If you have a small child that is watched by a baby sitter in your house, or just want to know what your really weird roommate does when you aren’t home, listen up! If you have a desktop computer or laptop with a webcam, then you already have a security camera.

Now all you need is an iPad 3G or iPhone that is compatible with Skype’s iOS app to act as the monitor. This way you will be able to see what is going on in your home using your iDevice, from anywhere that you can get 3G service…

Step 1: So now that you have the tools needed, you just need to install Skype. Visiting their website will allow you download the desktop version for either Windows or Mac. You will then need to make sure you have the mobile version for iOS installed on your iDevice. You will obviously need a constant internet connection to the desktop and Skype will need to remain open on your computer for this to work.

Step 2: You will need 2 Skype accounts. If you don’t have a Skype name already, just use the iPhone app to set up your main account, and use the desktop version of Skype to create the 2nd one. This 2nd account will be used only to connect to your Macbook’s webcam so make sure it’s a complicated Skype name and not to give it out to anyone. Once both accounts are registered, log into Skype on both your iDevice and your computer.

Step 3: You then want to turn on Automatic Answer in Skype on your desktop. It is found in the Skype Preferences panel under the Calls tab. You may also want to check ‘Start Video Automatically’ and uncheck ‘Show Call Controls’.

Step 4: Try it out! Open the Skype Mobile app on your iPhone or iPad and make sure you are logged in to your main account. In the search bar type in the Skype name that your desktop computer is currently logged in as and it should come up. Press the Video Call button and within minutes you should see what your webcam at home sees!

If you are trying to go incognito I would recommend turning the volume on your desktop all the way down and dimming your display. Even when automatically answering calls, the Skype app is noisy and very visible. Skype will not work if your laptop is closed or your computer is locked.

I love the fact that I can place my Macbook anywhere in my house and can take a quick peek at that room, even if I’m on vacation! It is important to note that I still have a grandfathered unlimited data plan with AT&T, those who don’t have unlimited data should use caution when using Skype away from Wi-Fi.

Has anyone tried this out? Do you have another tip to turn your iPhone into a security monitor? Tell us below!


  • paul

    y use this when u can get icam or air cam to do the same thing really its been around for ages lol

  • paul

    plus it saves messing around with 2 skype accounts too all u need is a webcam on the main pc or laptop or mac and away you go

    • Fred

      True. But perhaps the post was meant to inform most of us who already have skype that it now can answer chat request automatically which i personally didnt know b4 reading this. Second, icam costs 5 bucks.

      • Z

        I didn’t know skype has the auto answer feature either. It would be useful for me to call my parents at home since they don’t know much about computer

  • krakit

    This is just an another way to have a benefit of having an iPhone 4. For those who don’t have iPhone 4, iCam is th best bet, but sure why not? for a person who has an iPhone 4, you can try it out and might like it better than iCam or Air Cam.

  • sylvan

    Orblive , let’s u use and Acess the computer camera from anywhere with one account

  • TOm

    I’ve got 2 iPhones. I say this post is brilliant. I don’t need to jailbreak and use vnc. I’m not sure how other methods compare in terms of video quality. With Skype, it seem rather blurry, both on the iPhone 4 and 3gs.

    • A1 Entrepreneurs

      I wonder if anyone used auto answer on iphone. I am trying to enable auto-answer video calls or for that sake even audio calls. I am unable to find the setting on my iphone. Let me know, thanks in advance!

      • sourabh parashar

        Auto answer is a Cydia tweak for FaceTime and normal calls

    • sourabh parashar

      Auto answering on iPhone is still not there ! Been 5 years

  • soccerkrzy

    I’m trying to understand why you want your Skype to answer automatically all the time? If you could set it up to answer automatically from just the iPhone’s account and no one else then this would be practical.

    • Marino

      You’re supposed to create that account so only YOU can access it. Just don’t give it to anybody.

  • Zergus

    Or you could just buy this for $5. Cheap and works perfectly.


  • Scott

    The call goes through but I couldn’t get the video to work. The video call button is grayed out. Any Idea?

  • Bernardo

    Put cameras up and make amateur porn.