It appears that those of you who missed out on the hidden multi-touch gestures in iOS 4.3 GM are in luck. Without a lot of effort, you too can have the ability to close down your applications with a swipe of your fingers.

Enter Magic Fingers, a new tweak released yesterday in Cydia that will allow you to exit the current app you’re in by touching your iPhone with multiple fingers. The application doesn’t cost anything to download, but since it is in Cydia you must be jailbroken to get it…

If you want to check it out, you just have to tap into the search tab of the new and improved Cydia 1.1, and type in “Magic Fingers.” When I tried to download it, I was prompted by Cydia that the application depended on WinterBoard. I hadn’t used WinterBoard in a while, but I followed the directions and reinstalled it.

Once finished, the tweak should be sitting in your ‘’. The only customization option you have is to change the number of fingers it takes to exit an application. Mine is currently set on three, as four and five fingers felt way to crowded.

This app really excited me, as my home button on my iPhone 4 has been working intermittently. But I found I spend about as much time swiping at my screen as I did fighting with my stubborn home button. Maybe I need a little more time to get used to it.

I would love to see some other features added to this app, such as swiping up to view the multitasking bar. I would also like to see a better success rate of closing down my applications. It seemed like it was really hit or miss when trying to exit an app, which just doesn’t work for me.

Has anyone tried this new tweak out? What do you think?

  • AT0M!X

    Don’t work for me.

    iPod touch 2 (iBoot: New | FW: 4.2.1 | JB: GreenPois0n RC6.1)

    • Funked

      I also couldn’t get it to work. Although after reading this post about it depending on Winterboard – does it have to be activated in Winterboard? I thought it was because I’m running 4.2.1 and not 4.3.

      (iPhone 4 on 4.2.1)

  • Joeyjojo

    Didn’t work on my iphone4 either. 4.2.1 greenpoison. Shame really, I wanted to try it.

  • nycz

    doesn’t work for me either (3GS 4.2.1 GP-JB)
    any suggestions, or is the 3gs simply not capable?

  • Billy

    Not that it was advertised for it, but it’s not working on first-gen iPad 4.2.1 GreenPois0n’d
    Up until now all tweaks that work on my iPhone 4 work on my iPad

  • Adeeb

    It doesnt work for me either (iPhone 4, 4.2.1- GP-JB)
    I also didnt see anything in winterboard about activating it

    if you guys want something similar to it, just use activator and set it up that way. What I do is when I swipe down from the status bar, it acts as a home button and closes the app I was in. To bring up the multitasking bar, I swipe up from the bottom of the screen (either left side or middle). It takes a little practice, but until they can fix Magic Fingers, its your best option to get the “feel” of it.

  • Nate

    didnt work on my iphone 4 verizon 4.2.6

    • Alex

      me either btw same phone i <3 it

  • Ryan

    Not working on iPhone 4 with 4.1 firmware.

  • GT

    just create a new setting in activator, i have a swipe down from the top will make the iphone go to sleep. u can probably set one to make it close an application

  • GT

    in activator, u click the in application option, select whatever way u want to trigger the closing of the app and then scroll down to the “Home Button” option under System Actions. I just tested it and it works for me

  • armando

    Didn’t work for me, I ended up using activator to bring the multitasking bar up and to close the apps; It works perfect for me

  • raudy

    didnt work here. 4.2.1 greenpoison

  • simonli2575

    Does not work on mine either
    ipt3g 4.2.1 greenpois0n rc6.1 cydia1.1

  • fl0wingfire

    You could just use Activator to mimic the press of a home button with one of the “swipe up” gestures. Same goes for activating the multitasking bar
    As for me, I set the home button to “swipe from lower left hand corner and multitask bar to right hand corner

    • simonli2575

      how do you slide in gesture? do a demonstration please cause i donno how to

  • Luca Ryholt

    Didn’t work. I have Winterboard installed.
    4.3, iPhone 4, Snowbreeze.

  • Painman

    iPhone 4. 4.2.1 GP-JB

    Not working here.

    I’m off to try the Activator method as this sounds like a great idea

  • Jc

    I tried winterboard before and my iphone 4 becomed very very slow so I uninstalled winterboard and never will install again. so I can’t give a try to magic fingers

  • Joel Thomas

    Yeah didn’t work for me either (3GS 4.2.1 on GP).

    Y’know I’m starting to think (no offense here buddy, in fact I hope you prove me wrong! πŸ™‚ that Cody wrote this article and then added that last bit about it working on his phone just to get us going. I’ve been scouring google results to see if anyone had troubleshooting solutions to get MagiFingers working cuz I (and obviously everyone else who’s commented on this article) hasn’t gotten it working for some reason. I’m sorry if that’s rude Cody, but if I’m wrong and you DID get it working help us out here man. What’s the point of writing an article but when you get a genuine audience and they obviously could use your opinion seeing as you’re the only one who’s got this thing working in all the google results I’ve searched through, and you’re content to just kick back and watch them quibber amongst themselves in the comments section. Frankly, I still don’t think you got it working in the first place. That bit about “it works intermittently and I hope they add more features” is so generic a comment, any idiot who hasn’t used the tweak but knew what it could do could make something up like that.

    But again, I’d be more than glad if you proved me wrong. Help us out bro. I don’t see how WinterBoard could be tied into this tweak but, did you have to activate it via Winterboard? Also looks like most people on here (myself included) jailbroke via GreenPois0n. Did you use another tool to jailbreak? Cuz that might be the problem… although I’m not sure how that could be connected… But then again, the new Sn0wbreeze supports enabling native multitasking gestures while other JB tools don’t yet, so maybe there IS a connection? Hard to say, we may have to ask a dev about it… Get back to us bro. The jailbreak community needs you! lol :]

  • Joel Thomas

    Also for anyone who’s lookinf for alternatives to MagiFingers meanwhile, yes Activator actions are awesome πŸ™‚ I don’t know how I could use m phone without them. But I also use QuickDo (which can be found on Cydia through a simple search, available via BigBoss repo) which acts like a second “status bar” at the bottom of your screen.

    Just think of it as doubling the activation area that Activator uses. Activator utilizes a lot of gestures, a lot of them surrounding the status bar, home/volume.mute/power buttons, “shake and bake,” swipe from botom up, etc etc. QuickDo adds more gestures to this by adding a small strip of area to the bottom of your screen and supports it’s own activations using this “quickDo bar” It’s like a second Activator app! :] except that (true to it’s description) it doesn’t launch so many apps as avtivator can than it is more focused on acting as a virtual home and power button functionality.

    And so thats what I use QuickDo for. Going back to the home screen, or going to spotlight, activating multitasking, muting and unmuting, taking a screenshot, locking my phone, rebooting my phone, and restarting my springboard, all of these actions I activate via virtual swiping along the bottom of my screen (short swipe towards the left, short swipe to the right, long swipe left, long swipe right, left side up, center up, right corner up, center hold, left hold, right hold, center double tap, left side double tap, right side double tap, etc etc..) It really is, as it’s description says, a virtual home and power button to your phone. Very handy :] And I save all my activator actions (including my statusbar ones which I use the most) for launching other apps or tweaks I use most frequently =]

    It may not be everyon’s cup of tea, but if someone out there is wants even more functionality and may be as OCD/organized as me, seperating your power functions to the bottom of the screen and having everything else on up set apart for all your favourite activator functions may be a lifesaver πŸ™‚ hope you like it! πŸ˜€

  • hugg

    not at all working
    balls to u

  • Gorgonphone


  • anonymous

    kurwa, nie dziala