Ron Walker is a Jump Master in the US Army. Basically, his job is to make sure army parachutist are ok to jump. During one of his missions, his iPhone 4 sneaked out of his pocket, and fell 1,000 feet down. At that time, he was resigned to buy a new iPhone later.

When he landed, some of his coworkers advised him to try to track his iPhone with Find My iPhone. Seconds later, his iPhone was localized, a couple miles away from where he was…

Ron and his buddy got on an ATV and found the iPhone, in nearly impeccable condition. A few minor scratches here and there but no major damage, and most importantly, the phone was still working.

Pretty amazing for a phone that survived a fall from a 1,000 feet high at 130 knots.

Now that’s a story!


  • Jason Masters

    It would have been more awesome if it was videotaped but damn that’s amazing to still work!!!

  • Jon

    wow…1000 feet. CRAZY (what kind of case was he using?)

    maybe that is the distance apple was testing it from originally when they thought GLASS on the front & back of a phone would be a good idea…lord knows it would be even more amazing if the iphone 4 could actually survive a drop from 6 feet without the glass cracking & having to shell out another $200 to the “genius” @ the apple store for a new one

  • goofygreek

    so the iphone 4 can fall from a plane, but not a kitchen counter. awesome. that real use full………..NOT.

  • Leon

    hard to believe it survive when there are sayings that the glass at the back break easily. My guess is probably it fell through a tall tree which the leaves and branches may have lessen the impact. But still it is still kind of impossible for it to survive 1000 feet when people are screaming and tearing because it just fall from the table to the floor.

  • Ai

    Well, it depends on what the phone landed on.

    • sas

      hahaahhahaha i raugh if it fell on a bouncy castle

  • You do need an exorbitant Mobile Me account to use Find My iPhone. πŸ™

    • Find my iPhone is free, actually. You can even get it for free on older phones, however you have to use an iPhone 4 to set up the free account initially.

      I got it working on my 3GS for free using a friend’s iPhone 4. Just go and setup the MobileMe account for your Apple ID on the iPhone 4, then add the older phone to the account using that phone. Then remove the MobileMe account on the iPhone 4. Voila.

    • Terry

      What else can you use? I don’t have MobileMe.

    • Terry

      What else can you use? I don’t have Mobile me

  • Chas

    It isn’t even April 1st

  • Zigge

    Wicked cool πŸ˜‰

  • MattNZ

    No .. Find my iPhone is free for iPhone 4

  • ana

    Mine fell from my pocket to the toilet and it was gone πŸ™

  • Stfudvs

    Yet I stand up my phone leave my lap at a whoping 1 knots and falls a whole 3 feet and my shit shatters lol

    Must have Landed in mud

  • mripod64

    lol is that a 2G?

  • I’m gonna have to call BS on this. I have seen my friends drop iPhone4s from 2 feet and they break. If it can’t withstand a fall from 2 feet, there’s no way it can withstand a fall from 1,000

  • I have now completely confused Apple. This is silly. I have an Apple ID – have had for years. I use it on my Mac, iPhone, iPod and PCs. I wanted to activate Find My iPhone on my iPhone4 and it said I had to activate my Apple ID. I tried but it said it was already activated. πŸ™
    So I cleverly (I thought) added another email address… and used that to activate. Fine. But then I wanted to download something from the App Store, but now the Apple ID on my iPhone is wrong – the email address is of course the wrong one. Is this silly? Help!

  • Ale Sanchez

    WOW! would be more awesome is the iphone was recording !

  • Trini

    Well let’s see proof that the phone is in good condition and it works. A video and some pix of this would be proof and nice…

  • Nomi

    lying mexican sebastian stop making up bull stories just to have a site blog

    • Jason Masters

      Lmao what a retarded racist statement ask Sebastian what part of Mexico he’s from you moron?! Sebastian end this asshole today please ! If you don’t like the blog then go somewhere else I would say titos blog but you hate Spanish people so thats a. No go maybe some neonazi blog?

  • That’s awesome! I wonder what kind of case he has, or if Apple sells specially-“hardened” iPhones to the US military?

  • Tim

    I guess if the phone landed on the aluminum siding, it’s possible that it could survive the drop. Not likely, but still slightly possible.

  • Lupin

    There is a big difference from falling on soft grass and hard concrete

    • Tek

      Yup! i agree! Big difference on soft grass & hard concrete. LOGIC!

  • That is wonderful story

  • I like your story about iphone

  • Lucky

    i dont think iphone4 can survive from such height…

  • ZebSogo

    bloody hell you guy’s I’m reading your posts and it makes me think you’re all a bunch of clumsy idiots. I have had my iphone 4 for a year now and not a scratch. I think the guys saying “oh the glass back and front break easily are just repeating the rubbish they have read about it on forums. and anyway have you guys never heard of getting a case/cover for your phone. It was the first thing a bought the day i got my phone

  • I have thrown raw eggs out of a 2nd floor window and they didn’t break. They do need to fall at an angle and not vertically. πŸ™‚
    As dfor a case, I also felt unsafe without – mostly because the iPhone is so slippery.

  • Marlon E.

    My 1st iPhone4’s rear glass broke the 1st day I got it, and I had not even dropped it. Just put it in the case and leaned back in a chair. Here this one survives a fall from a plane. Now ain’t that some bullshit…

    PS. No I don’t weigh 500lbs. =)

    • sas

      waaaaaaaat r u joke u way 999lbs no wonder y it broke

      PS. maybe you should look after your phone ive had mine for 6 months and nothing haz happened to it not even a scratch.

      PSS. noobs these days.

      PSSS. dont buy apple shit if u complain about them to much u want to complain complain about there shit computerz

      • Marlon E.

        actually I wasn’t joking…

        PS. I do look after my iPhone’s. I’m glad nothing has happened to yours, unfortunately I haven’t been as lucky.

        PPS. I’m FAR from a noob, I’ve had EVERY iPhone model. Almost every iPod model. And 4 different computer models.

        PPPS. I love Apple and Apple products, will continue to buy Apple products, but who ever came up with the idea to put glass on the back of a cell phone is a RETARD!

        On a positive note, Apple Customer Service is by far the BEST. They always replace or repair anything that may be wrong with a product.

  • csgirl

    How about sounds like he and his buddy staged the whole shooting match….hmmmm…bet that is what happend for that phone to survive…..nice try attention hound