We recently told you about the Gevey SIM interposer, a TurboSIM-like piggy back sim card that allows you to unlock any iPhone 4. When we first wrote about it, we raised concerns about the legality of this method, and warned you that your carrier might not like you using this.

Today, MuscleNerd confirmed that the Gevey SIM is indeed illegal in the US and most likely in other countries because it dials the 112 emergency number and hangs up right away…

Dialing this 112 phone number is basically like dialing 911 here in the US, which is illegal, unless you’re calling for a good reason of course.

Because the 112 call has to be made every time you reboot your unlocked iPhone, it will most likely get you in trouble in the long run. First, your SIM might be banned by the carrier, and you might even be banned as a customer.

At the end of the day, only you can decide whether it’s worth it for you to put your mobile account on the line. Even if you decide to go with the Gevey SIM card, it’s still going to set you back $70.

What do you think? Is it worth waiting for an official software unlock like UltraSn0w, or is it worth taking the risk being banned by your cell carrier?

  • kkk_londoner

    i locked mine after exctly 7 months with gevey sim… work pretty welll……..

  • Peter

    The gevey works perfect on my iPhone 4.3.1 version. Had to enable data roaming to get my 3G connection working. Got mine for 39 bucks @ http://www.unlockaniphone.org

    I dont understand the fuss about calling 112. You have to dail 112 to activate the unlock: meaning you have no signal when you dall 112!! Dailing 112 enables the unlock, you will get signal about 15 seconds AFTER you dail 112 ( then you can start making calls) lol

    • Nisei

      The fact that it’s not unlocked doesn’t mean you don’t have any signal. Otherwise, what would be the point of being able to dial the emergency number when the phone is still locked?

      • Don Quoco

        It works fine dude, no worries! Just one second you dial and then you hang up.. There are daily dozens of people who accidently dial 112. If it costs lives than there is something very wrong with the dialling system of emergency calls! Fuss about nothing! Musclenerd must shut the f*ck up, he doesn’t know what he’s talking about for a change! Put your money where your mouth is..

  • eric

    i heard you can only talk n text if you are using gevey sim on iphone 4 with tmobile..is that true?? they said you CAN NOT use tmobile internet on iphone 4.. you can only connet to the internet via wifi?? is that true?? any feedback will be appreciated..

    • Jon

      thats not true. i have tmobile USA and i use internet. the setback is that you can only use EDGE because the iPhone 4 isnt meant to use tmobile’s 3G frequency. you just have to change some settings on ur iphone to get it working. you can call tmobile and ask them wat exactly you have to do to get ur internet working if u have trouble

  • Fonz

    LOL. And MuscleNerd’s unlock IS legal? Sounds like sourgrapes to me. I’m tired of waiting, just shelled out 9.99 on amazon for one.

  • Guest

    “i heard you can only talk n text if you are using gevey sim on iphone 4 with tmobile..is that true?? they said you CAN NOT use tmobile internet on iphone 4.. you can only connet to the internet via wifi?? is that true?? any feedback will be appreciated..”

    Gotta turn off 3G mode and surf on Edge instead. Then just toggle Airplane Mode to get it to pick up the signal again.That’s what you have to do for data to work on T-Mo for 3G and 3Gs iPhones, so I’m guessing same applies.

    • rick

      it’s to kind of Gevey go get Gevey turbo only $50 don’t get Gevey only just get Gevey turbo it’s real work no problem. For anything 🙂

  • anon

    so anyone having problems so far with their gevey sim unlock?

  • i say it is not worth the risk… who want to be banned from the network? Not Me!

  • r

    he’s just pussy hurt he couldn’t solve it with a software unlock. It never actually makes the call, just activates the modem for the exploit. Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if musclenerd and everyone from the iphone dev team were paid off by apple of at&t. they just stopped doing what they do, so fuck em.

  • emp9

    muscle nerd is just jealous he cant figure out the unlock. it is not illegal because you never connect to emergency service and hang up. you only dial it and end call in 2 seconds. i repeat it does not connect!!

    dev team is Full of it and obviously are very jealous gevey is working great for me on usa Tmobile phone text and 3g

    ps there is a new gevey2 for iphone 4 that you dont even have to turn on data roaming for 3g to work.

    Musclenerd suck on that one!!

    • Roy

      All he said was that the method concept was illegal. Even if MN is using it too what he said was still right. By law, emergency numbers shouldn’t be used for other purposes. And a call or two may eventually pass two seconds by accident who knows? So, the statement was all about its concept.

  • angry user

    this solution for geveyits sucks it works for maybe a 1 hour and then lost signal every time its anoying fu.. gevey

  • Athaiguy

    My Gevey has been great I turn my phone off often and it takes only less than a min to get it up and running would prefer a real unlock but this has been fine

  • Noobs

    All you NOOBS with Gevey Sim dropping call/signal are using fake GEVEY SIMS. There are a lot going around ebay/amazon and many websites. Buy them at applenberry.com and you’re good.

  • Daniel CG

    How is it illegal if your not unlocked when you dial it? (no unlock= no service so call won’t go through)

    • You do realize even if your phone does not have service it can still call 911 or emergency calls right?

  • red

    i just contact the police and the fbi about this. they said it is not illegal…they said it is ok to use it. they had no problem.

    as for musclenerd you saying it illegal because you don’t have any unlock.

    • Athaiguy

      You are so full of shit called the Cops and the FBI ? it’s past your bed time they are unable to offer the unlock so you and others here cry like bitches sad Fucking bunch here

    • Athaiguy

      You are so full of shit called the Cops and the FBI ? it’s past your bed time they are unable to offer the unlock so you and others here cry like bitches sad bunch here

  • emp9

    Muswcle nerd cant get this unlock for 7 months, they only used what geohot gave them, when he stopped unlocking they were exposed.

    gevey sim is not illegal.

    and for those bitching about it, try waiting another 7 months for the dev team to figure the unlock out.

    so gevey is better than nothing as long as you buy a real one and not a cheap ebay fake.

  • Cameron MacGregor

    Remember carriers can also provide you with a PAC code to unlock the phone.
    im on Orange UK but running a Vodafone UK Locked iPhone 4 and the code unlocked the whole handset, it only cost £5 i beleive to receive the code and i was up and running in a few hours. Gevy sim is ok but i could never trust them. Official unlocks are permanent and you dont need to worry with the trouble of baseband updates etc. Just bear that in mind.

    P.s not sure if the US carriers allow this but i know for a fact all the carriers in the UK (Orange, o2, Vodafone, T-Mobile, Tesco and 3 allow you to receive the PAC code to unlcok them????

  • Frosty

    Thanks for the advise, now bend over and go f*** yourself for making me hold on to my iPhone for so long while you kept saying the unlock software would come in two weeks time every month for an entire year (I know I’m exagerating a tiny lil bit but that’s how I feel about it). At least with Gevey we actually get to finally use our phones.
    Now let me apologize for my rudeness, but I’m sure you understand.

  • rzon

    It’s amazing how many people jump and attack MuscleNerd for not supporting this method of unlocking the iPhone.

    It’s also gonna be amazing how many people are so ungrateful of the jailbreak community. People are lucky there are some talented people working hard to make you happy. If they wanted to, they could charge for jailbreaking tools.

  • Emp9

    its also amazing how people are ungrateful for gevey. when the dev team promised a bloody unlock after each release of new firmware. they srang us along and i had a 600 dollar ipod touch for 6 months. So excuse me if i dont kiss muscle nerds behind.

    gevey is not perfect but im very thankful for it.

  • Athaiguy

    To the guys that are all boo boo kitty about the Dev team not having the unlock you need to stop being bitches they owe us nothing they have been unable to produce the unlock too bad it’s not they have not tried. I also am using a gevey and it’s ok till there is or if there is a unlock discovered

  • william

    gevey sim works in argentina but no data, a heading appears that asks for data and mms info but nothing the carriers provide works, any suggestions

  • i think muscle nerd is sexy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • notunlockanyiphone

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