The folks at the French site NowhereElse have published a beautiful infographic that lists all of the popular rumors surrounding the iPhone 5. Besides listing the rumors, the infographic also gauges the probability of each rumor.

Better camera, no home button, bigger screen, better resolution, new design- This infographic lists them all, and more. A big thanks to the NowhereElse team for putting together such a comprehensive list.

Stay tuned for the graphic after the break…

What do you think about this list? Is there anything you think the NowhereElse team left out? Tells us what you expect from the iPhone 5 below!

  • MALdito

    Pretty good round up of all the rumors!

  • greg

    What about keyboard!will there be one that slides open too type?

    • Ethan

      In my personal opinion, this will be 0% chance.

    • Ethan

      In my personal opinion, this will be 0% chance

    • tle

      yep… 0% chance.
      Have you even used the iPhone onscreen keyboard?
      I can get more work done on it than my damn PC laptop.
      Besides, a keyboard will just make it weak and flimsy and fat because of the keyboard is taking up all the space.

  • Awesome, this chart is making go back to my apple products.

  • JustSomeGuy

    No Greg, there will not be a keyboard on an iPhone. Not now, not ever. Just put that one away, it’s never happening.
    It’s a good list of the rumors, but I think you’re off on a few of them.

  • SRUm1sh

    I think that the probability of a 4G iPhone is higher than just 50%. Look at the odds- AT&T is going to introduce 4G soon, and what better occasion to do so than the launch of the next iPhone? I think that the probability of the next iPhone supporting 4G is more than 80%.

    • Ae3Boomer

      yea but att had pretty good 3g when they released the original iphone which only supported edge :/

  • Billy

    Watch the original iPhone keynote and notice the way Steve Jobs talks about physical keyboards. You’ll have no doubt that IT’S NOT HAPPENING. Ever.

    • Jason Masters

      Yea most people don’t watch those keynotes that’s why they dont get it.
      If you know Steve he’s pretty predictable and reliable if he says one thing he usually stands by it.
      That’s how I know sprint willnever get the iPhone because they sponsor NASCAR and Steve abhors NASCAR no offense he just does. Therefore he won’t allow them to have his product.

  • Xepptizz

    He stuck with no flash so far

  • Danish

    Voice navigated better gps and maps left over

  • ian

    September seems a bit bearish. All of the prior launches have been in the summer and surely Apple doesn’t want to mess up the two year contract renewal synergy they have going with the carriers.

  • Wer2Go

    yeah i like the layout of this round up.
    it look great and you can focus on the what is expected more than others with the little progress bars very good idea props


    first of all half of its correct and other half is wrong the wont have a physical keyboard or change in design or none of the other crap
    its is going to launch very soon in stores near u
    there will be cloud storage available with mobileme better RAM an A5 chip a bigger screen and most prob the revered ios 5.1

  • msxy

    no storage lolllllllllllllllllllll then i won’t buy it

    • msxy

      agree with u :p

  • roxan

    Without storage n FM omg will have to wait 4 iphone 6 now…

  • msxy

    sory i meant roxan

  • Ravi

    September? The next iphone will probably come in June when they are always annoucned. It dont get that.

  • tragicchris

    what about the rumor that they will allow you to export your settings on and off the iphone…supposedly its suppose to give more variety to your iphone without all the clutter in your settings… i cant say who told me but my source swears it will be within ios 5

  • Iphone Lover

    cool man,it’s really cool! Hopefully the iPhone 5 will really be available in September.

  • Ae3Boomer

    ummmmm the iphone 4 already has hdmi out via dock connector….. idiots:

    you can het them on amazon for ~40 oor make your won for ~15