From its inception, the Verizon iPhone was destined to be in the spotlight. By the time the actual announcement had been made, rumors had been flying around tech blogs for years about the mystical CDMA iPhone.

Whether publicity is good or bad, it’s still publicity. From the disappointing launch to the poor download speeds, Verizon’s version of Apple’s smart phone juggernaut has maintained our attention. But just how successful has the iPhone been for Big Red this year?

Mobile ad exchange network Mobclix has released some interesting information on Verizon iPhone users, and where they came from. The most startling number is the fact that Verizon iPhone users now account for 14% of all iPhone 4 users. Not bad for a phone that was released a month ago.

They also found that 2 out of 3 iPhone users that switched from AT&T to Verizon paid an early termination fee (ETF). Those of us that are AT&T customers know that the ETF is $325 for smart phones, minus the $10 per month you have been under contract. When you factor that in with the cost of another iPhone 4 and activation fees with Verizon, it gets pretty expensive.

But it should come as no surprise that consumers were willing to pay the price. Poor service in some of the largest cities in the U.S. have had AT&T iPhone users begging for another wireless option for years. Perhaps that’s why these larger cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles are seeing the most Verizon iPhone users. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that these were the cities experiencing the most problems with AT&T’s network.

We won’t know actual sales numbers of the Verizon iPhone until their quarterly earnings call, but I’m guessing they aren’t as bad as we originally thought. Especially not when you consider the iPhone 4 was 9 months old when Verizon released it, and the iPhone 5 announcement is just around the corner.

What do you think about the Verizon iPhone? Was it a flop? Tell us your thoughts below!

  • Flop CDMA is ancient technology that will soon be crushed and buried and hopefully sprint too.

  • Jonathan

    Verizon Is the best so far, I mean the speed is a 80% good the coverage is the best then AT&T

  • igeek

    Verizon sucks… can’t call or use data all at once… only on 4G… losers

  • igeek

    Verizon sucks. can’t call or use data all at once. only on 4G. losers

  • Actually, Verizon iPhone 4 users account for 4% of total iPhone 4 users; they account for 14% of Verizon users though.

    Still, it’s only a matter of time before Verizon starts experiencing AT&T’s problems. More users = problems, and that’s exactly what Verizon is getting. Not saying AT&T is better, but AT&T have (hopefully) learnt their lesson from the iPhone, while Verizon are just getting started.

    • Ryan

      What is your source? The graphic says 14% of iPhone 4 users are on Verizon, accounting for 4% of all iPhones.

  • Joel

    You can make simultaneous voice and data on Verizon’s exsisting 3G, just look at the thunderbolt all you need is a SVDO 3G chip in the phone.

    Additionally if you weren’t aware abujaffer Verizon optimizes data before it gets to the phone, almost like how opera web browser renders pages server side for improved speeds. This results in reduced strain on the network and voice will never be a problem with CDMA because of the capability to be connected to more than one tower at any time.

    Thus being said AT&T is bottlenecked in my area and speedtests on 3G is 0.20 – 0.60 MBPS downlink. My Verizon iPhone has been exceptional and gets 1.7 – 2.3 MBPS downlink constantly. I am happy with the improved network, not to mention 3G almost everywhere.

  • Bc

    Those of you that think AT&T is better are living in serious denial. The proof is shown that Verizon is better for voice and data. As I sit here with my Verizon iPhone which has full bars and my AT&T iPad 3G with 3 bars and the IPad won’t even connect to the Internet. So what if you can’t surf the web and talk at the same time. 90% of AT&T users who complain that Verizon won’t let you probably don’t even do that. They are the ones that are just mad that they are stuck in a contract with AT&T.

  • BC

    Igeek, AT&T is not 4G.

    • igeek

      Oh… and if you were smart… you would know ATT is global and Verizon is a America only… so that means ATT has a globe to cover lol man you all need to do research… and you all need common sense…. hspa on ATT is everywhere I go…. Verizon Bs is gay

      • bc

        Oh wow, you have 4G on your iPhone!!!

  • igeek

    Also in my area at times 3G speeds 0.9 MBPS-5MPBS and on 4G I get at least 2.8 mbps… it depends where your at in America seriously…

  • Manuel

    You at&t and Verizon fans come out of no where. In the end, it’s a company jerking you for money and just making sure they keep it that way. Neither company is doing you favors nor do they want to. People need to stop being band hoppers and just be happy with what they got and hope it works, and if it doesn’t, go some where else to be happy that your paying for what your getting.

  • BabylonX

    That funny shit can only happen in America where you have to buy a locked phone even if you pay it’s full price! Not being able to just change the sim and try another carrier if the one I had sucked in my area? How retarded is that?

  • BabylonX

    That funny sh*t can only happen in America where you have to buy a locked phone even if you pay it’s full price! Not being able to just change the sim and try another carrier if the one I had sucked in my area? How retarded is that?