The cat and mouse game between Apple and jailbreakers is getting intense. Apple got real serious when they added ASLR to iOS 4.3 and forced iDevice hackers back to their drawing boards. But members of the jailbreak community responded, and a tethered jailbreak was quickly made available with a patched mobile substrate file.

The latest move from Apple seems to be a big one. Comex tweeted about an hour ago that his kernel exploit was fixed in Apple’s latest version of the firmware, iOS 4.3.1. It was public knowledge that i0n1c and other jailbreakers were specifically waiting for iOS 4.3.1 to be released to prevent something like this from happening…

Comex went on to say that he’s trying not to be paranoid, but couldn’t think of any explanation for the patch other than a leak. The exploit was available from 4.0.2 through 4.3, but was “magically” patched in the latest update.

Negativity aside, he does have some good news for jailbreak hopefuls. He mentions some details about his “new” kernel exploit. He claims it is actually the same kernel exploit that was used in JailbreakMe 2.0.

He also gives encouragement to i0n1c and MuscleNerd, hinting that the 4.3.1 release didn’t affect their jailbreak method. As always stay tuned to iDB for the latest in jailbreaking news.

Do you think we’ll see a JailbreakMe 3.0 or another untethered jailbreak option soon? Tell us your thoughts below!

  • sk@tta

    apple is reading the blogs and the twitter feeds

    • feelthepain444

      Of course they do, they pay people for that, but the details of the exploit was never released on blogs and twitter. The dev know better than to throw away precious information…

      • soccerkrzy

        They either have a mole (unlikely) or an Apple software developer noticed the hole and fixed it. We just lost on sheer dumb luck.

    • Alex

      Probably, but exploits are NEVER given to anyone else but trusted devs, and finding/patching an exploit with just the help of KNOWING there is one is incredibly difficult.

    • igeek


      • igeek da FAG

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        Because we dont use the word Y’all,we say You All !!!!

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  • javierE186

    I just want an unlock :'(

  • Qlobster

    Of course they noticed the hole and fixied it, if they’re smart, and they are, then they try and jailbreak the ios themselves and figure out the hole.

  • Xepptizz

    I say an indecent proposal was made. And then rejected! only to be reconsidered afterwards. And the rest is history, depending on what the future might hold that is.

  • IndiePhoenix

    Of course it was a leak!

  • Lupius

    Apple most definitely hires their own team of jailbreakers and patch up the exploits as they’re found. This is no different from hiring security professionals to ward off against hackers. It would be dumb to actually wait for every single exploit to be made to the public then patch it for the next iOS update.

    • Ernesto Castellanos

      Apple does that. My brother, who works with apple, told me.
      They hire their own Jailbreak Dev Team.

  • Burge

    No leak, Apple just got lucky…how many other holes have Apple found while we were waiting for a update to come out before a jailbreak tool to come out…none and that’s going back to the first jailbreaks ..just got lucky …

  • billz

    we are screwed!!! i want to jailbreak my ipad 2 !! ! ! ! ! !

    • hans

      patience is key

  • Memo

    I knew it. Even if they didn’t release the JB for 4.3, the security hole was going to be patched in 4.3.1

    So much for lets wait for 4.3.1 before releasing it

    • Patriot

      Lol ditto, I had a feeling this would happen…

  • Johndoe

    Why not release the 4.3 jailbreak for those that havent upgraded to 4.3.1?

  • xHzrds

    release 4.3 JB for us patient people that didn’t upgrade.

  • Daniel Ellerbrock

    Releasing anything of the sort would be an atrocity if you release they might find other exploits unknown to them apple just got lucky just keep it down maybe the same exploit will be made available later

  • IpodFanatic

    Yeah release a 4.3 jailbreak for those who have not updated

  • iXanczy

    OK, maybe it just is a smart act from comex side, telling Apple that they have won this round. So Apple stop stressing finding the exploit. Maybe he is sitting with a exploit apple don’t know about, I’ll guess he’ll do almost anything to avoid apple finding it 😉

  • anon

    yea, right…
    tell apple that they won this round… and other rounds before that
    apple didnt get lucky, like what someone said in this response “patience is the key”
    release a minor update, patch it, release another minor update
    cat and mouse game? yea, the cat is playing with it’s food game

  • Fredixx

    Today I noticed something about myself, directly linked with owning an iDevice (iPhone4) jailbroken with at first redsnow and then to untetheter, Greenp0sin on 4.2.1.
    I read this blog first thing in the morning.
    I used to read newspapers online.
    My point is: Isn’t it a tiny bit sad that we are so enslaved by an evil company that, aside for “giving” us a smartphone that is incredibly beautiful but also quite bad in technical terms-battery life antenna issues, very late implemantation of things like a good camera and something like MMS which was already a failure when it finally came to IOS, only meant to be used as THEY seem fit with a piece of software so shitty a iTunes and, to finish also extremely expensive?
    We are solely dependent on smarter people like us, like geohot, comex and the rest just to have a normal experience with our dearly paid phones.
    Symbian is dead, Android doesn’t do it for me and IOS is only usefull if jailbroken, for which we(logically) alwayss have to wait. I stop here, with buying, updating and maybe the whole iPhone after the one I have now. I go back to reading, listening to music, go outdoors and have FUN instead of spending my precious time on this neverending story…
    Anybody here who shares my sentiment?

    • Pandermy

      I agree actually. Therefore i usually upgrade on a certain date. If not we have to chase these updates.

    • DomPerignon

      I agree 100% with you. I bought an HTC Evo for my wife, and I just love it.

  • Fredixx

    Addendum: I meant: “smarter people THAN we are”, naturaly.
    Sorry for that, English isn’t my native language.

  • Marty

    Maybe they pay GeoHot to do the work… So he can has a better lawyer 😀

  • Ben

    Can anyone tell me if I can jailbreak the new version of apple tv? I’m struggling getting it into dfu for the tethered start (using seasonpass)

  • Fredixx

    It is like shouting to deaf people here….

    • Ben

      It’s best not to shout at deaf people. They can’t lip read as easily if you shout.

  • staticmotion

    OK, so Apple patched comex’s exploit out of 4.3.1, but what about 4.3?

    I didn’t update my ipad 2 because I was fairly confident that apple would find a way to patch it with 4.3.1 — so is Comex not going to be releasing his exploit for those of us who were patient enough to wait on 4.3?

  • Burge

    There is more than lightly 2 parts to the jailbreak..the jailbreak it’s self and than the untether . Apple most lighty just broke the jailbreak part and not the untether. So why should comex release a jailbreak and waste a untether for a firmware that is now been surpassed by a newer firmware

  • Alex

    Apple either noticed the bug themselves, or there was a leak.
    I’m going with the latter, but there is a possibility Apple found it, and patched it.
    And don’t be ridiculous, Apple doesn’t hire their own DevTeam to find exploits.
    Apple already has their own dev team, for DEVELOPING iOS.
    They know the OS the best, and hiring another “jailbreak team” is beyond impractical.