’ve never experienced any of those clock problems , the 3rd party apps don’t seem to be affected by this at all! This means the problem is within apple’s app itself, maybe not the internal clock.

  • Oscar14A

    what I do is just set my alarm for the next day but just don’t set it up on a day. set the alarm to “never” on repeat and it should work cause it did for me

  • Mary

    Mine going off one hour early on repeat but works on never! Ahhhh

  • Mary

    Mine going off one hour early on repeat but works on never!

  • Mary

    Mine going off one hour early on repeat but works on never

  • heredago

    iPhone 4, iOS 4.1
    Non-recurring: fine
    Recurring: I have to set it up 1 hour later, I don’t want to risk forgetting to set up a non-recurring one every day

  • Amy

    Neither recurring or non-recurring working – been woken up 1 hour early every day this week!

  • he.Is.Green

    Comment from
    Copied from another site.

    “Time October 5, 2010 at 3:25 am

    I have a workaround that works for me.
    1. Go to Settings > General > Date & Time
    2. Switch off Set Automatically.
    3. Set Time Zone to Brisbane (which DOES NOT have Daylight Savings)
    4. Set Date & Time to the local date/time

    After that, the recurring alarm goes off correctly.”

    tried this and it works.

    • heredago

      thanks a lot sir!!!

  • Chris

    Workaround worked for me…both recurring and non-recurring alarms are working now. Before, only non-recurring alarms were operating right.

    I’m on JB iOS4.1 w/3GS

  • billie

    iphone4 OS 4.3.1

    Set an iCal alarm to wake me at 10:00 am and it goes off at 9:00am BST (UK) ie 1 hour early.
    Apple, please sort this out once and for all !