If you are still on the fence about purchasing an iPad 2, even after reading Sebastien’s review, then listen up. One of the questions I get the most about purchasing Apple products is about durability.

Well we already know the iPhone 4 can survive a 1000 foot drop out of an airplane, but what about the iPad 2? It looks so thin and fragile, if I knock it off the couch or the bed am I going to break the glass screen into pieces?

9 to 5 mac is saying no. They are showing off a video, made by the folks at iFixyouri, that shows just how durable the iPad 2’s screen is. They prove through several tests, that because the iPad 2’s screen is so thin, it is extremely flexible. Thus allowing it to take some serious punishment.

Check out the video below and let us know how your iPad 2 is holding up in the comments!

  • Brian

    I’m curious how it would handle sudden shocks from other angles, for example the side. How likely is it that the glass gets bent slowly like they do? It is much more likely to get a sudden shock on an angle or face down with the added weight of the rest of the iPad.

  • Cool.Great video.Is this a scratch proof glass?

  • This is bullshit. I just got my iPad 2 in Canada yesterday and had it slip of the couch last night, fall one foot and hit carpet and it cracked my screen. Best buy or apple won’t warranty it. Ne one know of a cheaper route to go other then apples $269 out of warranty repair?

  • XepptizZ

    Assuming it’s temered glass, it shoud take sudden shocks pretty well. The force of a centerpoint on a single point should break the molecular tension and shatter the glas in ittybitty bits.

    If it’s tempered that is. It seems more likey it is laminated with some magic polymer.

    And here in holland we have many non official apple repairshops who repair stuff way cheaper, but just as good.