“I’ll come right back to that.”

How many times have you thought that when leaving an app, only to forget to ever come back?

Fortunately, now you have a helper to remind you entitled BusyBar — a free jailbreak tweak for the iPhone downloadable on Cydia.

The purpose of BusyBar is very simple — to enable you to put your apps “on hold” and to come back to them at a more convenient time…

BusyBar is enabled by means of a user assignable Activator action that you can setup in the Settings.app. Once you have you Activator action assigned, simply invoke the action while in an app and you’ll notice a red bar appear where your status bar resides.

This red bar is the BusyBar, and it allows you to exit out of the current app, do whatever else you need to do, and tap it to go back to the app when you’re finished.

It’s sort of like when you’re on a phone call, and you exit to your Home screen, and there’s that little green bar in your status bar that allows you to go back to the phone call.

I like BusyBar, it’s a simple tweak, but it’s stable and performs its duties well.  If you set it up with a decent Activator action then I could see it being fairly useful.

Again, BusyBar is a free tweak for those of you with jailbroken iPhones.

Have you tried it yet?

  • Gorgonphone

    i dont understand the use of this and im thinking it will conflict with phone app and mywi app??

    • It doesn’t conflict with MyWi; it just won’t run when using MyWi. It’s basically a way to save your app state and come back later.

  • Ejm

    Just double tap the home button and go back to your last app. Or setup activator to bring up the switcher tray. Whatever. Another redundant tweak.

  • iGeek

    this is just stupid…….. thats what multitasking is for…. and who forgets what apps are up anyways? kinda gotta be smart to use a smart phone.. no pun tended

    • Andrew

      I like the tweaks you make way better…

  • Tough crowd!

    • Gorgonphone

      lol yup cause the tweak market is getting staturated with filler when we still dont have a simple select all button for the mail app..lol

  • IndiePhoenix

    Well, I thing it’s a pretty neat tweak that could come in handy sometime! 🙂

    • I’m very good at forgetting to answer messages, so now I can put them on hold 🙂