As we reported last week, iOS 4.3 comes with serious battery drains for some users. While I haven’t updated my iPhone 4 to 4.3 yet (I need my unlock), I can tell that the battery on my iPad 2 4.3 isn’t that great at all.

The guys over at BGR got their hands on a 4.3.1 build and were didn’t see anything new in there, besides the fact that battery life seems a bit better. They didn’t conduct any kind of scientific test on it so it’s hard to verify if battery is indeed better…

Apparently iOS 4.3.1 will be released to fix bugs but won’t bring anything new to the table. It’s still expected to ship in 1-2 weeks, as we previously reported.

  • Ke1ington

    I wonder what the variables in this situation could be. My iPhone 4 on 4.3 has the same battery life as it did on 4.2.1.

  • Ty

    I’m still on 4.1 and I’m getting a day a half to two days with my iP4. Waiting to see how it all pans out. There a couple of apps I want that require an update but no drama holding off.

    • Ty

      Day and a half even* are*


    • Greg foster

      If you’re getting a day and a half on iPhone 4, you must never use it. Otherwise, please email me and tell me what I’m doing wrong. Took it to the genius bar and told them I’m lucky to get 8 hours and they told me nothing was wrong. Impossible.

  • Had a real battery issue back in 3.x. iPhone was overheating and draining power, a full charged lasted about 3 hours.
    All my status seems the same on 4.x, always using the latest version.
    Oh, I still own a 3GS model.

  • Nomi

    the 3gs and 3g and 2g are for losers

    • BLiNK

      so you still have yours then?

  • Binary-Stalker

    Just one question.

    I couldn’t hold off for the 4.3.1 update, so I downgraded to 4.2.1 using my SHSH blobs for it, and the firmware file.

    I activated TinyUmbrella’s TSS Server, then I used iTunes to downgrade to 4.2.1.

    The downgrade worked fine. I then chose to restore from a previous backup (instead of mark as a new iPod).

    The restore is now doing it’s work, my iPod saying ‘Restore in Progress’ on it’s screen. However, iTunes claims that the restore’s estimated time will be 28 minutes at this point. Is this normal?

    Also, I phoned my friend (who had experience in downgrading). He claimed after you downgraded, you’d lose all your apps and all your music.

    Now, I was partially aware of this, but not sure if it was true. I blatantly decided not to transfer my apps or music, nor my saves for my games (which i know how to extract.).

    My question is whether it is true or not, and if it is possible to recover my game saves and bought music without jailbreaking, or with jailbreaking.

    I also read that you’d eventually have to push 4.2.1 out of recovery mode with TinyUmbrella eventually. Is this true, and if so, when will this point occur?

  • DrE

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  • DrE

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  • Jj

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  • Tye

    I updated my iPhone 4 to the newest version as of 3/20/2011…(Or around that time). MY BATTERY IS GETTING DRAINED LIKE CRAZY!!!! WTF gives??? Every update I ever got has NEVER done this. Is ANYONE else having the same problem?? I’ve had the iPhone SINCE DAY 1.(When the cost was 600$…iPhone users were elite then…Boy has times changed) ANYWAY…I’ve NEVER had this problem & im pretty upset. I DONT have a bunch of apps,I have a very considerate amount,I do multitask a lot tho.IE;On twitter while listening to my iPod. But it’s NORMAL things I’m doing and my battery is WEAK SINCE THE UPDATE!! HELP! & ps….I don’t even KNOW WHAT THIIIIIIS update was all about??? Nothing has changed..I’ll go back a read my email that apple sent me about the darn update..But I notice nothing drastically different for my battery to be so helpless…

  • Matt

    Same issue here too. After upgrading to 4.3 the battery life is down to half a day. Just got a brand new phone today but it seems to be no better. I wanna downgrade but have no idea how to.

  • Ozkan

    I upgraded my phone to 4.3.1 . But my battery finishes faster than the version 4.3. What is happening at the side of Apple? What do they want to do? It is really heartbraking.

  • Michael

    Downloaded 4.3.1 last nite. Battery is draining as I write this post. From 94% to 92%. Really!!!!!?????? >: (

  • Jim Mannion

    This is complete crap from Apple and evidence they do not care about the user experience. Do they actually expect to be taken seriously in the corporate world with their devices? Really, with a battery that sits there and drops power doing nothing at multiple times the speed of a laptop? And they are silent on the issue?? Apple deserves to sell nothing with that kind of crap. If that is what they are going to do I hope their business goes to hell. Unfortunately I am an IPhone user trying to get a reliable product for my money. With everything said about the testing they do on their campus of future releases and products, what do they do with these issues? Ignore them?

  • After the 4.3 up grade my ip4 battery standby life drop to 6 hours ,new bug fixer uper 4.3.1 seen to bring battery performance up .I just hope one day apple calibrate their dowload time to a real time. 1 apple minute = 3 minutes real time ~~ a 30 minutes software dowload takes about 1 .5 hour to complete!!!!!

  • Tye

    Hey everyone,Tye again. Just here to Update you guys. I was told to Restore my iphone4 & see if that would help. Well I restored my phone AND updated to that 4.3.1 update.IT CHANGED NOTHING!!!!! my battery is still WEAK AS EVER! I’m losing 1% every 2 mintues! I’m taking my phone back & getting a new one TODAY! I pay too much dam money for this phone bill to have such issues. I’m very upset about this also,Is Apple EVEN concerned about this issue? I know not EVERYone is experiencing this..BUT WHAT ABOUT THOSE WHO ARE??? like where’s the real help? Yes I’m getting a new phone BUT I Dont want such things to happen again with FUTURE updates!! I advice ALL OF YOU TO GO TO YOUR NEAREST APPLE STORE & GET ANOTHER PHONE!!

  • Pam

    sAME ISSUE HERE. uPDATED TO 4.3.1 A FEW days ago and guess what my iphone 3g is eating battery. Lucky to get half a day and even when NOT USING IT! I have turned off everything I can think of but using about 20% of battery every 2 hours doing nothing. This is useless.
    I dont think Apple care though!!

  • Tye.

    Hey,Tye again with my new iPhone..Yay!!! But honestly,I’m traumatized!!!..since I’ve been dealing with battery issues I don’t know how a “normal” battery functions. Im NOT losing massive battery usage like my last iPhone BUT I did think I was STILL losing it faster than I remembered. So I called Apple & they pointed out that I do have a few BATTERY DRAINER apps. IE; Pandora,Bakery Story..Etc etc…the issue was that I KEEP these apps running even while not using them. So they showed me how to fix that problem..& I guess lts been working better. BUT as stated earlier..I don’t really remember HOW normal battery runs. My advice to anyone whos having the same issue is 2 call Apple OR go to the Apple store & tell them ALL about it!!

  • Brian

    Same problem here, battery had been poor for a while but I switched off push, location services etc and it improved however after upgrading to 4.3.1 the battery life is appalling. Drops about 20% or more in an hour without any use at all.

    I found another link suggesting a fix within Restrictions however to access that I need a 4 digit passcode and I do not ever remember setting one up.

    Driving me nuts…….

    • Greg foster

      Yah, this is kind of crazy I mean, I looked at the apple website and we’re supposed to get 300 stand by hours?! No way in HELL! The damn thing drains just sitting there. Today: 13 standby hours and 5 hours of usage and I’m at 8%. I could be crazy but that’s just nowhere near the battery life I got with my 3G.

  • king faisal

    i am using i phone 3gs n recently updated my ios software to 3.4.1 and my battery drains out by 30-35% overnight..i tried rebooting my phone but it stil didn me what should i do..?

  • Jason

    same problem here.. drains in 3-4 hours on standby with no apps upthis is down from 18 hours of normal usage.. 3gs 32gb..

  • Brian N

    i updated to 4.3.1 last night and immediately noticed the battery drained like CRAZY!!! i just downgraded back to 4.2.1 five minutes ago and battery is so much better!!!!

  • Don Mimo

    For all the folks having battery issues:

    Just restore and register your iphone as a NEW phone in itunes, disable ping under restrictions. And you are good to go. This way I still keep my battery 100% full after a night standby.

    • Greg foster

      I restore my before every update. I did the Ping thing last week and still no difference.