On Friday we asked you for your top five favorite paid products from Cydia. We received a large amount of responses, tallied up every vote, and determined what the five most popular paid packages are from our readers.

So now we present to you the final vote. Here are your five favorite apps and tweaks. Vote on the included poll for your favorite amongst the five.

Here are the nominees…

1. BiteSMS

BiteSMS is a SMS app replacement for the default Messages app on the iPhone. It allows advanced features like Quick Reply, Quick Compose, Retry on Failed, Templates, Schedules, etc. But the most impressive feature is the ability to send the text messages via your iPhone-assigned phone number. Other SMS replacement apps generally issue you a new number, but biteSMS gives you the option. For this alone, it is a contender for best iPhone jailbreak app.

2. iFile

iFile is like Mac’s Finder or Widows’ Explorer for iOS. It’s simply the best file browser available for the iPhone. It has built-in support for viewing almost every kind of file that you throw at it. Since it only runs on jailbroken devices, it has access to every single file on your iPhone. So if you want to edit a property list, install a deb file, view a PDF, unarchive a zip file, view an image, or just copy/paste/move some files around, iFile has you covered. Many of our readers noted that they specifically use iFile in conjunction with Safari Download Manager in order to manipulate downloaded files.

3. LockInfo

LockInfo provides the ultimate customization for the lockscreen the way that Apple should have. This tweak uses plugins to display various segments of information on the lockscreen, such as a list of push notifications, recent SMS messages, upcoming calendar events, new mail items, and missed calls. With additional plugins, users can add endless alerts to their lockscreen, i.e. weather conditions and RSS feeds.

4. MyWi

MyWi allows users to create their own hotspots without signing up for a tethered plan with their carrier. This advanced app allows sharing 3G over WiFi, USB, and Bluetooth. The app is beautifully designed, and functions like a dream. Unfortunately, the days of MyWi may be coming to an end, as carriers have begun to acknowledge unofficial hotspot apps as a breach of contract and will begin billing users accordingly.

5. FolderEnhancer

This useful tweak improves Apple’s folders implementation brought with iOS 4 in a variety of ways. It allows for adding a much larger amount of apps per folder, with options for paging and scrolling, disabling animation, and folders-in-folders.

Honorable Mention: PkgBackup

PkgBackup missed the top five list by two votes, but it still earned a large percentage of the votes. This app backs up jailbreak settings (and optionally Apple stock app data) to Dropbox, creating fully restorable backups. PkgBackup takes care of repositories, installed packages, Springboard layout and preferences, and other essential preferences. When you restore and jailbreak your device, simply install this app first, restore from your last backup, and within ten minutes your iPhone will appear just as it was before you restored it.

Some interesting facts…

  • 76 different products were nominated
  • Most of the nominated items were tweaks
  • The highest voted items were apps

Vote now for your number one

  • Twited21

    None of the above 

  • Kuipo

    I guess springtomize hasn’t been out long enough to receive any votes

    • Springtomize received two votes. All in all, tweaking/customization apps like Springtomize only had one or two votes each.

  • Gielk

    Allemaal 🙁

  • Burge

    Even more so now after last night…using a beta that for 4.3 , it can now text to users of textfreak..( App Store ) and that can text you all from the bitesms app..Atlast my son can text me from his iPod…..

    • Burge

      What ? Where’s what I typed first about Bitesms ?

  • Johncon68

    Got to be ifile. On the go it’s ideal

  • In before “where’s SBSettings?”


  • Saxon

    So I installed it and looked around the app; I take it BiteSMS is only useful if you have an unlimited plan through AT&T or don’t mind paying out the rear for BiteSMS credits?

    • Saxon

      I only ask that because I don’t text often enough to warrant unlimited, and try to use Google Voice instead of the default SMS app normally (although the official app is so slow. :-/)

      • Kennon

        BiteSMS + GV SMS Extension. 🙂

      • @Kennon @Saxon +1 BiteSMS + SMS GV Extension; best combination ever

  • It’s close between PkgBackup and LockInfo for me, but I gotta go with LockInfo, mostly because I love that plugin a lot, but also because PkgBackup isn’t on the poll 😛

  • PhittyPois0n

    Definately biteSMS rules!!!!

  • rizog

    celeste , when it comes out

    • Burge

      That should of been out yesterday ..so I’ve read..

  • azhar

    Bitesms FTW

  • manuel

    No matter what, I think SB Settings is the most useful thing to me. It’s the biggest reason why I keep my iPhone.

    • Radu

      I totally agree. However I think people are just so used to it that they forget mentioning it. It’s something we basically take for granted 😉

      • Fred

        In the original post, they only asked that we nominate paid apps and tweaks not the JB core stuff that we cant do without (sbsetting, mobilesubstrate, activator, winterboard, etc)

      • Fred’s right. If this had been an overall jailbreak app poll, not merely the paid apps, SBSettings would have won hands down. I can’t even tell you how many votes SBSettings got regardless.

  • Ogbza

    What is the clock / weather plug-in shown for lockinfo above?

    • Joel

      I believe it’s simply called theLockinfo HTC clock plugin on cydia, obviously because it emulate’s the HTC flip-clock and weather forecast interface.

  • Endareth

    As iFile is the only package there that provides functionality that can’t be effectively replicated by either in-built software or a mix of other 3rd party apps, it really should take top spot, despite how nice LockInfo and FolderEnhancer make a device to use.

  • Gorgonphone

    wywi is the best…

  • King

    Does anyone knows if PKGBackup backs up the installous installed apps?

  • King

    Does anyone knows if PKGBackup backs up the install0us installed apps?

    • Jason Masters

      You can transfer your instalous apps to your pc then pair up later as long as you remain jailbroken!

  • Jason Masters

    Slow news week huh? Lmao!(I had to Sebastian)
    Installous best jailbreak app by far!!!

    • Burge

      You read it too …lmao..

    • Pirates Suck

      You sir, are an idiot.

  • Tak

    Hard choice between lockinfo and bitesms.. But i would go for lockinfo!

  • Fred

    I love all of them so much and to choose only one is painful. Heres my analysis: I can still sufr on my phone without mywi and i can still text without biteSMS but I cant install stuff directly from my phone without iFile. So, its iFile for me.

  • mvd7793

    I’m not a fan of Lockinfo simply because I prefer to use my lockscreen for an image of whatever (and have installed tweaks to minimalize it to that effect). I don’t mind minor SMS pop ups from biteSMS so I have SMS on my homescreen. Any email I have can wait until I open the email app. Same with weather. What else is there?

  • GMoney

    BiteSMS is tops for me. I also love LockInfo but I could live without it if I had to. Bite on the other hand… it’s the reason I jailbreak. I bought my iPhone 4 before there was a jailbreak available and having to use the stock sms app was horrible. I don’t know why Apple doesn’t buy some of these companies and incorporate the features into the stock setup. All of these programs make the iPhone the best phone by far… and if Apple would incorporate a lot of these the stock iPhone would stack up against the competition much better.

  • Pirates Suck

    On topic however, iFile for me.

    • Jason Masters

      Ifile sucks bitesms is so/so none of these tweaks are that good. Pkgbkup is pretty good though but INSTALLOUS is the BeST!!! (lmao)
      Mostly everyone tries before they buy plus in some countries they can not reach the AppStore so this is a wonderful alternative! Pirates rule by the way if we didn’t why would they make another movie this summer about us? Plus our flag is fkn cool as shit

  • hnam31190

    What kind of LockInfo give you that lock screen in this picture?

    • It’s an Addon for LockInfo called HTC Clock HD. It’s in the ZodTTD repo in the “Addons (LockInfo)” section. It requires you to have the following installed: LockInfo, HTC Plugin for LockInfo, and Winterboard.

    • Joel

      If you’re using a non-retina display idevice though (so pretty much anything other than the iPhone 4) don’t install the HTC Clock HD plugin. There should be another HTC Clock plugin on the… I want to say ModMyi repo? @Nick correct me if I’m wrong here buddy, I’m not 100% on that… anyway, you should be able to find it on the lockinfo addons section too, so no worries.

      and @Nick, I don’t think you need winterboard at all in order for Lockinfo to work bro.. Unless you’re trying to theme it I guess… but the new 3.0 update now doesn’t even require Winterboard for Lockinfo theming, so…?

  • I don’t even like Lock Info. BITE SMS all the way.

  • Jason Masters

    I condone piracy that’s what the Internet and jailbreaks are for long live piracy!!!!!!!

  • hnam31190

    How do I get the lockinfo clock ‘s number bigger?

  • That is really wonderful story about sms

  • Lucky

    Lockinfo doesnt reflect actual weather details in india, so didnt vote for it. iFile is app i use very freq.

    • I might be able to help configure the weather for you in LockInfo. Email me through the LockInfo support link in the settings.

      • Joel

        David!! alkdhlfja!! I love you man! Thank you for Lockinfo!! It’s amazing, and dare I say it, it’s changed my life xD Or at least the way i go about it now anyways 🙂

        I’ve always struggled with being well organized and a little more structured but to no matter how many times I’ve tried to be more productive with things.. it’s been no use.. Idk.. And then I thought ‘surely now that I have the magical iPhone I have the resources in hand to be more organized with the way I go about doing things daily now’… but no no avail.. maybe it’s just my personality type? idk, but it was still a bit of a hard hassle for me to effectively utilize all my newfound resources in hand… until I got Lockinfo. Lol. And now, EVERYTHING is at my fingertips now 😀

        Got a new email? I can just preview on my lockscreen and discard, or reply right then and there as soon I see it (which is usually pretty soon after I receive it, thanks to your new repeating alerts 🙂
        SMS plugin plus BiteSMS integration WTF. This has saved my life and upped my responsiveness and efficiency in SO many more ways than you can imagine!
        Oh my gosh I ACTUALLY use my twitter now! I used to be soo lazy about trying to access it before, but now with instant access to Infoshade or Homescreen or lockscreen view for my twitter feed or RSS feed this has become my quick access to current events and relevant news. I feel so connected ot the world now!
        Non-intrusive popup-blocker plus saved notifications plugin for later retrieval.
        Calender view so I can know at a glance when and where my next appointment is.
        To do list plugin so I never forget those important tasks I need to do.

        and all of this, ever present on your lock or home screen so you never become forgetful about things, and always available at a glance, in a moments notice… gaah, I love you!

        Sorry this simple comment morphed into this weird testimonial/advertisement rant? I didn’t mean to initially. But the truth is I do utilize my phone a lot more now and I’m noticeably a lot more quick, efficient, and productive now, largely with the help of your application that’s made information INSTANTLY available and much more easier for me to view, navigate, and respond to intuitively. You sir, deserve a hugg… and a cookie 🙂 Okay, probably a lot more than that, but if you were here right now, I’d definitely give you both in an instant =] just thought you should know. haha, kay I’ll shut up now. Thanks again for all your hard work broseph. Idk how often you get this, so I just thought you should know some of us really appreciate what you’ve done/are doing for us 🙂

        Keep up the good work!! =D

  • beast mode

    I guess if you don’t have unlimited data, then you can’t appreciate MiWi. I don’t even pay for internet anymore. I get it all from my phone. Gotta be #1 for me. 🙂

  • Bass

    LockInfo all the way. It’s the whole reason I decided to jailbreak (well, at least, the thing that pushed me over the edge to do it)

  • Tsrif Tsal

    Ifile sucks dick. The interface design is utter shit compared to Any other mainstream file manager on android. The only reason people thinnk it is good is that it is the only file manager abailable. If someone wrote another file manager its practically guaranteed to be better since ifile sucks so bad.