They say good things are worth waiting for, so maybe that’s why it seems like the wait for Celeste has been forever.

Is it just me, or is Celeste one of the most hyped and anticipated jailbreak tweaks to come around in quite some time?

The Cocoanuts — the development team behind Celeste and a handful of other popular iPhone tweaks — did a pretty good job hyping and marketing its release.

So much so, that even in the wee hours of the morning, their activation servers couldn’t handle the load shortly after it debuted on the Cydia store.

But the question remains; is all the hype surrounding Celeste deserved? Was Celeste worth salivating over the past few weeks? Check inside for the full lowdown…

The general consensus to that question is yes. And in my hours of experience with it, Celeste lives up to most of its promises.

Right off the bat, let me just say that I did experience a bit of frustration in my futile attempts to get iPhone 4 to iPhone 4 sharing working correctly, while other facets of the tweak performed marvelously.

After setting up Bluetooth sharing settings on my iMac and PC, I was able to seamlessly share files like iPod music, contacts, and photos, to and fro without issue.

In my opinion the biggest feather in Celeste’s cap is its seamless integration with iOS; you won’t even notice it’s there without really looking for it.

There are no app icons, and there isn’t even a hint of a settings section in the In other words, only Apple themselves would rival the way they were able to make all of the pieces fit flush together.

Celeste uses SBSettings and Action Menu to accomplish this feat, with SBSettings being the method for toggling the Bluetooth sharing on and off, and Action Menu being the means that sharing dialogue is presented.


Being that those two tweaks are already legendary in the jailbreak community, Cocoanuts made a wise choice by choosing to go with what we know.

A good example of this is the music sharing. Once you’re in the iPod app all you do is tap and hold on a particular song, and an Action Menu dialogue box pops up with ‘Send’ as one of the options.

Heaps of praise notwithstanding, there are a few issues with Celeste that may induce you to think twice, or at least wait a few weeks until there’s a better understanding of the tweak’s idiosyncrasies.

My number one complaint is with iPhone to iPhone sharing, of course. Many have reportedly been successful with iOS to iOS device sharing, but it was to no avail for me even after restoring both of my iPhones and starting with a clean slate.

Secondly, there’s just not enough documentation provided with the app to get the ball rolling. I noticed on Twitter that many purchasers had no idea what to do next after installing Celeste.

Lastly, there’s just a few visual bugs that I noticed while using Celeste that I’ve never experienced before; most of these had to do with the lock screen UI.

Complaints aside, Celeste is the pinnacle of the Cocoanuts’ repertoire on Cydia, and I only anticipate it getting better as more apps provide support for Bluetooth file sharing.

It might be a good time to jump on board now since they are offering it at a discounted price for a limited time. Despite its bugs, Celeste is just too promising of a tweak to pass up, and the developer has a solid history when it comes to their projects.

Just a point of note before spending your hard earned money, you must be on 4.2.1. It’s not compatible with 4.3 as of yet since there is no solid 4.3 jailbreak solution.

Are you going to hop on the train now, or later?

  • Nad

    Excellent article jeff this was my first cydia purchase! And its an amazing tweak! It was very confusing on how to use and i still dont have a clue how to use gremlin? You should post an article on hoe to use celeste that would be very helpful 🙂 i got it sucessfully working on ipod though!

    • JimmyK

      I agree please post a tutorial

  • Great piece, Jeff. Very clear and I’m sure it will be useful to those wondering how to use Celeste.

  • Burge

    Good wright up ..but on my 3GS the on/off in sbSettings doesn’t work..only a respring gets rid of the Bluetooth icon on the status bar..

    • Taimur

      yeah it is buggy at the moment same happens to me but for me its not working at all as i am on ios 4.1

  • Johncon68

    Gonna buy it now great article kudos

  • akasha

    Does this mean ill finally be able to ‘send’ iphone contacts to my cars bluetooth phonebook?

    • Burge

      More than lightly

  • Memo

    Can I send a song from Iphone to Iphone and does it automatically go to the other Iphone’s Ipod Library?

    • Burge


    • ghiles


  • sadfsafsda

    this is shit and make bugs in you iphone even if u buy that
    fk you celeste

  • Pratosh

    Cant find it in Cydia 🙁

    • Taimur

      it was in xsellize repo but has been removed i dont know y

  • Simon

    @Pratosh – Just search in cydia

    They write 4.2+ so i downloaded it with 4.3. Not working and just find out after.

  • Taimur

    i am on iso 4.1 and this does not work 🙁

  • Burge

    In the first pic..MMS and Bluetooth sending of a contact , where’s Email ?

    • That’s because in that particular screenshot I didn’t have any email configured.

  • Just Buy Celeste on my 3Gs 4.2.1. – but it’s not working as expected!!! Very unstable! Try to transfer pics, songs etc. to my paired iMac and iPad 6 times before success!!! Think a guide will be very wellcome here!

  • Stevie May

    This has few bugs. I got it today and it won’t let me receive songs, or pictures, or anything infact. But still a well needed tweak as apple won’t let you do this

  • JimmyK

    Right I’ve been playing around with this for a while and I’ve managed to transfer a couple of tracks and photos from my ancient LG to my iPhone 4 but every time the transfer completes it says transfer failed. Even though the files are right there in my iPod or camera roll. Weird

  • Bytenapple

    Outstanding write up! It cured my curiousity regarding the app. They should include your tutorial as a readme file.

  • ab4nk

    Just crash my iphone, need to restore damn celeste

  • dawen

    how about flash support would be nice

  • Tommy

    Pls help how to add it free in cydia?

    • EJ

      no crack right now dude. Its a brand new app… Probably in a week or so. The crackers are fast and if the app becomes popular it will be more successful.

      • Tommy


      • Tommy

        Thx so much

  • Danny

    No longer listed in xsellize or cydia.

    • Tommy


  • Hunter

    Always stays on connecting when sending from iPhone 4 to iPad 1. How long does this take?

  • Remy

    bluetooth song transfer from nokia e71 to iphone, unsuccessful!

  • Why is it only for 4.2? I still haven’t updated to 4.2 been waiting for 5.0

  • Pirates Suck

    Really? You own an iDevice, and you can’t afford $7.99? Really? You dudes are inconceivably pathetic. Get a job, and if you have one, get a better one.

    “Hey guys, can someone help me steal $8.00”


    • Pirates Suck

      The above was supposed to be a reply to Tommy Numbnuts.

      • Jason Masters

        Your a retard you seem to be jealous of pirates? you can whine like a bitch all day long,and all I can say is long live piracy!!!! and fuck you and fuck your phony bologna philosophy!!!!!! do you have a website?? do you own any intellectual property???? (lmao) that was a joke because your a moron. why don’t you snitch on us to the Internet police??? lol you would be a snitch because no one likes you!!!your the person with no friends.. I actually pity you. Sad little whiner…

    • AMB

      How is it your business what people do with their money? Some people truly don’t have the luxury to buy everything they want even at trivial prices. You should reserve your opinion to yourself, especially before calling anyone or anything ”pathetic” because that, my friend, is PATHETIC.

      Buy your apps, enjoy them, live your life. If a pirate must pirate let it be, it’s their business… not everybody jailbreaks their phone to continue paying for apps.

      • Burge

        The point pirate is making, how much does the idevice cost..and you got one you can not buy a app ?
        If I steal a iPhone is that theft ?
        If I steal a software is that theft ?
        Answer to both is yes…
        Just because I / you can not hold or touch the software doesn’t mean it’s ok to steal it …or i’am I just not seeing the point

  • i agree with you by posting

  • Jason Masters

    If it is indeed stealing what’s the point in pointing the finger at people does it make you better or more pious? Do you steal and we don’t know about it is all your music on your pc legal? Do we know or care? Do you or have you ever stolen cable? Have you ever stolen anything even minor or mediocre? The point is you make a big deal and try to sound as if your righteous or have authority when neither is the case. I would safely bet you have violated the law in some form or fashion in your life yet what would that be our business for if pirates are pirates let it be unless you are going to stop them in some way if you are please let us know your grand plan? If not preach to yourself and follow what you preach if that’s possible !

  • Burge

    You can bet I’ve done wrong…( when I was younger) but now that i’am more older ( dont ask how old ) I’am a bit more honest . At the end of the day it’s down to the person who is downloading hacked software and wether they feel it’s ok to do that…..
    Some people think it’s not others think it’s ok ..
    Have I download hacked iOS software …yes , do I stll do it ..yes.. And that’s because I would like to try be for I buy ..i can give you about 15 hacked sites for Cydia and I can say at the mo there us about 6 on my iPhone right now… But I can also say that there is not one hacked peace of software right now .. That could change later though depends on what comes out and what I would like to try..
    I have nothing againt people who only use hacked software it’s up to them…

  • Jason Masters

    Sounds about right the average hypocrite shaking their fingers at people just as I figured. I personally don’t care I just can’t stand the preachers that do the same or worse but somehow feel that they have authority to speak? even with the gay app it was the same thing people bashing people it’s ridiculous I thought the jailbreaking community was cool but we are susceptible to the nay Sayers and preachers and idelogues too I guess maybe your age has gotten you out of touch? No offense but maybe you should be on apple forums instead where you can preach about piracy and they’ll applaud you hell maybe you can be a blogger and blog about it I’m sure the guy who goes by pirates suck will join you gladly you guys can be partners call the blog Pirates suck corporations rule!! You can even create income for them I’ll bet how much they’ll share with you lol that’s Anyones guess?

  • Burge

    Don’t start the gay app thIng ….lol.
    .I agree with you people should not have a go because of what you download and how you get your software It’s up to you .. I see both sides of the argument …( must be a age thing )

    • Jason Masters

      Sometimes you an be cool like when you sacrificed your jailbreak for us! Then sometimes you get crabby and start picking on pirates like the old man in the movie up lmao! You are a quagmire burge… But I’m willing to overlook your crabbiness if you can overlook on my pirating and don’t narc me to apple lol?!

      • Burge

        Your secret is safe with me …I want tell anyone…lol…are we friends again ?

      • Burge

        Sacrificed my jailbreak..god that was along time ago..

      • Burge

        Here is a good will gesture have fun

  • Jason Masters

    Lol thanks but I’m chockful of stolen apps lol !!
    Yes were friends again now hey you used celeste yet I herd it has a lot of bugs? Also I’m still on 4.1 should I take the plunge and go up to 4.2? What’s the hugest change?

    • Burge

      Got it and yes it’s got bugs ..I think that they will get sorted though ..for me it’s ok and for what I need …
      You need a unlock , if I was you I’ll keep at 4.1 for now..and wait for 4.3 , i’am sure the unlock will be out for that..

      • Burge

        Sorry not 4.3 but 4.3.1

      • Burge

        Change is you can print..if you got a printer that works with iOS..or just get paid or borrow lol tru print ( Cydia ) I got it working with all the printers at my work .. And we got big and I do mean big printers

  • Jason Masters

    That’s all printing? I never print I hate printing it’s like why have all digital content then go right back to print? I’d rather save trees and employ more Chinese!

    • Burge

      Lol…print yep thats it…for me though it’s good… I do work at a printers ..not the little printing like A4. But large format printing …and I do mean LARGE

  • P2

    why chinese…don’t be racist now…

    • Jason Masters

      Lol how is that racists? Apple products are made by Chinese 100% have you ever seen an American apple factory? Or French? Or German? Lol nope it’s all Chinese so it’s a fact not racist and what if I was Chinese would I be racist to myself? Is that even possible

      • Burge

        So…. Jason are you chinese…?

  • Jason Masters

    Lol nope!

    • Burge

      Sorry i had to ask…

  • akag9

    So, we pay $8 to be beta testers of buggy product. Has anyone used it successfully? ANYONE?
    They could have included a test period…

    • Burge

      I’ve used it to send only thing is sbsetting does not turn on / off the Bluetooth .

  • Nasser

    Just bought it and my iphone 4 ios 4.2.1 signal went crazy. Lost service signal plus wifi also and it keeps dropping all the time until i removed it and its fine now. I need a refund !

  • jimhun

    Do not buy it. It “killed” my springboard. Somehow it turned my Lockscreen and I did not use the slider to unlock it. Same with the Power off slider. I had to “turn off” with home+power button.
    Here is a screenshoot how it was look like.

  • Rick

    So… I wonder when will a cracked version be available on some of the dodgy repositories 🙂

  • Burge

    Got it working correct….all ok 
    I deleted multiicon mover , and no badges
    What these two have to do with it god know …

  • Gorgonphone

    too many repost of glitches with is app..

  • Elvin

    Same for me as jimhun said((( It crushed my lockscreen so i couldn’t enter to springboard
    I guess it’s not compabile with winterboard or Lockinfo((

  • WonkieInc

    Celeste is a cool idea. Bit so far does not work in the slightest. It freezes mt lock screen on first install and u had to restore just to unlock it because it also crippled openSSH. Then once I restored and re installed it it crashed my iPod and now iTunes won’t even detect it. I hadto take it to apple store and they replaced it telling me that something had flashed a crucial partition of the iOS hard drive. So my final verdict on the initial release, epic fail wait for an update.

  • Wingwingto

    It can’t detect any devise i have try many times and I am 4.2.1

  • Wingwingto

    It can’t detect any devise i have try many times and I am 4.2.1.

  • Stace

    I have it, and it detected my wides nokia phone and paired but just wouldn’t transfer that photo to her phone. It just sat there ‘sending’. When I attempted a reverse send from her phone to my iPhone it refused stating the device wasn’t recognised. It’s a big thumbs down disappointment for me

  • Sasha

    Where i can get celeste for muy pad???

  • Hey you alll I have just got celeste,it’s working properly but donor know how to turn it I on it it will be off automatically…I can’t give my money in vain..what do this jailbroken app developer do????????

  • aakash

    I downloaded it 2years ago. it works well up to now..thanks for this service

  • Guest

    How about AirBlue Sharing?