Every day there seems like there’s another parody being released involving Angry Birds.

Is it just me, or is the already insanely popular game garnering even more attention as time goes on?

Check out this video of a live action Angry Birds trailer. If you’re critical of today’s mass-market action movies, you’ll find this to be pretty humorous no doubt.

The entire trailer features a live action setting; in fact, besides the Angry Birds themselves, everything is real, including those filthy pigs…

Don’t you ever call it just a slingshot!

The trailer has action, drama, suspense, and it’s pretty much on par with any of the Transformers movies over the last few years.

Would you pay to see an Angry Birds movie?


  • OMG!! Rooster Teeth! Oh this is going to be amazing! 😀

    • Thomas

      It’s not real… Good job.

  • Bullet

    That was THE GAYEST thing I’ve seen since Howard the Duck. I wouldn’t even watch a pirated copy of it.

    • Spencer

      Ok then lets see YOU do better.

      • 7h0mAs

        Good Idea

      • Mike

        Just because he can’t do better doesn’t mean he can’t call a movie shit when it is.

  • 7h0mAs

    This is REALLY GOOD!

  • Haven’t you seen the trailer for Rio? Obviously it’s based on AB

    • Billy

      Are you honestly saying that? Are you comparing an big-studio, animated film to an iPhone game app?
      Not to mention initial proposals for games at Rovio headquarters (the dev. company responsible for Angry Birds) didn’t start until early 2009 and the Angry Birds wasn’t released until December of that year.

      Do you really think it takes that little time to develop an animated film from scratch?
      Just inspire a whole story line and complete a project of that magnitude after being based on a game that came out in Dec. of 2009.
      Not to mention, the director (Carlos Saldanha) has been quoted in interviews saying he’s been developing this project with writers for years and considers it his “dream project.”

      But taking this last part aside, seeing as you could take it as he trying to hide his inspiration of Angry Birds, which you claim, I think my first argument is enough to make you think otherwise.
      Movies like this don’t happen overnight, they don’t even happen in two years, and that’s less than what Angry Birds has been out for.

      Don’t let that “Angry Birds Rio” app fool your, that’s just the movie studio and the developers of Angry Birds trying to help each other.

  • RanKer

    This is gay and stupid.

  • When does this come out? 🙂

  • ML

    Really? “Gay” – are people still using that word to put things down…(I thought I was reading blog comments from 1985)

    • Tom

      WIN! 😀

  • Patriot

    Yeah it’s “gay” ML

  • eric

    not funny at all…

  • fojam

    laughed so hard!

  • QuarterSwede


  • ipaduser


  • Stfudvs

    gay +1

  • raw

    this cant be real.. it really cant be lol

  • Michael Bay has moved on to some great new content. Much better than Transformers.

  • Fake and gay.