Saurik has released a major Cydia update for jailbreakers. Cydia 1.1 includes many improvements and additions to the already beloved jailbreak store.

Cydia 1.1 was released this morning, and the update can be found in Cydia’s “Changes” section. We’ve put together a step-by-step tutorial to guide you through updating to Cydia 1.1 on your iPhone…

Step 1: Open Cydia and Navigate to “Changes”

You will see a “Refresh” button in the top left corner. Tap that button and Cydia will begin downloading the new Cydia 1.1 release.

Step 2: Perform “Essential Upgrade”

Once Cydia has download and updated its packages, you will be prompted with the option to complete an “Essential Upgrade.” This upgrade is Cydia 1.1.

The “Upgrade Essential” option will only install the new version of Cydia, and the “Complete Upgrade” will install all of the changes you have available (for other tweaks, apps, etc.) at once.

Step 3: Confirm Cydia 1.1 Update

You will be prompted to confirm the update. Notice that there are many changes being made at once. Don’t panic about the main sources being removed.

Saurik says that Cydia 1.1 removes older default packages, and that these old sources must be re-installed because they are managed differently in 1.1.

Step 4: Wait

Cydia will now download all of the new packages for the 1.1 update. Saurik has pointed out that the “1.1 rush” (more than 130,000 users in three hours since initial release) has caused major, third-party repos like BigBoss to be a little slow.

If you receive errors from different repos while Cydia is updating, don’t worry. Once their servers stopped getting slammed, everything will be back to normal.

Step 5: Close Cydia to Restart

Once Cydia is done downloading the 1.1 update, it will prompt you to close Cydia to restart. Simply exit Cydia, and the update will take effect.

You’re Done!

You should now have Cydia 1.1 installed on your iPhone. You can see if the update was successful or not by looking at your device info at the bottom of the Cydia home page.
The most noticeable improvements in Cydia 1.1 are speed, a much improved search mechanism, added language support, and the new “resume where you left off” feature. Cydia 1.1 does not support multitasking.

You can read more on what saurik had to say about multitasking and many other issues concerning Cydia.

A huge thank you to the team that helped put Cydia 1.1 together! Jailbreaking wouldn’t be anywhere near as fun without the awesome devs that continue to make the jailbreak community a better place.

Let us know your experiences with upgrading to Cydia 1.1. Also, we’d love to hear about new features and enhancements you find in version 1.1. Share your stories below!

  • Umar Ghazi

    I hit the refresh button but it just refreshes and nothing happens. It doesn’t download the new cydia.

    • Wselviz

      same here

    • Tony

      It just automatically worked for me when I opened cydia. I didn’t even realize there was a refresh button.

    • Umar Ghazi

      Nevermind, got it to work!

    • Ryan

      I removed my xsellize repo and it worked just find afterwords

  • muzzzy


  • Burge

    Done and dusted…1.1.1…..all that’s left now is 4.3.1….JAILBREAK …and unlock for those that need it ….

  • @ultimategun

    sorry but old repos dont work any more, biteyourapple etc…

  • Johncon68

    I did it but had trouble with big boss repo. Failed couldn’t fetch data and would stay on downloading. Done. Downloading then error oh and because I entered a bad repo ages ago that came back and bit my arse. Couldn’t. Load untill ifiled it out. Now get apt-get update wot ever that means any ideas seb Thanx

    • 2meu

      Same here. Any ideas about this Seb?

  • Sotoy

    On my i4 show cydia 1.1.0  lol 🙂

    • yeah.. same here on my 3GS

      • Sotoy

        They just released amother upgrade to 1.1.1 lol 

      • Sotoy

        They just released amother upgrade to 1.1.1 lol ):

  • Bytenapple

    Phenomenal improvements. Well done Saurik. Cydia is now a lean mean Apple fighting machine

  • Christy

    Hi, when I tried this upgrade I get the following message: usr/vin/dpkg report an error (100)
    Any help?

  • They still haven’t removed that annoying dowload page and no multiple downloads like RockAPP. that’s lame….F U Saurik you bought Rock but can’t even make Cydia work as fast RockApp and have multiple downloads on Cydia.

    • Joel

      How fast is whatever you’ve done for the JB community? Does it have mutiple downloads? Why didn’t you buy RockApp and show Saurik how it’s done?

      • LOL! i’m a reviewer and user, not a developer and that was just my opinion.

    • Limes

      Well your opinion Is worth jackshit – keep it to yourself; or better yet get your own blog page and have a whole fan following – oh but you can’t because no one wants your negative small minded opinions!

      Go saurik

      • Lol! I aint fighting over this bro and for your information i do have a blog.

  • Christy

    Hi, when I tried this upgrade I get the following message: usr/vin/dpkg report an error (100) Any help?

  • Christy

    when I did this upgrade I got the following message: usr/vin/dpkg report an error (100) Any help?

  • Christy

    when I did this upgrade I got the following message: usr vin dpkg report an error (100) Any help?

  • InvaderJim

    I see an update in the changes page doest say what, but after applying the update the +1 on cydia appears again :S

    • InvaderJim

      lol I saw my mistake here xD

  • Andrew

    Works great, ty to the team

  • Sascha

    Worked perfectly on first try. I got v1.1.1 now. Thanks to all developers!!

  • Rod Nightly

    I want to update, however i have just purchased Celesete and would like to keep an eye on modmyi for any updates but i have noticed that the new cydia removes the modmyi repo and some people have stated problems with old repos after upgrading.

    Is there a workaround for this problem?

  • SpideyRules

    This would be a much better tutorial (or maybe even a better separate article) if you provided a list of good repos to re-add after the upgrade. Now I have to go search for the ones I had (especially for bitesms latest updates)…

  • Will

    I really like this “ad marketplace” (apologies to Brian Sweet). Thanks for the changes/step-by-step.

  • koollguyy

    I updated but can’t update installous after the update.
    It produces an error saying path not found.

    Is this a bug ??

  • SomePeopleSuck

    Wow! That’s IS faster! Nice job, Saurik!! Love it, and thanks for all your work and efforts….screw the few that bitch & moan. Not seeing anything wonderful they are offering up to the j/b community. Thanks again!

  • appletiser

    while i appreciate the efforts that have been undertaken by the devs i can’t re-install any repos without numerous failed to fetch errors, NODATA errors, even keeps throwing up error code (2) issues… 😐 although cydia is still significantly faster initially it then hangs for ages, taking upward of 3 minutes to load 🙁

    • Go to repositories and install them from there.

  • Oscar

    i just upadted a minute ago and its super fast, i dont know why people are complaining about repo errors, mine working fine

  • Collin

    When its running it says : 4030 error, and http/1.1 403 forbidden then stops and closes HELP

  • Yoni

    my update is stuck on “selecting previously deselected package”
    what to do?

  • msxy

    work for me but is little bugy

  • Mark

    Upgrade been stuck on “setting up cydia 1.1.1 for over an hour. Can see there is network transfer going on. Is this due to the server being hammered or is this an install problem do you think?

    • Yoni

      mark, i had the same problem this morning. i closed out (multitasking too) reopened and the upgrade had been completed. the first 2 times i opened cydia it was a bit shotty but has been great since.

  • TheShortcut

    I have a problem with the recently updated Cydia 1.1.1 version. After the update this comes up everytime I press refresh or Cydia searches for new changes.

    I have tried to reinstall everything that has do do with Cydia and I have tried to delete and add the modmyifone repo but still don’t work.

    Anyone knows what do do?

  • Copper

    I’m getting a size mismatch error.

    Any thoughts ??

  • Thanks for tutorial sharing

  • Tsitsi

    Still have a “Pending TSS” after updating Cydia & No mobile service on a JB 3GS 4.2.1 HELP !! What is it & how do I sort it out ??

    • Neciey

      I have a unlocked,jailbroken 3G on4.2.1 my cydia is saying device is pending TSS how can I fix this problem

  • Takie

    I have the same, No service after updating. Does anyone have a solution? Also JB 4.2.1

    • Takie

      Think I found it……T-Mobile in Holland is having problems……;-)

  • Matt

    Mine says it’s complete but at the bottom it says “setting up Cydia (1.1.1)… And there is no button at the bottom to restart Cydia, Im thinking about rebooting iPod but I thought I would come here first

  • Matt

    False alarm. I tapped where the button should of showed up and it worked…weird…thanks anyways

  • nel312

    did a upgrade complete but its stuck on reboot for half hr and still rebooting any thought over that
    thanks for any comments

  • when i updated my wifi started going in and out and i would have to click on it again does anybody else have this problem and is there going to be a solution for this

  • modenas

    In the first 5 minutes of using the new cydia I can say It made my iphone 3g like new. Before the update I had maximum 5MBs of Ram free at most times…now I have 30-40 MBs…my 3g goes faster. Hope it keeps like this for more!!

  • Nasser

    Thanks for tutorial sharing

  • Zyna

    Cydia goes to open, them automatically closes. I can’t even get it to open to update. I’m on 3.0 3G iPhone and not very j/b savvy at all. Please help!!

  • Jess

    Since I did the update, my phone has been in Safe Mode and I can’t get it out!!!! I’ve been trying to fix it ALL day and still nothing. Thanks Cydia – now I don’t know what to do!

  • Gary

    I updated my iPod and Cydia got deleted :/ I can’t remember how to install ? Help!

  • Tsitsi

    Help! The TSS Pending issue resolved BUT still have “No service” on my jb 4.2.1

  • Tsitsi

    Help! The TSS Pending issue resolved BUT still have “No service” on my jb 4.2.1.

  • Hi:jailbreak4.3.2 and have ifile ssh ,accidentally deleted some file in ifile & now my cydia doesn’t work no packages. I tried to install through ssh Dev arm file got cydia but as in same cindition. Can any body help me where to place the Dev arm file step by step pls …..

    • manny

      I have a 3g and it says I have 8 upgrades idk if I should do it though because I don’t wanna mess up my phone

  • Paras

    i have iPhone 4 n i don’t had cydia as inbuilt application, how can i install it aditionally???

  • works flawless here

  • Anonymous

    Will this unjailbreak my Ipod Touch??

  • it works!

  • my phone is missing cydia, how can i get it back?

  • Sandra Gonzales

    i’m a new user and when it prompted me to close Cydia to restart I did and now phone has been stuck on a black loading screen for hours… help!!