I’m a technology news junky. From Apple rumors to new gadgets, I just can’t get enough. But there are so many websites that pump out information, how do you keep track of it all?

Well it’s no secret around iDB that I am a Pulse Mini fan. As far as RSS readers go, it’s amazing. Everything is graphic oriented, so no more sifting through lines and lines of RSS text feeds. Now after a significant update, my favorite RSS app just got better…

Just a few days ago, Alphonso Labs Inc posted a new version of Pulse News Mini to the App Store. The good news is it still won’t cost you anything to download. If you liked the old version of Pulse, you’re going to the love the new one.

After downloading the update, I could instantly tell that Pulse had gotten faster. RSS feeds refresh quicker and there is no lag when using Pulse and multitasking. A lot of the new found quickness is owed to the updated menu system.

It was like the user interface got a shave and a haircut. It looked good before, but now it looks great! It is so easy to add or remove RSS feeds, and even browse their RSS news sources. They have added tons of pre-made RSS feeds which is nice for those that are trying a feed reader for the first time.

If you already use Pulse, grab the update. If you haven’t tried Pulse News Mini yet, do it. This is the perfect time to see what a great iPhone app should look like. It’s no wonder that Pulse News Mini finds itself in the App Store’s Hall of Fame.

Has anyone used the new update? What do you think of Pulse News Mini? Tell us below!

  • Shaz

    love it

  • Topsy

    No update yet in the Uk. Yes I use pulse because so far only IDB has mobile web. Others still use full browser with all those useless God forsaken adverts that generate little or no money. With those adverts, it’s takes quit some time to load on my iphone.

  • Tim

    I’m actually reading this story on Pulse. This new update… is good? I don’t really have a use for all te different sub-folder things, just the “Home” folder 😛 But that’s just me.

  • Aaron

    Great update! Love that you can add up to 60 feeds now.

    Just wish that once you’ve read all the posts from a feed that it would collapse so I can quickly see which feeds have new content!

  • It was about time, will check it out for sure. Pulse used to freeze on me so after that I moved straight to FLUD (if you love pulse, check it out) every other time, so I was glad to read it got faster, anyways, lets give it a test drive

  • That is really pulse new for iphone user